December, 2010

Facing Challenges | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth This time of year always affords a great opportunity to plan for the challenges that are sure to present

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Lead with a Coherent Strategy

Coaching Tip

By Guest Authors from Booz & Company : Partner, Paul Leinwand and Managing Director, Cesare Mainardi .

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Leadership Lessons from Yoga - Next Level Blog

Next Level Blog

If you'd wandered into one of my group coaching sessions after lunch yesterday, you would have seen 16 people stretching their hands toward the ceiling, taking three deep breaths in and out through their noses and bending from their

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Goal Setting vs. Goal Sitting

Chris Brady

IMG_1909 It's that time of year again. People rush to join health clubs, open savings accounts, buy Nicotine gum, and a whole host of activities intended to improve themselves, break the habit, turn the corner, clear the hurdles

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3 Ways Twitter Amps Up Business Networking | C-Level Strategies.

C-Level Strategies

Lisa Petrilli shares 3 high power ways that Twitter amps up business networking and how it leads to new ideas, collaborations and new business opportunities

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Best Buy's Boss on the Lessons of Social Media | BusinessWeek []

Weekly Leader

Best Buy CEO Brian Dunn on getting into social media to learn about his customers and employees—and knowing when to draw the line. socialmedia leadership ceo

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Reading for Lifetime Growth

Chris Brady

IMG_1164 It was a book by Donald Trump, and I'd picked it up because I had a strong desire to conquer the "money things." As best as I can remember, it was the first book after college I read on my own compulsion

Note to c-suite: flaunt your learning and development | Aspire-CS


Some of those in the c-suite of some organizations want to keep it a secret when they are involved in any kind of leadership development. This manifests

3 Critical Steps to Kick Leadership Squelch in the Tush | C-Level.

C-Level Strategies

Lisa Petrilli addresses the #LeadershipChat topic for December 7th; when emerging leaders collide with a resistant leadership team, organization or culture

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Leading Those Who Don't Want To Follow | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth This might sound odd, but I don't care whether someone agrees or disagrees with me. In fact, in most cases I

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3 Ways To Stay Connected.

Rich Gee Group

It's hard to stay connected with friends, colleagues, clients, and key people in your industry. Because most positions force you to focus on production and not development. Get to work and don't worry about new connections

How To Be An Excellent Executive In An Age Of Mediocrity | Business Insider []

Weekly Leader

Interesting post submitted by Sue Norton. . leadership management theory practice

Fortuitous leadership

Managing Leadership

As we’ve seen , the form of more-or-less genuine individual leadership most likely to be identified at the top of an organization is to be discovered in the founder/owner. As we’ve also seen, this does nothing to support the wholly misplaced lessons of the modern leadership movement, since these “leaders” are not products of external education, but of internal instincts.

Best Leadership Books of 2010

Leading Blog

A crisis exposes character or the lack of it. Our reaction is important. Our recent history requires a response; a correction; a change in the status quo. If we are thinking more-of-the-same or merely upping our game then we are destined to fail again. On the other hand if we are looking to change our games or approach, then we have a way forward.

Leadership is About Engagement

Kevin Eikenberry

Some proof (data!) for why leaders must engage their followers

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Discipline & Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth How disciplined are you as a leader? Context, fluidity, and other nuanced behaviors are positive traits to

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How to Be a Great Mentor Without All the Fuss | Aspire-CS


Did you know that there can be great satisfaction in formally mentoring others? It's a way of giving back and can also be a way to learn some new things

10 New Year’s Resolutions For The 21st Century Leader

Terry Starbucker

“I’m going to be a better leader&#. It’s that time of year again, where the calendar marks an end, and the approach of a new beginning – a time of much self-evaluation, and from those thoughts, the annual New Year’s Resolutions. For leaders, these proclamations can certainly be helpful as a jump start, but these days, simply declaring we want to be “better&# just isn’t enough.

Thanks for your contributions in 2010!

Managing Leadership

As noted here every year, easily one of the most gratifying aspects of authoring a site like this is the interaction offered by visitors from around the world. They present thoughtful and engaging comments from which we all learn so much, as well as offering us the opportunity to discover additional value on many of the contributors’ own web sites.

