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Prompt, Precise Performance Reviews

Tony Mayo

Just Ask Leadership: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions Excerpted, by Art Kleiner in Strategy+Business, from chapter 2 Here's how the process works. The day before meeting, your coworker brings you a list of five or six

Get Over Yourself To Develop Effective Communication Skills | Guy.

The Recovering Engineer

Your communication style can get in your way. Get over yourself to develop better communication skills

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Thoroughness - Examine all the related issues and information.

Your Voice of Encouragement

When you're excited about starting something new, you may want to jump in with both feet before attending to the details. Taking time to study the facts and evaluate your options will lead to wise decisions. You'll be less likely to act

AWARENESS - Never Misplace Your Glasses or Car Keys Again

Building Personal Strength

The other day I was in my office working on an article when I heard a loud crash from the other side of the house. I bolted out of my office to see what had happened. When I got to the kitchen, I saw a pan lid and some forks on the floor. We have three cats, but none were in sight.

Happiness is simple–and subtle

Tony Mayo

Novelist Amy Bloom surveys the literature on happiness for the New York Times and distills these five essentials. I have recently rediscovered the importance of number 2. The Fundamentally Sound, Sure-Fire Top Five Components of

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Guidelines for Writing Your Goals

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo shares his best procedures for effective goal setting

Hire your replacement

Lead on Purpose

Leaders at successful companies focus significant time and resources to hire the right people. The money and effort they spend pays big dividends as the company progresses and matures. The companies that excel at hiring the right people

Great Quotes: Super Seven From The Collection of Michael Wade


Michael Wade is a GREAT blogger I have been following since 2006. He provides very interesting commentary, shares some fantastic resources and thoughts on his blog Execupundit. He was the first blogger to have linked back to this blog

PERSEVERANCE - Rocky Balboa's Great Motivational Speech

Building Personal Strength

The video is only 45 seconds long, but this is a great motivational speech. I know you've heard the message before, and you may have even seen the movie, but we all need to hear it again from time to time!

Video 24

Debunking the Myths of the Great Depression

Chris Brady

It was an average sized college classroom with round tables and cheap plastic chairs. People of all kinds filed their way into the crowding room, glancing around, searching for seats. By the time the modest program began

Is Your Personal DNA Stopping Your Leadership Skill Development.


In this post, Enlightened Leadership provides the kind of video that is normally found only in our Making Managers into Leaders Institute - a private

3 High-Value Tips for Leaders to Break Out of Comfort Zone


4013890291_321c599bac[1] Cozy environment and excellent facilities in your cabin/cubicle can make you feel super-comfortable. It is a physical comfort zone that we create around ourselves. Our desk becomes a place where discussions

THOROUGHNESS - Why the Compassion of 10 Missionaries Went Wrong in Haiti

Building Personal Strength

So Laura Silsby and her nine missionary colleagues have been charged with abducting Haitian children. It could have been worse. Angry Haitians outside the government building wanted charges of kidnapping and child trafficking. Still, they face a trial and possible imprisonment.

Video 21

A Bloody Mess!

Chris Brady

Giant leeches Conventional wisdom has a way of looking barbaric once proven wrong. Take, for example, the bleeding of patients a little over a century ago. Here's how it went. Someone would be sick with either the common cold or colon

The Irony of Positive Thinking

Tony Mayo

Research on how to control our minds and moods, excerpted by CEO executive coach Tony Mayo

A Round Up of My Writing in January 2010


January 2010 was a productive blogging month. In case you were busy all the month and could not catch up with this blog, here is a round-up of my writing activities in January 2010. Posts at QAspire Blog

Inner Beauty, Masculinity and Feminity

Building Personal Strength

Today my youngest son, Teller, is 39 years old. He knew I'd be mentioning him in this article. I told him it's his birthday present. I remember clearly the first time I held him in my arms. It was a special moment. Now he's the genius who creates the magical programs sold by my company world-wide. When he was a teenager, he came to me for fatherly advice. Another special moment. Dads really like that. What's masculinity, Dad?" he asked. Oh my god. A hard one.

Caption Contest 2010.2 Winners Announced

Chris Brady

Carcrashforblog. You guys continue to outdo yourselves! This contest was even better, even funnier, and more tightly contested than the last! Great job to everyone! Thanks for providing the rest of us with so many good laughs

Werner Erhard on enlightenment, context, and leadership

Tony Mayo

An interview with Werner Erhard, excerpted by top executive coach Tony Mayo

The SOBCon2010 “Blog it, Earn it” Discount- And An All-Expense.

