March, 2012

7 Facts Extroverts Should Know about Introverts in Business

C-Level Strategies

As I write this, my recent Harvard Business Review article entitled, “ An Introvert’s Guide to Networking ” has garnered more than 450 comments, mostly from introverts expressing relief that there are others experiencing the same challenges they face.

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9 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Drinking Coffee With Entrepreneurs

Terry Starbucker

Since I moved to Portland about 16 months ago, I’ve hung out with a lot of entrepreneurs, in coffee shops all over town. Yes, here I spread my coffee dollars around between the national chains and the local brews).

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12 Great Leadership Questions

Ron Edmondson

One of the best things a leader can do is ask the right questions. I love to say, “A leader can only see what a leader can see” The leader can often be the last to know where there is a problem or what others are thinking, so asking questions is critical to good leadership.

Leadership and Self-Awareness

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Leader Beware – ignorant bliss, no matter how enjoyable, is still ignorant. If you’re in a position of leadership and don’t feel you have any blind spots, you’re either very naïve or very arrogant.

Five Great Teamwork Verses From the Bible

Great Results Team Building

There are certainly many other Bible verses that could be discussed as relating to great teamwork, but this list identifies five that are strong and inspiring examples for the topic.

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7 Ways to Raise up Young Leaders

Ron Edmondson

I talk to pastors and leaders my age and older who want to see a new generation of leaders, but either don’t know how or can’t seem to find them. Frankly, some pastors I talk with are frustrated with what they see as a lack of leadership among the newer generations.

5 Ways Leaders Can Teach Instead of Tell

Terry Starbucker

“Just get it done” I was 16, and working in a gas station. A customer had come in to get his flat tire fixed. It was a busy day, and my boss was busy handling other customers, so he told me to fix the tire.

8 Leadership Skills Essential for Success in the Future

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

I don’t need a crystal ball to see what will be required of leaders in the future. All I need to do is look around. Most of the companies I work with these days are multi-national – not because I am changing, but because companies are changing.

The Truth About Your Time

Kevin Eikenberry

I spend many of my days with leaders and employees from all over. Of all of the conversations we have, or of all of the side conversations I hear, one topic is most universal. Or more specifically, that they don’t have enough of it. I get that people feel that they have lots to [.]. Leadership Learning Personal Development personal productivity productivity time management

Leadership Influence the Go-Giver Way

C-Level Strategies

Most of us are familiar with the term, “go-getter,” someone who goes after what they want and makes things happen.

The Power of Habit

Leading Blog

Habits will always be with us. Some good. Some bad. But how do you replace bad habits with good habits? More importantly, how often do we ask ourselves if what we are doing is really just a habit? We are less intentional than we think we are.

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7 Things I Learned from a Poor Management Experience

Ron Edmondson

Years ago I was working in retail. I was in college, but serving as an area manager for a large department store. I was responsible for ordering the basic items in my department, making sure we were always in stock with regular sellers. One of those items was a collar extender.

Top 9 Blogs for Managers Who Want to Be Stronger Leaders

Managers are Heroes

This list is for real managers looking for real solutions to real challenges. This list is not for buzz-word toting weenies, who can be regularly heard throwing around phrases like – leverage, synergy, paradigm shift and managing to our deliverables. Enjoy the list. Don’t be shy.

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Transparency and Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Change Management Resources Reviews A recent book by a new friend got me thinking about transparency and leadership. The book is Business at the Speed of NOW by John M. Bernard. John’s an Instigator here at Lead Change. We met through social media and we’ve spoken a few times about how the Internet and a number of other issues [.]. Change Management Resources Reviews Leadership shared leadership transparency trust

What Leaders Can Learn from Spiders

Kevin Eikenberry

Have you ever stopped to really look at a spider web? If you aren’t afraid of spiders, the next time you have a chance, stop and look at a spider web. What you will find ais an intricately designed work of art and engineering marvel. Every part of the web is connected to every other [.]. Leadership Learning Success expectations

How Introverts Can Excel and Advance in Organizations: New Podcast

C-Level Strategies

It was my pleasure to be interviewed by Andy Kaufman , Host of the People and Projects Podcast, for an edition on how introverts can excel and advance in organizations.

8 Essential Principles of Effective Leadership

Leading Blog

Gayle Beebe has written a book on how effective and moral leaders develop and more importantly, how they must continue to develop. Too often leaders think they have made it and stop working on themselves. Eventually they become leaders in title only. He writes in The Shaping of an Effective Leader : Our understanding of leadership does not come to us all at once. It takes time.

7 Impractical Leadership Principles and Why I Use Them

Ron Edmondson

I talk to pastors frequently who find themselves in a difficult situation. Many times they know the right thing to do, but they can’t bring themselves to do it.

Electronic FAST

Chris Brady

All things in moderation, they say. Most of us would agree with that statement, at least in general. But who among us couldn't be convicted of extremism in at least one category or another? Consider. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. LLR Daily Application

Leaders: “Because” or “Be the Cause?”