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Shine the Light on Others

Michael Lee Stallard

Bono, megastar of the rock band U2, frequently shines the light on his fellow band members. In the photo above, Bono is shining a spotlight on The Edge, U2’s legendary lead guitar player. Bono does this in a metaphorical sense too.

6 Leadership Lessons from Rudolph « Linked 2 Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

6 Lessons in Leadership. Scenario 1. Rudolph first apppears as the new deer at the playground. The other reindeer notice Rudolph's shiny nose as it glows, and begin to laugh at him and call him names. Meanwhile, at Elf School

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Love and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth You'll never be a great leader without being loving and compassionate. While today's post is a bit more

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5 Mistakes You Make With Business Cards. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

They bring me business and success everyday. That's why they are ALWAYS in my left pocket. But most people either don't have them (shame on you) or if they do — have terrible ones. Here are some mistakes people make with business cards

Leading Change: Creating a Sense of Urgency (Step 1) | Management.

Management is a Journey

John Kotter's Eight Step Model for Leading Change remains a viable approach—even in these difficult times. Creating a Sense of Urgency is the first step

Nurturing Decisive Followers

Kevin Eikenberry

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic. Powered by WP Greet Box WordPress Plugin. I was asked a question recently in a workshop that I thought was interesting

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Pixar’s Competitive Advantage? A Connection Culture

Michael Lee Stallard

At the Technical Academy Awards ceremonies held in Hollywood, the Associated Press reported that it wasn’t the host, actress Jessica Biel, who attracted the most attention. Instead, it was an understated, bespectacled, computer engineer named Ed Catmull.

Building Your Brand “Buddy the Elf” Style – Part 1 :: Women on.

Women on Business

If you have seen the delightful holiday movie Elf, you are familiar with the endearing qualities of child-like hope and wonder “Buddy the Elf” exudes among believers and non-believers. How endearing is your brand to your customers

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“If they do that, I don’t consider them a leader.”

Leading Blog

We need to get over the notion that a leader is a perfect person with a set of qualities that are balanced and in perfect alignment. And to be less makes you, you know … a manager. If that were the case we might as well forget about being a leader. We’re just not up to it. And yet life goes on and people do lead—in spite of themselves. And their humanity gives us all hope that we too can lead, influence, have an impact, and create meaning.

How To Present Yourself Like A Professional. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

Once a month, I go to an incredible meeting of 100+ successful executives who get together to talk business. The person who runs the show is an incredible personality — full of vigor, experience, and knowledge. His ability to speak in

Metrics that Matter for 2011 (One Page PDF)

Rajesh Setty

Note: I created this one page self-assessment checklist late last year. Looking back, I wouldn’t change any of the questions for this year. I have updated the PDF for the new year. The updated post is below: We are obsessed about measuring everything.

Fostering Shared Responsibility - a Guest Post by Ed Brenegar

Kevin Eikenberry

Getting at shared responsibility through organization structure and design

Overcoming Leadership Myopia

Michael Lee Stallard

Howard Behar and Michael Lee Stallard. American leaders need to wake up and smell the coffee. Research from two well-respected organizations makes it clear that we have a big collective blind spot that’s dragging down productivity, innovation and economic performance. Earlier this year, a Conference Board research report showed that job satisfaction is at the lowest level since the organization began measuring it more than 20 years ago.

Gratitude - Express Appreciation to the People in Your Life.

Your Voice of Encouragement

When you're having a busy day, it's not easy to tell others how much you appreciate them. Yet finding ways to value others is one of the best investments you can make to strengthen relationships. In this video I explain the payoffs for

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Sticking Your Neck Out

Coaching Tip

In today's fast-paced world everyone feels the pressure to achieve positive results by accomplishing more with less. Yet, the only way to make that happen is to own it , respond with flexibility, and control what whatever you have the power to handle. Today, we are in the worst economy of our lifetimes and things are breaking down all over the place. We have lost millions of jobs here in the U.S. but much of the work remains to be done by those who are still working.