Terry Starbucker

sobcon-vmc. Suppose you could take a weekend retreat away from the noise of the Internet … to focus entirely on your business; to work with the support of a mastermind team; to get quality time to interact with the top people in social

Skills Theory


The skills theory grew from the obvious flaw in the trait approach; traits are relatively fixed. This meant that trait theory was not particularly useful for developing new leaders who lack those traits. Skills theorists sought to discover the skills and abilities that made leaders effective. Similar to trait theory, skills theories are leader-centric, focused on what characteristics about leaders make them effective.

Economist Battle

Chris Brady

Click the following link for an entertaining video. The battle between economic theories is both interesting and tragic. Strangely, after the theories of Keynes were totally debunked, they have somehow roared back into the main thanks

Roundup: Lessons from every quarter

Managing Leadership

Advice for effective management has been showing up in some of the most unlikely places over the past several weeks, or in unexpected guises. Let’s take a look at some of these, leavened with some real advice from some of the best management trainers around. Clues to communication. The range begins at The Boston Globe, for an excellent piece on “ cognitive fluency ” and what it means for anyone – from managers to marketers and beyond – trying to make a message connect.

Week 4 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

Crossderry Blog

Making good and steady progress. I've made higher and higher scores on some of the multi-player games, but unfortunately I can't seem to save and track my ongoing progress on those. Of course, my son regularly humiliates me on the

A Critical Difference Between a Good and Great Leader (And It's.

Terry Starbucker

j0443187. Remember this famous quote? Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it” – George Santayana. I've heard this one time and time again in my years in the business world. And it's a very powerful message about

It's a New Dawn, It's a New Day, It's a New Life For Small Business. and I'm Feeling Good

Women's Leadership Exchange

If you haven?t t listened to the song ?Feeling Feeling Good? recorded by some of the greatest singers from Nina Simone to Frank Sinatra to Michael Buble,, it?s s time to go to You Tube and listen again. d like to make it the theme song for America?s s small businesses this year. President Obama?s s new focus on small business in his State of the Union address makes ?a a new dawn? possible. It took the Administration a year to finally figure out what most of us have known. America?s

Customers? We don't need no stinking customers…

Survive Your Promotion

Last year I took advantage of the sour economy to fulfill a dream. Since I was 16 years old I have been skidding off the road, crashing into snowbanks, running over fences and sliding backwards down hills every winter


Using questions “within” your personality

Crossderry Blog

What in the wide world of sports is goin' on here? The second topic in my Q&A with Gary Cohen, author of JUST ASK LEADERSHIP: Why Great Managers Always Ask the Right Questions, focused on personal transformation

Using Detours To Get Where You Want to Go

The Recovering Engineer

detour There are times in both personal and professional situations where apparent road blocks get in the way of achieving your desired goals. Earlier in my life, these road blocks discouraged me. Now, I just see them as detours


Tell A Story To Share Your Vision

Eric Jacobson

"Most leaders' visions fail, not due to a leader's inadequacies, but due to the leader's lack of communication," said Margaret Reynolds of Reynolds Consulting, LLC in Lee's Summit, MO. Reynolds shared her expertise with me recently during an interview. She added that it's not that leaders don't communicate, but that they don't beat the drum regularly enough. Leaders need to communicate often, regularly and consistently," she recommended. "In

The myth of “need to know”

Survive Your Promotion

Is your management team one secret handshake away from being a street gang? Does the expression “need to know” come up regularly in your communication plan? When faced with a challenge or a major decision, upper management often huddles

“Just Ask” Leadership

Crossderry Blog

Just Ask Leadership Fail. I finally have a few minutes — semi-snowbound here in Evansville — to catch up on old posting themes. Earlier this year I had a chance to do a Q&A with Gary Cohen, author of JUST ASK LEADERSHIP: Why Great

A Minute For You

Lead from Within

We would like to slow down and become quieter but our restlessness will not allow it. Our lives seem filled with movement and frantic activity without end, as if this were our sole route to happiness as human beings.

Open Secret Of The Marriage Between Vision and Action

Utpal Writes

In my decennium long experience journey, I have seen organizations which have a great vision – a vision to become a world class company which is super-positive. 100% win-win for all the entities involved, performance centric