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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others!

Your Voice of Encouragement

I was listening to an interview of one of my good friends, Debbie Phillips, as she focused on the seven mistakes that keep someone from being "A Woman on Fire." The one that jumped out at me applies to males and females alike: the

Zig Ziglar Explains how to change an ATTITIDE

Building Personal Strength

Listening to Zig Ziglar is like listening to a sermon on LIFE. In this video, Zig tells a wonderful story about how he got a woman to change an ATTITUDE, which in turn changed her life. This video is my holiday gift to you.

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Top 10 Project Management Mistakes You Should Avoid


I was recently studying the anatomy of failed/troubled projects and following came out as a learning. Here are top 10 project management mistakes that should be avoided: Estimating project tasks based on poor inputs on scope and too

Developing Leadership Skills While Kickstarting the New Year


Here's a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills while giving a tremendous boost to your new year! By seeing how this process supports your energy, clarity and focus, you'll realize how it could also be used as a powerful

Seasons Greetings!!!

Ravi Pratap Singh


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Survive Your Promotion

As the end of the year approaches it's a good time to take stock of how committed your team members are feeling about their jobs before they make New Year's resolutions to find new ones. In today's working environment, employees tend to


A Video That Encourages COMPOSURE

Building Personal Strength

"Grace under pressure," Hemingway called it. Mental toughness," which is what we call it today, is the ability to manage your emotions when all hell breaks loose. So you don't throw gasoline onto a fire.

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Block The Exit Door

Eric Jacobson

According to the 2009 Employment Dynamics and Growth Expectations Report, 55% of employees plan to change jobs, careers or industries "when the economy recovers." That's an alarming statistic and one that all workplace leaders should take to heart.

Embrace Realities

Self Help Zen

It is damn straightforward to think but getting any organization see the world the way it is and not the way they wish it were isn’t that easy. A thoughtful effort is needed in the organization with an attitude, with an environment that allows people to see things the way they are, to deal with the way it is now, not the way they wish it would be. Look back at the past year’s failures. Whether most of the failures are caused by your unwillingness to embrace the realities?

Embrace Realities

Utpal Writes

It is damn straightforward to think but getting any organization see the world the way it is and not the way they wish it were isn't that easy. A thoughtful effort is needed in the organization with an attitude, with an environment that

Death Reaches Out.

Building Personal Strength

I was a blogger several years ago, and then I wasn't for a few years, and now I'm blogging again. During all that time, the only blog I couldn't stop reading was Switched at Birth.

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Women in the LEAD

Dk-maureen'spost-stillnessofheart This blog was originally posted four years ago and I believe it's worth posting again. Time spent in the “stillness of your heart” will help you discover your heart's desire. Then create a blueprint to

Excellence 21

Self Help Zen

Excellence! the Nicholas bate way. Plan with excellence. Execute with excellence. Demand excellence. Retrospect with excellence. Organize with excellence. Make corrections with excellence. Follow up with excellence. Deliver with excellence. Learn with excellence. Unlearn with excellence. Relearn with excellence. Remember excellence. Refer to excellence. Communicate with excellence. Exhibit excellence. Enjoy excellence. Start with excellence. Go with excellence. Come back with excellence.

Excellence 21

Utpal Writes

Excellence! the Nicholas bate way. Plan with excellence; Execute with excellence; Demand excellence; Retrospect with excellence; Organize with excellence; Make corrections with excellence; Follow up with excellence

Peace on Earth - Relaxing "Sounds of Silence"

Building Personal Strength

"Peace on Earth, goodwill towards men." I hear this a lot during the holiday season, but it rarely seems peaceful this time of year. But we really do need the peace, we need to relax. This video worked for me.

Video 19

I Love/Don't Love Christmas…You?

You're Not the Boss of Me

This post has little or nothing to do with leadership but in the spirit of the season, I thought I might republish it, just for fun. Happy holidays everyone! When I began this, I was coming at the Christmas season with a very bah humbug

True Love: A Video for the Season

Steve Farber

My friend, Timna Pilch , described this video as “the most adorable, weirdest thing&# she’s ever seen. “Adorable&# and “weird&# are words you don’t often hear in combination, but I think they’re fitting in this context.

Charities Must Play By the Same Rules as Everyone Else (or “Charities Aren’t Allowed to Spam”)

Managing Communities

photo credit: MPD01605 Not long ago, someone from a very well known, reputable charity spammed one of my communities. I’m not going to mention the name of the charity because it’s not important. I’m not looking to shame them and they are not the point I want to make. It’s not like this is the [.]. How Should I Participate

Christmas Tree Cat

Building Personal Strength

A kitty who dares to enjoy Christmas. He's ba-a-ad! I hope you're enjoying Christmas, too. Cats Videos Christmas

Happy Holidays from Our "Poster-Cat for Christmas"

Building Personal Strength

We have three cats. Harry is a 20-year-old all-black cat. Max, a large brown tabby, is eleven years old. The youngest is Ernest, an eight-year-old orange Tabby. We still call him "The Baby." Somehow, beginning with his first year with us, Ernest managed to star in most of the Christmas photos.

Love ala Kineticom

Steve Farber

The inspiring folks at smokin’ hot Kineticom (whom I’ve written about many times on this blog) have done a remarkable job of integrating The Radical LEAP into the fabric of their company. For one thing, they give a yearly award for Love, Energy, Audacity and Proof to the team member who best embodies each quality in the way he or she approaches work.