October, 2009

Personal Leadership Book: Behavioral Styles


This is the first of numerous posts about topics that will likely be in our next book on “personal leadership,” although that is not likely the title. Watch and comment, sharing your perspectives and experiences, to help us write the

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Leadership Guru Voting

Orrin Woodward

I received an email over the weekend from the LeadershipGuru website. In 2009, I was selected as a Best of the Rest selection on another leadership list, without having any idea I was a nominee. On this list, I was informed ahead of

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Communicate Like A Genius

Utpal Writes

Your ability to communicate well is your impression in the outer world. No matter how strong your goals and your success foundation are, the essence of your ability to communicate cannot be under-estimated

Free Yourself from Outdated Expectations

Your Voice of Encouragement

"I've got to make the bed every morning before I can leave for work," my friend complained as we were having lunch one day. She had been describing the stress she was under, all the things she had to do each day, and why she had no time

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Happy Diwali 2009


It's that time of the year when our hearts are filled with love and warmth – I wish all readers of this blog, a “VERY HAPPY DIWALI”. Literally, Diwali means an “array of lights” and it reminds us to light a lamp of love in our hearts

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Do hard things

Lead on Purpose

What does the statement “do hard things” mean to you? In its most simple form the statement can be broken down as follows: the word 'do' connotes action or “bring to pass;” the word 'hard' (in this case) means challenging or perhaps

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What You Don't Know about Anger Can Ruin Your Relationships

Your Voice of Encouragement

Many years ago I learned two things about anger that have impacted my relationships ever since. The first was a working definition of anger: Anger is an expectation that hasn't been met. More specifically, your anger stems from an

Change the World by Changing the Gender Gap

Women's Leadership Exchange

Mathematics and statistics used to be boring to me. Then, my husband introduced me to the TV Show ?Num3rs,? Num3rs,? which is about how mathematics helps solve crimes. s an engaging show, based on true stories, about 2 brothers, one a mathematician and the other an FBI agent, who combine their work effectively to successful solutions, even sometimes saving lives. Recently ?Num3rs? Num3rs?

PM Quote of the Day — St. Thomas Aquinas

Crossderry Blog

Beware of the person of one book. Posted in PMO Tagged: ignorance, PM Quote of the Day, professional deformation, Thomas Aquinas

The Most Important Blog Post You'll Ever Read

Terry Starbucker

j0438691 ….is is out there somewhere. You just need to find it. And in a land of over 100 million blogs, how is that possible? And besides, blog posts don't change lives, right? Wrong. They can, and they have. I'm living proof of that

Managers, Nurture Creativity. Don't Kill It!


Bob, the project manager, was busy communicating with client via MSN Messenger, his eyes focused on the computer screen and fingers fiercely hitting the keyboard a fine synchrony with his brain. Jay, the team member, approach Bob with a

The Customer Is Always Right? Wrong!

Ravi Pratap Singh


How choking on spinach and the struggle to lead successful organizational change are similar

Anese Cavanaugh

A couple of weeks ago, at the Inc 500 Conference in DC, I was having dinner with my good friend and colleague Ari Weinzweig (co-founding partner and CEO of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses and early adopter of Bootist Leadership ) when I felt like I was going to choke. It wasn’t the company (—or the company —) but rather a delicious fresh piece of organic spinach that had lodged itself halfway down my throat and halfway in my mouth.

Reinventing How You Sell

Women's Leadership Exchange

Recently I attended a workshop presented by Tony Smith, CEO of VSA Consulting Group,one of the best business coaches I've ever had. Tony had a tremendous impact in my growing my marketing communications company prior to my founding Women's Leadership Exchange. He also gave me the tools I needed to realize my dreams of impacting the growth of women-owned/led businesses which resulted in the creation of WLE. If Tony is presenting, I never want to miss it. I always gain tremendous value.


Managing Leadership

As you develop your personal philosophy of management for application in your personal workplace circumstances, it is helpful to recall just how personal it really is.

All Great Content Is An Intersection: The Brian Clark Interview

Terry Starbucker

clarkstarbucker2 Brian Clark is a writer who loves to write about his craft, and it shows. His blog, Copyblogger, is one of the most popular sites on the Internet for writers and fellow bloggers of all stripes

Working and Walking – Where Are You Going?


Working (hard) is much like walking. Where you walk matters. Walk on a beach and you see vast expanse of the sea. Walk in the park and you can smell freshly cut grass. Listen the birds chirping early morning songs

Which PM “faux pas” make your hair stand on end?

