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Four Key Priorities for New Leaders from the Outside

C-Level Strategies

Have you ever led “from the outside?&#. It’s a common occurrence; a family-owned company realizes it’s time to bring in new leadership blood – literally – or a corporation hires a new leader from the outside.

What I Learned About Leadership from the Dalai Lama

Next Level Blog

This month, the Dalai Lama is in Washington, DC for a couple of weeks to lead a multi day series of Buddhist teachings called a Kalachakra. This past Saturday morning, he came out to the West Lawn of. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs

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How 4 Little Pronouns Can Make or Break Your Leadership

Terry Starbucker

It’s amazing how pronouns can tell us so much about the state of a company, and a team. Simple little pronouns. As leaders we do a lot of thinking about what we say and how we say it – we want to make sure our messages and directions are understood. We also want our words to inspire and motivate.

Three Reasons A Leader Must Have a Positive Attitude

Kevin Eikenberry

The title of this article is pretty declarative, don’t you think? Actually it isn’t completely true. You don’t have to have a positive attitude to have a leadership role, and you don’t even have to have it to lead. But you definitely must have a positive attitude if you want to lead successfully for an [.]. Leadership Learning Teams vacation

When Leadership Means Leaning On and Letting Go

C-Level Strategies

Last week I experienced a very difficult, watershed day. It was the kind of day where you experience just about every emotion known to man and wish desperately that you had the power to turn back the clock. The truth is, I’ll be “going through it&# – the pain and reality of it – for a while.

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4 Types of Mentors

Ron Edmondson

Recently I started the conversation about mentoring here on my blog. I’m still soliciting feedback through a mentoring survey. You can help out with that HERE.). Mentoring appears to be a need in many people’s minds these days.

Nurturing the Irritant Into a Pearl


What if we saw those who irritate us as the beginning of creativity, collaboration, or even a thing of beauty; a possibility yet to manifest itself with a little time and attention? Consider the lowly oyster. When an aggravation is presented to its system it creates a lovely pearl, something of great potential and

Google+ And The Doctrine of Mutually Assured Distraction

Terry Starbucker

And now…… Google+ !!!!! Another Social Media platform. I’m now on it (as Terry Starbucker), and learning to use it, like all the other beta test subjects. It’s pretty cool, and is showing early signs of being a formidable competitor with Facebook.

Elegant Design

Leading Strategies

We all know there’s design … and then there’s D E S I G N ! From beautiful houses and buildings to boats – you name it – design makes all the difference in a great or just-ok outcome. Organizations are no different … design matters … a lot. So what are some ways to maximize the chances of great organizational design? Here are 4 keys to success. Think like the customer. Resist excessive department specialization (silos). Promote the most inclusive metrics possible. Make money.

Applying the DISC Model: Breaking Through A Common Frustration

The Recovering Engineer

Today, I led a DISC communication skills workshop that ended with a role-play exercise to allow participants the opportunity to practice the skills we had been discussing.

FAQ 96

Organizational Agriculture

The Leadership Advisor

Businesses get into business because they expect to be in it for the long haul. I have yet to meet a business owner or CEO who says, “We’re happy to go out of business in 10 years.&#

The Real Reason 50% of US Employees Are Disengaged

Maximizing Possibility

Last month (June 2011) - Mercer came out with a report - One in two US employees looking to leave or checked out on the job. According to the report. More than 2,400 US employees took Mercer's latest What's Working™ survey. The key takeaway: Compared to past surveys, they feel less committed to their employers and less satisfied. One in three is seriously looking to leave; among younger workers, it's four in 10.

How Do I Find a Mentor?

Ron Edmondson

This week we’ve talked about mentoring. Please take a few minutes and complete my mentoring survey if you haven’t already. You’ll find it HERE. I’ll be sharing results of that survey soon. In this series, I’ve written about: The 5 Types of Mentors.

5 Leadership Lessons: What Went Wrong? Car Guys vs. Bean Counters

Leading Blog

In Car Guys vs. Bean Counters , legendary auto executive Bob Lutz gives an eye-opening account about what went wrong in the U.S. auto industry, with details of behind the scenes activities. He puts “numbers” in perspective. Too often they are used to overrule common sense. Where,” Lutz asks, “is the business school that preaches, above all, acceptance of the obvious, simplicity, and that uncommon virtue, common sense?”

How To Lead Generation “Y”

Linked 2 Leadership

The members of the demographic, commonly known as Generation “Y” were born between the years 1981 and 1994, which makes them ages 17 to 30 in year 2011. They are the young up-and-coming leaders of society. There are a lot of them, and since they will soon fill most of the jobs being given up [.]. Servant Leadership business Coaching leadership Leadership Development Management

The Rainmaker 'Fab Five' Blog Picks of the Week

Maximizing Possibility

Happy Monday! I like to start off each week by featuring five posts from the HR, talent management, and leadership development blogosphere that I found to be particularly good reading. Here are my picks for the week of July 4th - 10th, 2011. Enjoy! Wally Bock, Three Star Leadership: Thoughts on Exceptional Leaders - What makes an exceptional leader? Wally shares ten traits that he consistently sees from leaders that deliver exceptional results.