Linked 2 Leadership

My first graduate qualification was in Communication Studies and it was consistently lectured that communication should be clear and concise. This concept pre-dates the 140-character Twitter-style update. But it utilises this same understanding: Attention needs to be grabbed and then retained if you’re to make a lasting impact with the intention of affecting future behaviour. So [.]. Authentic Leadership Coaching Corner Organizational Health Values-Based Leadership business leadership Managemen

Finding a Story for a Specific Communication Purpose

Kevin Eikenberry

Tom had a major presentation coming up in less than a week, and he was concerned. This presentation was important not only for his team and his company, but also for his career. He knew that if he did well it would make all the difference. for everyone. And if it bombed, [.]. Communication Leadership Learning story storytelling

The Essence of Worthiness and a Special Celebration of Life

C-Level Strategies

Today is the 5-year anniversary of my beautifully successful kidney transplant. Five years ago today my donor, Rose, went into an operating room at The University of Chicago Medical Center and had a surgeon remove her left kidney, while just a room away a different surgeon prepared me to receive it.

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5 Leadership Lessons: Leading Any Team to Success

Leading Blog

Fistitude is a fable about a basketball team at a small private high school that is struggling through a rough season. The coach must take a leave and it is up to the interim coach to try to turn things around. Through Fistitude —each finger representing a success attitude—author Sean Glaze presents five lessons to build leaders and teamwork. Glaze illustrates that leadership is taking personal responsibility for what happens, holding yourself accountable and setting an example for others.

If You Want to Attract Leaders…

Ron Edmondson

One of the most frequent criticisms I receive from young leaders about their organizations is that they aren’t given adequate responsibly or authority. They are handed a set of tasks to complete, but they don’t feel they have a part in creating the big picture for the organization.

What do frogs have to do with leadership and goals? Here’s your final step to being a better leader …

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Why do you have so much resistance to setting “soft skill” goals? If I were to ask you “Do you have your goals to be a better leader (or communicator) clearly defined, written down and measurable?” ” I will probably hear your eyes roll into the back of your head. Because many of you have set [.]. Leadership Development achieve goals best leadership practices communication Decisions soft skills

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The New GE Way: Go Deep, Not Wide - []

Weekly Leader

In Break With Old Paradigm, GE's Top Managers Relocate Less, Concentrate Expertise in One Field. WSJ management leadership

The Final Four Thoughts on Learning

Kevin Eikenberry

Normally on Friday, I share a quotation; then provide questions to ponder, action steps and my thoughts about that quotation. Not today. Today, we acknowledge what many Americans are thinking about and will be watching tomorrow – the men’s NCAA Final Four. There are four teams remaining before a champion is crowned. Two games tomorrow [.]. Learning Quotations contest final four NCAA Final Four Peter Senge quotation Wanda Landowska Warren Bennis

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5 Reasons Visionary Leaders May Fail to Execute

C-Level Strategies

There is very little I’ve experienced in the business world that is more frustrating than working with a visionary leader who inspires me completely and yet can’t execute.

Hiring for Attitude

Leading Blog

“Most new hires do not fail on the job due to lack of skill,” says Mark Murphy. Attitude is a bigger issue than skill. Consequently, most of our approaches to selecting the right people for the job are dead wrong. In Hiring for Attitude , Murphy lists the top five reasons why new hires failed: Coachability (26%): The ability to accept and implement feedback from bosses, colleagues, customers, and others.

Advice to Young Leaders: Don’t Try to Make it On Your Own

Ron Edmondson

I’ve met with numerous young leaders recently who want the opportunity to “make it on their own” I’ve seen it in my own two sons. They want to get their first job without the help of others. They want to stand on their own merits.

5 Uncomfortable Observations About Workforce Diversity

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development We base our first impressions on external appearance. Grooming. Teeth. Attire. Accessories. Accent. We notice scuffs on shoes, extra pounds, and age. Then, we unconsciously jump to conclusions about the person’s potential and abilities. We decide in a split second whether individuals are competent, even before they’ve opened their mouths to speak. When we reflexively act from a prejudiced place, are we really prizing diversity?

4 Steps For Cultural Change

The Leadership Advisor

Many people make the assumption that a bad culture is a direct result of bad leadership, which I have been guilty of doing as well. There is an inextricable link between leadership and culture. I do, however, want to point out an often overlooked distinction about leadership.

Business at the Speed of Now

Kevin Eikenberry

This week’s Resource Recommendation is Business at the Speed of Now by John M. Bernard. I can’t think of a businessperson or leader who wouldn’t be interested in increasing the speed of their operations, which makes the title of this book very appealing. The book, as promised, is focused around the concept of creating greater speed [.]. Books Leadership Learning Setting Goals Success business entrepreneurship goal achievement

The Art of Leadership When Letting Employees Go

C-Level Strategies

I remember a day early in my career when I was sitting with colleagues at lunch, listening to stories about how employees had been “let go” in the not-too-distant past.

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