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Sorting The Wheat From The Chaff When It Comes To Leadership Advice

Joseph Lalonde

When you become a leader, everyone will have an opinion about what you’re trying to do. We’re all closest leaders, after all, waiting to have our say. All your friends who never had the guts to go it alone will soon come out of the crack.

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Is Your Organization Digitally Mature?

Leading Blog

W E’RE not in Kansas anymore. Unlike Dorothy in the movie version of the Wizard of Oz , there’s no going back. Many companies experience digital disruption in the same way as the tornado in the Wizard of Oz —swept up by forces beyond their control.

Are You Listening?

Lead Change Blog

To truly “seek to understand” someone, you have to slip into that person’s frame of reference. This includes understanding the person’s values, experience, knowledge, and emotion. You have to understand the elements of the other person, how the person ticks. You must try to climb into the person’s head and experience the world as he or she does. The best way to get into someone else’s frame of reference is to listen.

Establishing Trust: Why the Details Matter

RapidStart Leadership

How do we establish trust? We know that establishing trust is a key to leading well, but how do we go about it? An unexpected encounter in the back of a dark garage shines a light on how we can build the trust we need to lead. Not as it … Establishing Trust: Why the Details Matter Read More ».

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How to Build a Competitive Benefits Package

An attractive benefits program can be a highly effective recruiting and retention tool. But to make benefits a competitive advantage, employers must get creative with their benefits strategy or risk losing out on the best talent. Learn how to build a benefits package that your employees will love.

What It Means To “Approach It Like a Coach”

Kevin Eikenberry

There are nearly as many ways to lead as there are leaders. What we believe and our mindset relating to the role of leading others says much about how we choose to lead. When you bring a coaching mindset to leadership, it will change your approach to many situations.

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Becoming a 100X Leader

Leading Blog

A 100X LEADER is a 100% healthy leader who multiplies that mindset to those they lead. A leader that climbs their own Mount Everest every day and acts as a Sherpa to others at the same time. A 100X leader has become a leader worth following and builds leaders worth following.

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Cheerleadership is not Leadership. Cheerleadership creates fake believers

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Ryan Berman : Imagine for a second that your boss is miles away from the day-to-day. A sufferer of Corner Office Syndrome he or she continues to make command decisions without consulting the team. The decisions are astounding to you and you start to question these far-off choices.

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What Does Your Email Reveal About Your Leadership Style?

Strategy Driven

“I don’t know that there’s necessarily a correlation between leadership style and their email writing. I’ve never researched that specific connection.”. Understood,” my CEO client responded. Just review what my admin sends you and give me a one-page opinion on each of the four VPs.

How to Use Discomfort to Drive High-Performance

Leading Blog

I T SHOULD go without saying that coaching as opposed to just managing people, is the key to developing high-performance organizations and teams. Leaders must be coaches. Any growth but especially growth leading to high-performance requires a degree of discomfort.

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Leveraging Leadership R&D

Lead Change Blog

With increasing demands in our time, one of the challenges that leaders continually face is that of productivity. How do we get more done with less? Clearly, one solution is to have highly engaged team members that are aligned and pulling together behind the same shared vision. However, with only 13% of the global workforce highly engaged at work ( Gallup 2016 ), we are obviously not doing a great job at this.

5 Step Guide to Personal Development Plans

Great HR leaders are continually looking for new ways to develop their people and build companies that people want to work for. A well-considered Personal Development Plan (PDP) is one huge part of that. Download Paycor's guide today, and learn new tips and best practices to help create effective development plans for your people.

My Dad The Servant Leader

Next Level Blog

How do you measure the success of a leader? How do you even define what it means to be a leader?

How listening more will change you


Photo credit 123RF. A leader in a large organization was having a difficult time influencing his employees to move forward on a significant project that needed to be completed in a short period of time.

Earning Trust Through Communication Skills

Strategy Driven

Ever notice that some executives you interact with are instantly likeable, trustworthy and respected? Chances are they apply the following communication strategies in every conversation – eye contact, listening, enjoyment and benevolence.

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Introducing Newbies Isn’t Always Easy

Lead Change Blog

Louie, my adopted pup since 2013, has experienced a lot of loss over the last year. We wrote about two of those losses, Ellie and Mick , in previous blogs. Our neighborhood grieved over the loss of these beloved companions.

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11 Proven Ways to Turn Your Culture into a Culture of Innovation

Learn the 11 proven strategies that you can implement quickly to get every employee innovating and contributing to the growth of your company.

7 Secrets to Help People Become Better People That Actually Work

Leadership Freak

You’re a better person because someone helped you become better. It’s your turn to help others become better. I don’t blame you if working to make PEOPLE better feels awkward.

