October, 2008

Ways to distinguish yourself #197 – Be comfortable with "Nothing.

Rajesh Setty

Take a dot. Put some “nothing” in it and. You get a doughnut! Take a doughnut. Put some “nothing” in it and… You get a zero. Take a zero. Put some more “nothing” in it and… You get a bowl. Take a bowl. Put some more “nothing” in it and

Best Tips on Running an Effective Meeting

Self Help Zen

Meetings! A discovery which still is a mystery. Commitment, Integrity, Passion, Reason, Opportunity are the common key ingredients expected within the participants to drive the meeting effectively. If a person is precisely approached or appealed with any of the ingredients suits him, he is sure to give his best cooperation in the meeting. A brief worksheet will help running a meeting effectively.

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Ways to distinguish yourself #196 – Be aware of your circle of.

Rajesh Setty

It requires a lot of maturity to be aware of your circle of awareness. This is one of the areas where “ignorance is definitely NOT bliss”. What you want is typically within your circle of awareness. If “what you need” to reach your

Powerful Platform + Passionate People = Endless possibilities.

Rajesh Setty

The idea is simple (but hard to execute, of course). Build a simple and powerful platform and get passionate people to get engaged. Watch new possibilities emerge. I have taken a simple example here. Fortunately or unfortunately

HARP – Having an Attitude that's Recession-Proof! | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

HARP v. Having an Attitude that's Recession-Proof. If recession is here, you have been given a free-admission :). None of us can be totally recession-proof. However, we can all strive to have an attitude that's recession-proof

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Mini Saga #27 – The Game | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

The Game. Bob and John had ring-side seats. Bob was very unhappy with the way his team was playing. Bob had detailed comments on how the team should really play. After listening for an hour, John said, “Relax, Bob

Things that make me smile #44 – When the reverse is true TOO.

Rajesh Setty

You have all heard of those words that can be read backwards and they remain the same. Here are a few quick examples: 1. Radar. Rotor. Madam. Level. There are hundreds of them. However, this can apply to ideas

Entrepreneur Journeys – A conversation with Sramana Mitra | Rajesh.

Rajesh Setty

I have been following Sramana Mitra's writings for a long time now. She has a new book called “Entrepreneur Journeys” that was published earlier this month. It is a collection of in-depth interviews with movers and shakers in the

Things that make smile #43 – UnIntended or Pun Intended.

Rajesh Setty

It's a garbage can and yes, it's a mystery spot :). Note: For other 42 posts in the same series, please visit my Squidoo Lens on the same topic. Here is the link: Squidoo Lens: Smile Please

Things that make me smile #42 – Sarcasm 101 | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

Sarcasm is rarely interesting. But “sometimes” it's funny. This one is all about bosses. Mostly created by someone who has the time to create it rather than focusing on his or her work. But the boss can't blame him or her :). Enjoy

Launching "Behind The Car" project | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

Today is Sumukh's birthday. He is 10 years old. I have always wanted him to learn the basics of building a company. Of course, it will be odd to try and teach a ten year old kid about balance sheets and income statements without a

Things that make me smile #41 – Ridiculous offers | Rajesh Setty

Rajesh Setty

Sometimes when I see these things I remember the old dot-com dot-bomb days. They were fun :). The advertisement says that the domain “lisa” is for sale for $2400000 dollars. All the best! Note: For other 40 posts in the same