June, 2011

Leading with Character by Leading from Within

C-Level Strategies

There is no escaping the fact that when we show up for work and for our leadership roles, we bring the entirety of ourselves to the table.

5 Right Ways to Respond to Criticism

Ron Edmondson

Let’s be honest! Criticism can hurt. No one enjoys hearing something negative about themselves or finding out that something you do isn’t perceived as wonderful by others as you hoped it would be.

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3/4 Blind CEO

The Leadership Advisor

The March of Dimes is an amazing organization. It began as a way to raise awareness and money to combat polio. Once that was handled, they moved their focus to birth defects. I have deep admiration for what the March of Dimes does…seriously.

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Failing to Communicate

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth . Are you guilty of having a failure to communicate? Here’s the thing - who cares if you possess excellent communication skills if you don’t use them properly.

30 Overlooked Acts of Leadership Courage


We often think of leaders as exhibiting big acts of courage – overcoming huge obstacles and saving lives, metaphorically and literally. Yet I’m amazed and humbled at the courageous things leaders do that we don’t think of as brave. The small courageous things that we overlook every day are the stuff that make up the character of great leaders.

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No Sacrifice. No Leadership.

The Leadership Advisor

The 1950s was an amazing time of economic prosperity. This was facilitated by a number of factors. The interstate system was built during this decade which opened the door for easier transport of goods and allowed ease of travel for the average person.

Introverts and Extroverts

Coaching Tip

Many people believe that introverts, by definition, are shy and extroverts are outgoing. This is incorrect. Introverts and extroverts differ in how they process information. Introverts get their energy internally. Extroverts gain energy from being with other people, often the more the merrier. There are shy extroverts and outgoing introverts. Most of us have a little of both in us, but lean one way or the other.

Managers Eat Uncertainty

What Do You Want From Them

Uncertainty makes people nervous *. The fear of not knowing can cause. stress and anxiety, and decreases our ability to make rational. decisions.

Does Collaborative Leadership Have to Be Slow? - Morten T. Hansen and Herminia Ibarra - Harvard Business Review [del.icio.us]

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Leadership Development: Mastering the Powerful Art of Praise

C-Level Strategies

We’ve all experienced the power of praise in our careers. It has the ability to transform our perspective on our company, our role, our team and even our leadership mission. In my own experience, praise well-delivered has helped assure me I am on the right path in a variety of important ways.

5 Tips for the Leader When Conflict Develops on a Team

Ron Edmondson

As a leader, one of your primary roles is developing and maintaining the health of the team. What do you do when team members aren’t getting along with each other? How should you handle conflict on a team?

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5 Disasters All Leaders Should Experience

The Leadership Advisor

As leaders, we are always chasing and trying to promote what works. We want to try and remove obstacles so others on our team can do what they do best and be successful at doing it.

Five Signs That You’re So Busy Doing That You Don’t See What Needs To Be Done

Next Level Blog

One of the things I do on a regular basis is speak to groups of new and high potential executives about what they can do to succeed in bigger jobs. In the run-up to those sessions, I often ask them. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Books executive presence Leadership Next Level Leadership The Next Level

Guest Interview with Mike Myatt


Mike Myatt, widely regarded as America's Top CEO Coach , is the author of " Leadership Matters.The CEO Survival Manual " and is the Managing Director and Chief Strategy Officer at N2growth.

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Facebook Commerce: 9 tips to increase your social commerce success

Krishna De

{lang: 'en-GB'} Have you started selling your products or services on Facebook and started to explore the realms of F-commerce? It’s great to see a number of organisations here in Ireland doing so, and over the forthcoming months I hope we will learn how this is working for the companies involved.

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Leadership Development: How Do You Accept the Gift of Praise?

C-Level Strategies

Margie Clayman , my fellow blogger and Twitter friend who I have come to respect tremendously, mentioned in her response to my post earlier this week entitled, “ Leadership Development: Mastering the Powerful Art of Praise, &# that how we accept praise as leaders is worth close examination.

The Greatest Asset of a New Leader

Ron Edmondson

I love to surround myself with leaders. Often, when we think of leaders, we consider those with great experience in the field in which he or she is leading. They are the experts, they have experience, they’ve been tested, and they are ready to lead followers.

