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Elevate Your Shmoozing

Tony Mayo

This short and entertaining book has been making the rounds of both my executive coaching groups.

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The Flat World

Orrin Woodward

There are greater opportunities and challenges today that at any time in the history of man. Are you up for the challenge

Video 31

Nine Steps To Deal With Bad Management

Self Help Zen

At work, the unchallenged cause why people are unhappy is bad management practices. Nothing has more power to turn a good performer worst than a bad management. Woefully there are plenty of such managements around us. Management has power over you. It can change your work situation, give the tasks of your like or dislike and finally fire you.

Whether the facts hit the theory or the theory hits the facts

Managing Leadership

Sometimes a theory becomes so powerful that no fact can withstand a collision with it. Indeed, it accumulates such overwhelming attractiveness as a persuasive, explanatory model, that facts wandering into its range are simply either absorbed or obliterated. It happens so quickly and completely as to escape detection. A violent end with no witnesses.

Bottom-up Leadership Works | Top Executive Coaching with Tony Mayo.

Tony Mayo

All the best companies have bottom-up management.

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Twitter Log XIV

Tony Mayo

Recent aphorisms shared via Twitter by top executive coach Tony Mayo

PM Quote of the Day — Yogi Berra

Crossderry Blog

I wish I had an answer to that because I'm tired of answering that question. Posted in PMO Tagged: PM Quote of the Day, Yogi Berra

Three reasons pms need an iphone

Lead on Purpose

iphone Rarely do I make specific product recommendations at Lead on Purpose. However, five weeks ago I purchased an iphone 3GS (granted, I'm not an early adopter) and the experience has been phenomenal. In only a few short weeks I have

Inept individuals

Managing Leadership

That’s what an animal behaviorist calls ants: inept individuals who, somehow, are able collectively to create striking organizations which can both adapt efficiently to their own evolving needs and cycling changes in the environment, and respond effectively to most emergencies arising from natural catastrophes or marauding neighbors. Enjoy!


Women in the LEAD

istock_000000386365xsmall[1]-quiting In many ways, I'm certain that we would all agree that WOMEN continue to be blazing a trail for themselves.

Interesting video on Lean from India

Chartered Management Institute

The video, shot in India, provides an overview and discussion of lean. Related Content: Akio Toyoda to continue the Toyota Way. You are not watching this post, click to start watching. india lean


Managing Leadership

Have you noticed the uniformity, in recent years, in the must-have look for male actors – and, indeed, for celebrities in many fields? In this age of painstakingly politically-conscious and carefully market-researched entertainment, you can rest assured that this particular fashion trend clearly is intended to make a statement. And welcome aboard!

Modern myth-makers

Managing Leadership

That’s what scientists are: the myth-makers of today. Strings and quarks, anti-matter and boson particles: what are they but the earth, wind, water, and fire of our age – speculated entities imagined precisely in order to resolve gaps in our theories. We imagine that we are opening new frontiers with these investigations. See you tomorrow! Schiegel.

Week 2 of Comment Competition

Chartered Management Institute

We're into the 2nd week of the comment competition now, with the prize to win a free ticket to our National Conference in October. So far over 850 comments have been posted. Related Content: Live Blog from the CMI National Conference. You are not watching this post, click to start watching. comments conference