Strategic Networking is Key for Women Professionals

Women on Business

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The Prospecting Paradox: Maximizing the Passive

Strategy Driven

Most salespeople who need to prospect for a living will tell you that it’s a very proactive, immediate results-driven exercise that can be uncomfortable at times. Hard to disagree with that.

8 Factors of Happiness


There is a lot written about happiness and its elusive nature. However, what we can do is create conditions within and outside of us where happiness is more likely to happen.

Quantifying a Culture of Innovation

Examining five years of anonymous data from over 6 million users in 170+ countries, Spigit has discovered that a culture of innovation can be measured – with a 99% statistical confidence level – by a metric called "ideation rate." Download the eBook now for an in-depth look at this groundbreaking study.

How to Find the Courage to Lead

Leadership Freak

There’s plenty of boldness in leadership. But, sadly, there’s too little courage. The greatest courage isn’t the courage to tell people what to do. It’s the courage to tell yourself what to do.…

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6 Practices to Change Your Charity Sustainably

Lead Change Blog

I fully understand and have the first-hand experience of the many challenges faced by those who lead a a small charity or volunteer organisation. That is why some of my work, including a significant current assignment, leads me to today’s thinking. We all live in a VUCA world. While most often our change writing focuses on the business community, the pressures of V olatility, U ncertainty, C omplexity and A mbiguity apply equally to colleagues in other sectors.

Tapping into the Entrepreneur’s X-Factor: Overcoming the Exchange Barrier

Strategy Driven

When we examine entrepreneurs from all walks of life, whether at the start-up stage, scaling toward success or becoming serial entrepreneurs, many exhibit similar recognizable qualities.

Interview on the Leveraging Thought Leadership Podcast

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher ThorntonToday I'm sharing my recent interview with Peter Winick on the Leveraging Thought Leadership Podcast. We had an interesting conversation about my journey including how I got my start, challenges I faced and "growing into" this important work.

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Innovation: Five Signs You Might Be Faking It

Every company wants to be a leader in innovation, but how can you tell if your company is really innovating or just going through the motions? See the 5 signs you might be faking innovation and what to do if you are.

Hugging in the Men’s Room

Leadership Freak

Corporate life is dead because there’s no heart. I scrambled for something to do when he said, “My son committed suicide two years ago.” We were standing in the men’s room. The… Continue reading → compassion Courage Personal Growth vulnerability Growth Leadership

Can You Win The Hearts Of Your Team?

Joseph Lalonde

Win The Heart Book Giveaway. What do you think about when you hear “Win the heart?” ” Does your mind wander to the love of your life and how you wooed her off her feet?

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How to Go From Disruptor to Industry Leader: 5 Ways Disney and the UFC Think Alike

Strategy Driven

Disney and the Ultimate Fighting Championship are not as big a mismatch as you might think. In fact, the two organizations share five compelling strategies that connect them by more than a business deal.

One Thing All Small Business Owners Must Do To Protect Their Data

Women on Business

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Tough Comp Conversations: A Guide For Doing Them Right

Speaker: Rusty Lindquist, VP Strategic HR Insights at Bamboo HR

Compensation can be tricky, few things carry as much emotional weight as comp. And with the increased transparency in the market, combined with our collective propensity to rate ourselves against others, the frequency of these very difficult conversations is increasing. In this webinar, we will deconstruct some of the psychology around comp. We’ll take an analytic look at comp’s role in the employee experience, and then we’ll get really tactical with guidance on very specific compensation conversations.

The Future of Organizations According to the Wall Street Journal

Leadership Freak

The future of organizations depends on skillful, empowered middle-managers. WSJ – subscription required.) Successful managers*: Motivate employees to act. Engage employees with purpose. Drive outcomes assertively. Paddle upstream successfully. Create accountability.

The Importance Of Playing Tennis With Better Tennis Players.

Rich Gee Group

"It's better to hang out with people better than you. Pick out associates whose behavior is better than yours and you'll drift in that direction." - Warren Buffett Have you ever played tennis? Play with someone worse than you, you won’t push yourself at all and play at a much lower level than you usually do. You’ll coast. Play with an equal player, I promise your game will be boring as hell. Back and forth, you get one point, they get one point. BORING.

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Hosting A Corporate Awards Event

Strategy Driven

A company award ceremony is definitely something to get excited about. It is a chance for everyone to leave their work self at the door and unleash their glitzy and glamorous side.

Raising the Communication Bar – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

Communication is hard. I know, it’s likely not a surprise to you. And it’s certainly no surprise to us – communication is consistently one of the biggest challenges that we hear about from leaders.

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My One Word of Advice – v1.1

Leadership Freak

I asked leaders, “What advice would you give someone based on the behaviors that have helped you get where you are today? Be as specific as possible. Translate “not” statements into positive behaviors.… … Continue reading → Leading

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