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Top 20 Small Business WordPress Themes

Women on Business

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The benefits of having a team of equals


Perhaps you’ve had managers who expected things to be done their way, with little appreciation for your decisions and ideas. Improved results.

Team 117

Leadership Development and the Role of Millennials

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Philipe Bruce: More than 50% of businesses claim that they do not have the resources or time to train their employees to be leaders.

4 Theories of How a Leader Becomes Controlling

Ron Edmondson

One of the most dangerous forms of leadership, and one of the most frustrating, in my opinion, is the controlling leader. Pride is rampant. Failure.

Frontline Festival: Leaders Give Pointers on Creating Connection

Let's Grow Leaders

Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. This month’s festival is all about creating connection. Follow Amanda. Follow David. Paul J.

Meyer 80

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Impact The Development Of Your Team

Joseph Lalonde

Grow Your Team The longer someone is on your team, the more they should grow. Reality has shown us this often isn’t the case. Books are cheap.

Influence is the Value Force of Leadership

Lead Change Blog

This post is part of our 2017 Lead Change Group Guest Blogger Series. Today we are pleased to share a post from Jeff Thurston.

5 Secrets to Find Success as an Introvert

Women on Business

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7 Characteristics of Effecitve Change Agent Leaders

Ron Edmondson

If you want to be in leadership get comfortable with change. It’s part of the experience of every leader. Courageous. Relational. Strategic.

How To Avoid Sexual Temptation At The Office

Joseph Lalonde

As a married man, I am committed to remaining faithful to my wife. That means I have to constantly evaluate my thoughts. Even in the workplace. To you.

Integrity – A Critical Cornerstone To Effective Leadership

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by Terri Williams. The supreme quality for leadership is unquestionably integrity. Consider conducting a self-audit.

Employee Engagement Survey Results: Fact or Fiction?


Employee Engagement surveys are barely worth the time and effort taken to produce them. Big statements, perhaps! We know this topic is big.

In nearly 25% of Businesses Leaders Believe 30%-50% of Employees Avoid Responsibility*

Leadership Freak

If you want people to take responsibility, hold yourself accountable. Hold yourself accountable. Invite others to hold you accountable. Expect others to take responsibility. 4 powerful expressions of leadership accountability*. Devote yourself to… Continue reading → Accountability Author Book Notes Leadership Development

5 Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Black History Month

Joseph Lalonde

During Black History Month, people remember the important people and events in the lives of African-Americans. Be An Advocate. Look for new solutions.

The Speed of Change is Relative

Ron Edmondson

A huge reminder to leaders attempting change This is a reminder to leaders who are attempting to lead change. It’s simple, but it is powerful.

When the Right People on The Change Bus Fill Only Two Rows

Lead Change Blog

A Receptivity to Change Scale. Ellen R. It provides a rough measurement for the level of difficulty that lies ahead. Change and The Pareto Principle.

How to Create Line of Sight For Your Employees


To drive engagement, help employees personalize strategy and understand how they fit in. Said another way, they don’t get how they fit in.

Goal 53

Leader Competence: Will it Be A Multiplier or a Divider?

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Ethical leadership competence is an issue that is gaining attention. Expectations of "good leadership" are increasing and leaders and organizations are scrambling to keep up. With expectations for good leadership continuing to expand, some organizations still do not have leader competence on their strategy agendas.

How to be a Leader who Hears What’s Not Said

Leadership Freak

30 free books! Leave a comment on this post by 2/17/2017 to become eligible to win one of thirty complimentary copies of Mark Millers new book, Leaders Made Here: Building a Leadership Culture.… … Continue reading → Author Listening Leadership Development

The Shape of Great Problem Solving

Lead Change Blog

In January, one Sunday afternoon I was preparing to teach an IAP course at MIT. The topic: how to solve hard problems. Yet something was nagging me.

The One (and Only) Golden Rule of Great Leadership

Terry Starbucker

As soon as we are labeled as a “leader”, especially one in the executive suite, there is a very strong tendency to put ourselves on a pedestal. Marie.

Imperfect Leadership

Coaching Tip

Success isn't about being perfect and always making the right choices. Successful management is the result of understanding and accepting your own humanity. Then you can become a truly successful leader. Then you can become perfect in your own imperfection. Leadership is a skill, similar to playing a musical instrument. Can't Get Enough Leadership.

How to Work for a Human Tornado

Next Level Blog

Chances are that, at some point in your career, you’re going to work for a human tornado. In my speeches and workshops, I often say that leaders control the weather. Unfortunately, though, many of us will at some point, work for a designated leader who creates all kinds of terrible weather. They’re the human tornados. Life is short.

151: Work Smarter, Not Harder – Productivity Hacks to Get More & Better Work Done in Less Time | with David Burkus

Engaging Leader

Based on interviews with those experts, David has compiled a free ebook called Work Smarter, Not Harder, […] Engaging Leader™ Productivity

eBook 37

Two Questions that Crackdown on Excuse Making

Leadership Freak

“He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else.” Benjamin Franklin An excuse is the skin of a reason stuffed with a lie. Excuse-makers beguile naive leaders into expressing… Continue reading → Failure Success Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

Leading a Team may require Facing Pain

Coaching Tip

Courage is a mindset that requires grit and determination. Most organizations have a list of core values that are displayed on the wall and show up in a variety of company marketing materials, from coffee mugs to baseball caps. During orientation, many organizations train their new hires about their values and how to live them. Taking a stand.

Monitoring and Tracking

Lead Change Blog

This post builds upon my posts over the last two months. There is a saying that if you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.

Messy: The Power of Disorder to Transform Our Lives

Kevin Eikenberry

And if you saw my office desk right now, you would be right. The author of this new book might disagree, as his premise […].

Solution Saturday: My Team Struggles with Communication and Follow-Through

Leadership Freak

Dear Dan, My team has been struggling with communication. We have talked about it all, run through problems and nutted out imperfect solutions. We have talked through positive ways to communicate, but I… Continue reading → Optimism Solution Saturday Success Teams Leadership Development

How the Cloud Can Help Your Business Grow

Women on Business

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The Marketing Strategy: What You REALLY Need To Know

Strategy Driven

Your business thrives on how effective its marketing strategy is. A lot of small businesses don’t have this luxury. Think Of The Image And The Brand.

The Maths of Life

Utpal Writes

When a man marries his girlfriend, he immediately creates a vacancy. Okay, this is not my quote. It is from James Goldsmith. But Milan hated his job.

Class 32

The Path to Self-Leadership Made Clear

Leadership Freak

If you feel it’s easy to lead yourself, you aren’t doing it. Self-leadership: Pay attention to yourself. #1. Listen to yourself. What if the things that come out of your mouth are true… Continue reading → Accountability Marks of leaders Personal Growth arrogance Leadership Development leadership success

5 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Small Business Running While on Holiday

Lead Change Blog

As an independent micro business owner, I relish holidays. However, I’m also a little fearful of them. This may sound odd. Prepare in advance.