5 Ways To Avoid Triage Leadership

The Leadership Advisor

Whether you know about it, like it or don’t really believe it, the fact is business has become a different animal over the past few years. Companies have had to respond to so many different things in order to remain competitive. The recession. Social Media. Influx of Gen Y into the workforce.

The Top Five Habits of Effective Network Builders

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article featyred online by MIT Sloan Management Review. To read the complete article, check out other resources, and sign up for free email alerts, please click here. * * * “Open-source projects and grassroots collective action are important sources of inspiration for 21st-century civic engagement, enabling us to combine [.].

New Leadership Lessons from Yoga

Next Level Blog

So, let me first assure you that the picture that comes with this post has not been Photoshopped. That is me in my business clothes standing on my head alongside Melissa, one of my good buddies from. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Books executive presence Leadership Personal Presence

Classic–and Comic–Resistance to Change

Tony Mayo

Making change in organizations is central to my work. The nature of organizations, however, is to resist change. That’s why we call them organize-ations, not random-izations or adapt-ations, One common way for organizations to resist innovation and change is for people to collect evidence that any novel tool or procedure is causing problems–even if the [.]. For Executive Coaches For Executives Change

Trust in Leadership: Is it Earned or Given?

C-Level Strategies

At one of our recent CEO Connection Boot Camps a bit of a debate ignited over the topic of trust in leadership: is it given or is it earned? Some of the executives felt, “clearly, trust is earned.&# One CEO in particular felt very strongly that it is given by choice.

7 Attributes of a Wise Leader

Ron Edmondson

I write and speak a lot about wisdom. I think wisdom is critical to good leadership. Leadership demands consistent decision-making and a wise leader has developed certain attributes that protect the leader and the organization during this process.

3 Guiding Principles For Quality Employee Engagement

The Leadership Advisor

Ahhhh…employee engagement. One of my favorite subjects. So many folks are talking about it and singing its praises, and rightly so. A fair few of the business metrics that the CFOs and number crunching crowd are so excited about are directly or indirectly affected by employee engagement.

The Non-Negotiable Demand Every Leader Must Make – And Get

Terry Starbucker

“I want the truth!&#. “You can’t handle the truth!&#. Remember that memorable courtroom exchange in the movie “ A Few Good Men “? Tom Cruise, playing a military lawyer, is questioning a long-time Army Colonel (brilliantly played by Jack Nicholson) about whether he ordered a “Code Red&# (an illegal hazing) on one of his charges. And it boils down to “the truth&#.

What is your living legacy?


There were three of us, good friends who were missing a fourth one. She had passed away several years ago, and for some reason we began to laugh as we told the quirkiest stories we could remember about her. She was, after all, a rather quirky person, and we loved that about her.


LinkedIn Profile Tip – 4 key privacy control settings to manage your online reputation

Krishna De

{lang: 'en-GB'} If you are using LinkedIn as part of your online networking and visibility plan, have you reviewed your privacy controls?

Three Leadership Secrets for Building a Great Team

C-Level Strategies

My Leadership Chat Co-Host Steve Woodruff and I are thrilled to be welcoming Terry Starbucker , Co-Founder of the inimitable SOBCon Conference , as our Guest Host for Leadership Chat tomorrow night, June 7th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time!

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4 Ways People Play Church

Ron Edmondson

“Pastor Ron, my life is a mess and I don’t know what to do to fix it.&#. I received a call from a frantic young man recently. He had made some serious mistakes and now desperately wants to bring the broken pieces together again.


The Leadership Advisor

Authenticity. An absolute essential to successful and profitable business which supports quality talent retention, acquisition and engagement. When in the process of developing something, authentication is part and parcel of that process.

Why Technology Managers Make Great Leaders

Modern Servant Leader

A Bird’s Eye View of High Potential


Are you a “high potential&# leader or think you might be? How can you tell, even if you haven’t been specifically declared one? Organizations have all kinds of assessments they use to determine whether someone is “high potential&# to take on increased responsibility. I’ve worked with leaders who’ve been assessed every which-way in order

You Can Be Legal and Still Be Wrong

Leading Blog

It’s not uncommon to find a big difference between what’s legal and what’s right. Our preoccupation with “what’s legal” insures more legal problems. If we paid more attention to what’s right, we would take our relationships to a new level. And it’s all about relationships.

What Every CEO Should Know About Talent Alignment

C-Level Strategies

I wrote a post a few months ago entitled, “ The Number One Thing CEOs Wish They’d Done Differently. &#.

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