Crossderry Blog

In my last post about the “school solution,” I noted that there's something unnerving about project and program managers who skip over the basics. As Glen Alleman noted in his comment, the PM school solution or black letter law almost

Four Causes of Poor Performance and What You Can Do About It

Self Help Zen

Do you know the most common causes of poor performance and even more important, how to deal with that? “Identify the problem, understand the causes that created the problem, decide on a solution and make that solution work.”

Do Women Know Their Place?

Women's Leadership Exchange

Today's headlines reminded me AGAIN that things are far from equal in the power suites of America. What's worse is so many men are not even aware of the language they. It just comes naturally to them. Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was told by the National Republican Congressional Committee that she needed to be put "in her place"for her views on Afghanistan. I'm sorry to say I remember being told that on various occasions when I was growing up.


Managing Leadership

When you begin each interaction, encounter, or relationship at work with an examination of what result you want to flow from it you will eventually, as we have been discussing , find it necessary to investigate what your colleagues want to accomplish, as well.

Supertramp Talks Social Media – 30 Years Before It Exists

Terry Starbucker

200px-Supertramp_-_Even_in_the_Quietest_Moments This morning, as I was driving back from Starbucks with my morning latte, I had a vision of sorts. I had been thinking a lot about writing another post about Social Media, and wondered

Keeping the best

Lead on Purpose

One of the keys to creating a successful organization is hiring and retaining the best talent available. During difficult times, management too often forgets that their people are their greatest asset. The Wall Street Journal tackles

PM Quote of the Day — Joseph F. Newton

Crossderry Blog

A duty dodged is like a debt unpaid; it is only deferred, and we must come back and settle the account at last. Posted in PMO Tagged: debt, duty, Joseph F. Newton, PM Quote of the Day

Mix Your Feedback

Eric Jacobson

When you provide overall feedback to your employees, mix praise with constructive feedback about what they can do to improve. By mixing your input, you are satisfying a person's thirst for knowing both what he/she is doing well and what he/she can do to continue to improve. Be sure to always start with the positive when giving feedback. Motivating Employees General Management Skills Coaching Employees Giving Praise Providing Feedback Mentoring

When You Feel Good About Life 7

Self Help Zen

Clear road ahead: You are clear about your fundamental goal and you exactly know which target you are chasing. Executable plan: You believe that accomplishments depend on 20% of planning and 80% of execution based on the plan which you have ready. Motivation from within: You love what you do and you are excited about what you love. Yes in that, clarity of the goals and executable plans are the key. Fulfilling relationships: No matter whether it is family, friends or business.


Managing Leadership

When you are approaching interactions or assessing relationships at work, as we have noted, it can be useful to reframe the context in which you are considering these issues, to be sure you have developed the perspective that works best all around. Let’s take another very brief look at that.

Leadership Hiding In Plain Sight: The Return of Common Sense (WBF.

Terry Starbucker

Bill Clinton at the World Economic Forum, 10/7/09. This is my second post of observations from the World Business Forum in NYC. My first post , covering the 1st Day of the conference, tied all the presentations on Leadership into

Trust – the key to success

Lead on Purpose

One of the five factors of leadership, the tag 'trust' has become a hallmark of the Lead on Purpose blog. The act of trusting others and trusting yourself is vital success. The Speed of Trust Yesterday I received a copy of The Speed of

PM Quote of the Day — Truman Capote

Crossderry Blog

Failure is the condiment that gives success its flavor. Posted in PMO Tagged: failure, PM Quote of the Day, success, Truman Capote

Foster Mutual Commitment

Eric Jacobson

I read the following in a discussion forum on Linkedin recently and want to share this good advice about leading from writer Joseph Marzano: "Great leaders clearly and constantly remind people of their mutual common mission, keep people and resources pointed in the right direction on the right things, and are personally known for what they expect and will do. It's all about mutual commitment, given and returned." Nicely said, Mr. Marzano!

Make It Fun! - Bottle Bank Arcade Machine

Building Personal Strength

From time to time I'll see someone in a vehicle ahead of me toss trash out the window. Every time I see this happen, I think, if he'll do that, what else would he do? It's not an idle question. To me, this behavior pattern is evidence of a basic character weakness.


Managing Leadership

We’ve been talking over the past few days about the basis for establishing relationships and managing interactions at work. The basic premise is that you should always ask yourself what you want to accomplish, what objective you want to advance, what purpose you want to serve whenever you deal with coworkers – whether they are your peers, your juniors, or your seniors. Moreover, you should consider that question from their perspective as well.

Leadership Means Sitting Tall in the Saddle (WBF, Day 1)

Terry Starbucker

john-wayne-cowboy-poster I'm part of the “Blogger's Hub” covering the World Business Forum in New York City, and focus during the morning sessions was on Leadership. Three well-known speakers, Bill George, Bill Conaty