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21 Reasons Why Organizations Keep Idiots


Those who could make the firing decision have little contact with the individual's true work product. They have low expectations. They are waiting for someone to complain. They believe they are the only ones who see the ineptitude. They don't want to be judgmental. They see only the work that is done reasonably well. They don't care so long as the performance doesn't affect them. There is a family connection. There is a powerful protector. They are afraid of a lawsuit.

The Mentoring Survey: Results

Ron Edmondson

Last week I introduced the mentoring Survey. You are free to take the survey if you haven’t yet. You’ll find it HERE. I’ll continue to update any significant changes or swing in numbers, which may occur.

The On-Going Leadership Exchange

The Leadership Advisor

As a leader, you are faced with a number of decisions and opportunities. Some of them are time management issues, others are ethical issues. It could be how you choose to respond and/or communicate with other leaders, those you’re leading or those leading you.

Who’s the Real Leader in Your Office?

Leading Blog

This is a guest post by Jeffrey Cohn and Jay Moran, authors of Why Are We Bad at Picking Good Leaders? How often have you wondered who the real leader is in your office? Maybe you need to delegate a critical project, and you can’t afford to put your faith in someone who is not up to the job.

Positive Passion Leads To Success

Linked 2 Leadership

“Genuine leaders never pursue or expect adulation or “star” status. When they receive it, they accept it graciously and move on to the next challenge. Leadership is not about personal victory. It is about winning through teamwork and positive energy by and for every member of the team.” ~ Wayne Kehl My book, A Passion [.]. Servant Leadership

Six Guidelines for Resolving Intergenerational Conflict

Coaching Tip

By Larry and Meagan Johnson. For the first time in history, there are five generations working side by side: the Traditional Generation (born pre-1945), Baby Boomers (born 1946-1964), Generation X (born 1965-1980), Generation Y (1981-1995), and the Linkster Generation (born after 1995).

An Unfair Advantage | Chief Learning Officer []

Weekly Leader

Corporate programs to identify and develop certain high potentials for future leadership positions are often seen by peers as inequitable and political. leadership leadershipdevelopment highpotentials

The Importance of Focus

Kevin Eikenberry

As leaders we often have many competing issues, challenges, and tasks. Guess what? That is life. To be an effective leader we must continue to be focused. We must provide a consistent vision of the future we are leading people towards. That is leadership. Of course we can have new ideas. But the new must [.]. Leadership focus vision

Your Leadership Walk

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development We are all on a walk. It is the journey we take each day as a leader. We move through our day, going from one task to the next, one meeting to the next, one problem to the next. We have conversations and interactions; some small, seemingly inconsequential others lengthy and potentially memorable. Each of [.] Your Leadership Walk. Best of Blogs Series Leadership Development effective leadership Leadership model remarkable walk

Using to manage your online reputation – a free monitoring dashboard for your local business

Krishna De

{lang: 'en-GB'} Are you monitoring social media channels for mention of your brand, products and services?

The Pursuit of Truth


What is truth? And what does it have to do with Leadership? At the risk of being categorized as a member of a dying breed, I hereby declare my belief in the existence of truth. I also advocate for leadership that revolves around the pursuit and communication of truth. frontpage

Conflict Resolution Tips: The Power of Patience

The Recovering Engineer

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post in the ABC’s of Life series on forgiveness. Today, I got a comment from Aled Davies with a link to a post on his blog about 5 Steps to Forgiveness.

Tips 49

What Do You Believe About Learning?

Kevin Eikenberry

Learning is a crucial part of living a life you enjoy. The novel Dune offers a profound observation for you to consider. “It is shocking to find how many people do not believe they can learn, and how many more believe learning to be difficult.&# - author Frank Hebert in the novel Dune Questions to [.]. Leadership Learning Quotations belief

What Personal Mastery is NOT


I recently delivered a talk at Ahmedabad Management Association on the topic “Personal Mastery – The Key To Deliver Quality”. It was wonderful speaking in front of an ‘interested’ audience on a cloudy/rainy Friday evening. The talk was very well received. During my talk, I touched upon the changing world of work, new viewpoints on

Have You Been Where You Are At For Too Long?

Ron Edmondson

The LORD our God said to us at Horeb, “You have stayed long enough at this mountain. Deuteronomy 1:6 NIV. Moses had led the people out of Egypt. Along the way, they were scared, ready to turn around and go back into slavery.

Key to Identifying High Potentials: Ask


I am a big fan of Scott Patchin, this post’s guest author. Scott’s written for us before, and I welcome his thoughts anytime! He writes a great blog, has a lot of experience developing leaders, and he’s one of those people that I trusted immediately when I first met him a few years ago.

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How to Click With People: The Secret to Better Relationships in Business and in Life

Kevin Eikenberry

This week’s Resource Recommendation is How to Click With People: The Secret to Better Relationships in Business and in Life by Rick Kirschner. I get lots of books in the mail because people want me to review them in this space. I received an advance proof of this book a few weeks ago and I was [.]. Books Learning Relationships

Flow - Completely Focused Motivation

What Do You Want From Them

I came across this interesting chart (see below) in an article by Todd Essig. It shows the "mental state in terms of challenge level and skill level, according to Csikszentmihalyi." Wikipedia Next time you are bored to death (by routine?), you can try to challenge yourself (get in done in 15 minutes and go home) or up the skill level (teach the process to someone else or prepare a bank deposit without a calculator ).