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The Secret Ingredient for Extraordinary Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Do you (or your organization) use the vending machine approach to leadership? Fitting the mold. Do I tell the boss what he wants to hear? Todd B.

5 Proven Steps for Sparking Insane Brand Love

Women on Business

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Brand 117

Don’t just set SMART goals, set the RIGHT goals

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Goal setting is powerful. Research shows you are likely to perform at a higher level if you set SMART goals. Too often people discover […].

Goal 113

7 Of My Favorite Compliments I Receive as a Pastor

Ron Edmondson

Everyone loves compliments – me included. I received a compliment recently from someone who met me for the first time and it was so encouraging.

18 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Hidden Figures

Joseph Lalonde

Henson) crossed gender, racial, and societal lines in a time where African-American women were considered second class citizens. There was a problem.

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Continuing the Mission – Leadership Drives Culture During Transition

General Leadership and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link].

Team 86

How To Find True Success With Michael Teoh – Answers From Leadership Podcast Episode 29

Joseph Lalonde

The Answers From Leadership Podcast The guest for episode 29 of the Answers From Leadership podcast is Michael Teoh. Success is rather subjective.

January 2017 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the January 2017 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! Support does make a difference. Let’s Get Started. You can take charge.

Remote Workers Really are Happier than Office Employees – Infographic

Women on Business

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4 Secrets to a Successful Performance Improvement Conversation

Let's Grow Leaders

You sit down for an earnest performance improvement conversation. Things improve for a minute. Sound familiar? Maybe it’s her. Be specific.

Book Reports on Steroids

Kevin Eikenberry

Maybe those aren’t two good […]. The post Book Reports on Steroids appeared first on Kevin Eikenberry on Leadership & Learning.

2 Self-Leadership Hacks for Positivity

Lead Change Blog

While on vacation I was reminded of the power of positivity. We watched as she delivered a child’s sandwich in a sing-songy voice. “Having fun?

5 Positions Companies Need To Navigate Digital Transformation

N2Growth Blog

“The last 10 years have been about building a world that is mobile-first. In the next 10 years, we will shift to a world that is AI-first.”,

The Difference in Popularity and Trust in Leading People

Ron Edmondson

It's important to know. In leadership, its important to know the difference in popularity and trust. This is especially true for newer leaders.).

3 Ways to Rock Your Role in the New Year

Let's Grow Leaders

Carol was visibly shaken on the other end of the phone. Karin, you know that new job I got, well I lost it. I get it. That was disappointing.”

Why Leaders Need To Be Dependable

Joseph Lalonde

There’s always one quality leaders are looking for in their followers. They want people who will show up. On time. Where they’re needed.

Shoe Dog: How to Succeed in Business with a Little Luck

Leading Blog

P HIL KNIGHT'S memoir about creating Nike, Shoe Dog , covers the time from his “Crazy Idea” to going public in 1980. just keep going. Don’t stop.

7 Ways to Deliver Constructive Criticism

Ron Edmondson

Which Actually Gets Heard. There are times where someone needs to offer constructive criticism. You see things others don’t see. Start there.

How to Complain Like a Leader

Leadership Freak

Habitual complainers stink like babies with dirty diapers. But everyone who brings up difficult issues, problems, and concerns isn’t an energy sucking complainer. 3 types of complainers: #1.

How to Improve Trust With One Word

Lead Change Blog

Will we have enough time or will they seem hurried? Will we have the same values? I’m thinking about a recent experience. Theodore Roosevelt.

Building Relationships Across Cultures In Today’s World

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by Michael Landers. Think about why you would want to add someone to your network.

Be Your Word for 2017: Introducing #ProjectImpeccable2017

Anese Cavanaugh

Self-Awareness Events

3 Must-Haves for Every Great Team Member

Leadership Freak

Success is always about people. The stronger your team, the higher your reach. #1. Only hire curious people. Dolts and divots don’t ask questions. It doesn’t matter how smart they appear to be. An hour with a person who doesn’t ask questions is an hour with a toothache.

How Team Leaders Can Avoid a Carrot Cake Incident

Lead Change Blog

My wife went to get a piece of carrot cake for my brother on Fathers’ Day. Their carrot cake was excellent. She arrived just after four o’clock.

Team 50

3 Techniques to Help You Master Even the Toughest Q&A


We all get ‘em. Difficult questions. Leadership Effectiveness & Planning

5 Ways to Say No at Work – Infographic

Women on Business

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93% of Successful Companies Abandon Their Original Strategy

Leadership Freak

I spent an hour discussing strategy with a group of 24 leaders. What I know is that the best ideas are yet to emerge. If you succeed, you most will likely let go… Continue reading → Humility Leading Leadership Development organizational success

Dealing in Hope

Nathan Magnuson

Napoleon Bonaparte claimed, “A leader is a dealer in hope.” ” Hope is a strangely human enigma. Cast a Fascinating Vision.

eBook 36

How to accelerate your journey to success

Lead on Purpose

One of the key objectives of Lead on Purpose is to provide ideas and motivation to my readers to help you improve your success, regardless of your area(s) of focus. When I find things that help, I share them. What … Continue reading → Knowledge Learning Purpose action commit courage discipline focus motivation persist results success

Herding Your Thoughts

Kevin Eikenberry

It’s not the most common comparison, but believe it or not, your thoughts and sheep herders have a few things in common. Don’t believe me?

10 Ways to Identify and Maximize Your Champions

Leadership Freak

There’s a champion connected to every significant achievement. The trouble with corporate teams is they feel too little. Great ideas apart from passionate champions never soar. What ignites fire in your heart? Do that.… … Continue reading → Marks of leaders Motivation Passion Leadership Development organizational success

The Pitfalls of Making Change Mandatory – and What to Do Instead

Change Starts Here

His approach was to convince a senior leader to make the goal and the path to achieving it mandatory. See a pattern here? What can you do instead?

Monica Carter Tagore Joins Women on Business Contributor Team

Women on Business

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Blog 29
Blog Team 29

Cater to Customers Desires to Achieve Customer Delight

Curious Cat

Customer delight requires understanding your customers needs and desires. Often even your customers don’t understand these well. 2006).