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Three Personal Fears to Conquer for Leadership Success

C-Level Strategies

It’s time. Yes, it’s finally time. We’ve danced sophisticatedly around the topic for months now at Leadership Chat , and it’s simply time to face it head-on. Many of us have personal fears and they affect our ability to succeed as leaders.

Leadership – It’s About The People

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth When you closely examine the core characteristics of what really makes for great leadership, it’s not power, title, authority or even technical competency that distinguishes truly great leaders. Rather it’s the ability to both earn and keep the loyalty and trust of those whom they lead that sets

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Chaos Driven Leadership

The Leadership Advisor

For the longest time, when I heard the word leadership , it would conjure up images of structure and order. A sense of calm and deliberate movement. There was no room for pageantry and individuality.

How to Know When to Say No to Seemingly Good Things

Ron Edmondson

Age and maturity has helped me improve at discerning what I can do and should do based on my strengths, weaknesses, passions and dreams. It’s freeing when we become more certain in who God has wired us to be and who He has not.

The Art of Moving Forward: The First Step

C-Level Strategies

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3 Places to Find New Leaders

Ron Edmondson

I was working with a church recently that is facing a growth barrier. They have experienced rapid growth and now the staff is stretched beyond what they can do. There are holes of responsibilities not being filled. My opinion…and they agree…is that they can’t continue growing unless something changes. The “genius&# suggestion I gave them is that they must rise up new leaders, empower them with authority, and spread the load of responsibility.

Employee Engagement: A Story and a Few Resources


People deliver their best work when they are fully engaged with the purpose of their work. In an organizational setting, people only deliver their best when they are engaged with the purpose, vision and values of the organization they work with. They look at their work as a part of a larger whole – and not just a discrete component. How do we engage our people? That’s the question many HR leaders, project managers and organizational leaders have been asking.

The Most Dangerous Question A Leader Will Ever Ask

Terry Starbucker

“Terry, what do you think?&#. I had been pondering the answer to this question for a better part of a week. We were working on an important project, and there was a problem. A problem that demanded some out-of-the-box thinking. As the Project Manager, I had many hours of meetings with all the key players involved, and diligently forged a consensus on a proposed course of action – so we could present it to our boss with a united front.

From Soup to Negligee: Success According to Victoria's Secret's Lori Greeley and Campbell Soup's Denise Morrison | Knowledge@Wharton []

Weekly Leader

A tale of two women in business, and how each found her way to the top. leadership diversity women ceo

How to be "Nice" and Still be a Winner


In a recent article for The Vancouver Sun , Douglas Todd asks the question: "Is niceness a curse in leadership, including politics?" I think it's a great question, a question well-worth taking a moment to reflect upon. frontpage

George Friedman (The Next Decade) Raises The Issue Of The Decade

First Friday Book Synopsis

People with a high level of personal mastery are acutely aware of their ignorance, their incompetence, and their growth areas. Peter Senge ————— Here is a question – when the news could be bad, do you want to know? Think about it carefully before you answer… George Friedman, founder of Stratfor, is the author of [.]. Randy's blog entries George Friedman The Next 100 Years The Next Decade

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Why It’s Time to Rethink Your Company Brand’s Message

Tanveer Naseer

At the moment I’m reading a book on business branding (which I’ll be reviewing in the next instalment of my “Coffee House Book Review” series ) which has lead to some thoughts about the connection between leadership and branding. More specifically, to reassessing how leadership should view the role of the ‘corporate brand’, which in the context of this piece I’ll be referring to as an organization’s brand.

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Why I Use The DISC Model

The Recovering Engineer

People frequently ask me why I use the DISC model in my work. Today, I’ll offer some of my reasons. I use the DISC model because: It is simple enough that… I can work with someone for only a few minutes and help them gain perspective they have never seen before.

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Leadership Lessons: Slow Is The New Fast

Linked 2 Leadership

It is time to bust open the myth about speed being the winning card for success. Speed is not your friend. Speed kills. Unfortunately, “speed&# is what is taught in many leadership development classes today as the way to success. The name of that game is: “Fast and Ferocious Wins!&# But I have three countering [.]. Professional Development business communication Openess Patterns Redefining Leadership Sucess Transformation

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16 Beliefs Held By Effective People Managers

Lead Change Blog

Your personal beliefs can enhance or limit your effectiveness as a manager. These beliefs influence the way you communicate with others, make decisions, handle conflicts and much more. Here are 16 beliefs that can help you manage people optimally. What others would you add to this list? Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders.

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The Big Reasons New Executives Fail and What To Do About Them

Next Level Blog

If you've been around organizations for any length of time, you don't need a research study to tell you that newly hired or promoted executives often struggle in their new roles. You've likely seen. Please click the headline to read the whole story. executive presence Leadership

People Skills

Marshall Goldsmith

The reason I devote so much energy to identifying interpersonal challenges in successful people is because the higher you go, the more your problems are behavioral. At the higher levels, all the leading players are technically skilled, smart, and up-to-date on the technical aspects of their job. You don't get to be the CFO without knowing how to count, how to read a balance sheet, and how to handle money prudently. Behavioral issues become so important in upper management.

10 Successful Habits to Leadership Excellence

Management 4-1-1

Like most things, success is a matter of mastering the right habits! Looking at a number of successful leaders from the past (and the present), most have these 10 common habits. Your Attitude Defines You – Having a “can do” and positive attitude is critical to success. Alternatively, a negative attitude is like a cancer

Creating a Creative Crisis

Lead Change Blog

Organizations sputter and stall quickly. Insider focus seems to be our default mode. We naturally work to create personal comfort rather than value for customers. How can stalled organizations re-energize their zeal and reinvigorate their vision? One strategy to get a stalled … Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders. Change Management Leadership Development creativity crisis deadline discomfort Energize failure Urgency

The Secret Life Of Terry Starbucker

Terry Starbucker

It’s time. It’s time to merge two worlds together. The world of “Terry Starbucker&# the blogger, Social Media, and SOBCon person, and the world of the other Terry – the one who came up with Terry Starbucker in the first place. Starbucker started out as no more than a screen name on a Blogger page back on December 25, 2005 (named after a certain brand of coffee). I started a blog as a lark, because a friend of mine had one.

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For Innovation, Best Practice is a Verb not a Noun!

Mills Scofield

One of the central tenets of 20th Century business has been ‘best practices' Let's dissect this veritable oxymoron: Best: highest quality, standing (at a point in time, place and context) Practice: a habit or custom (noun) or to do repeatedly to acquire proficiency Admittedly, and importantly, there are things to learn from others successes and failures. But, one of the big mistakes companies make is adopting "best practices" instead of ada [.].

ACCEPTANCE - Face the reality of your situation

Your Voice of Encouragement

When something unwanted happens, it’s tempting to wish it weren’t true. But only when you acknowledge the reality of the situation can you begin to deal with it. How quickly do you arrive at a place of acceptance when you face situations beyond your control? What helps you get to acceptance?

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The Dark Secret of HRD - Why Training Doesn't Stick

Building Personal Strength

I recently wrote a 57-page ebook to explain to top managers why their training programs usually don't change people's behavior. Since changing behavior is the whole point, they're wasting most of their investment. I call this horrible situation "The Dark Secret of HRD."

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Leadership is a Gift. Four Signs You’re Worthy

Lead Change Blog

In addition to the blog posts created specifically for the Lead Change blog, many of our Contributors write for other blogs as well. We’ve established a “Best of the Blogs” series featuring favorite leadership posts offered by our contributing writers. … Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders

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Questions? What questions?

The Leadership Advisor

The blogosphere. The Twittersphere. The internet. Life in general. Many parallels can be drawn among these things, but the most prevalent (in my opinion) is the role played in each by questions. People are asking questions to pique interest. Questions are asked to gain knowledge.

The Importance of Knowing


Your goals Your resources Your weaknesses Your strengths Your friends Your allies Your enemies Your surroundings Your deadlines Your habits Your values Your prejudices Your image Your debts Your health Your priorities Your direction Your mistakes Your achievements Your pace Your God

World's Most Beautiful Waterfall - Soothing HD Video

Building Personal Strength

If all you have is three minutes, use this video to get your head straight. This is the most beautiful waterfall I've ever seen. Watch this HD clip in full-screen mode. Soothing. million viewers agree. Need more? Beach in Paradise. Still waters. Visions of the American West. Forest meditation.

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Who's on your team, to give you a hand? [includes a VIDEO: 1:55]

Jason Womack

How are the people around you, supporting you as you make progress? On your way from "here" to "there," chances are high that other people are going to come along the way to give you a hand (or get in your way!). Taking time now to build them - before you need your team! -

First Look: Leadership Books for March 2011

Leading Blog

Here's a look at some of the best leadership books to be released in March. Poke the Box by Seth Godin. Tell to Win : Connect, Persuade, and Triumph with the Hidden Power of Story by Peter Guber. Brainsteering : A Better Approach to Breakthrough Ideas by Kevin P. Coyne and Shawn T. Coyne. Ten Steps Ahead : What Separates Successful Business Visionaries from the Rest of Us by Erik Calonius. Everything Is Obvious : *Once You Know the Answer by Duncan Watts. For bulk orders call 1-800-423-8273.

From Ancient Markets to Global Networks

First Friday Book Synopsis

The prophet Ecclesiastes and the ancient philosopher Heraclitus are both credited with observing, in effect, “Everything changes…Nothing changes.” The same can be said of markets. Initially, a “market” was a specific location; later, it was viewed as a specific segment of sellers/buyers (e.g. housing) and then as a cluster of demographics (e.g. males ages 29-45); [.].

Quiet Leadership - Instead of giving Advice, Help People Think for Themselves

Building Personal Strength

You may know that my wife, Kathleen Scott , is a writer. She contributes regularly to the San Antonio Express-News Travel section and sometimes to the Food section. She also is working on a third draft of a mystery novel.

To Change or Not to Change…That is A Good Question

Ron Edmondson

Determining when to make change and when to leave things the same is one of the most delicate decisions of leadership, but I know one thing for sure: “It’s working&# should never be the primary reason to avoid change. It could be a reason. Not everything needs changing.

Team 24

Your Team & You Are The Benchmark…Not The Competition

Create Learning

“…the ability of your company to be competitive & survive lies in the capability of the people in your organization to understand a situation and develop solutions.”.

The Traits of Advanced Leaders

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Rosabeth Moss Kanter for the Harvard Business Review blog. To read the complete article, check out other articles and resources, and/or sign up for a free subscription to Harvard Business Review’s Daily Alerts, please click here. * * * Editor’s note: This post is part [.].