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How to be a Better Leader in 2012

C-Level Strategies

There’s a role every single leader should play in 2012 if they genuinely want to lead highly productive, effective and successful teams during the course of the year – the Synergist.

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The Performance and Potential Matrix (9 Box Grid) – an Update

Great Leadership By Dan

Note: this is an update to one of the very first posts I wrote in November 2007 and continues to be one of my most popular. I thought it was time for an update. The performance and potential matrix (9 box grid) is one of the most widely used tools in succession planning and development.

Rethinking Learning at Work

Kevin Eikenberry

Many people reading these words either took piano lessons or paid for their children to take them. I don’t think it would be much of a stretch to say that everyone reading these words knows someone who has taken piano lessons. If they can play piano at all, how many lessons did they take? In [.]. Leadership Learning coaching training

The Leader And The Peacock In The Closet

Terry Starbucker

Success is a beautiful thing. We all want it, because it’s the undisputed champion in measuring our professional selves. We know it’s hard to get, and that’s what makes it all the more satisfying. We cherish it, because we know what it’s like to fail (because we all do).

The 8 D’s of Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

In school, you may not have been too happy with the grade of D. There was that one time in a college marketing class when I was proud of an earned D (that’s a long story), but most of the time, we want to do better.

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The Leadership Love-in

In the CEO Afterlife

I’ve read scads of books, blogs and journals on leadership. Everything I read has been said before – maybe in a different way and usually with different supportive examples; yet, I can’t seem to stay away from the subject. Apparently, neither can others.

What We Need The Most in 2012?


Business ecosystem is rapidly changing – and as a student of personal and organizational change, I recently re-read Dr. John Kotter’s book (published in 2008) titled “A Sense of Urgency”. I have read it before and somehow felt the need to read it again.

Stocks, Bonds, Risks, and the Church

Ron Edmondson

I don’t write many strictly business posts these days, even though I spent more than 20 years in that world. This article caught my attention though: Bonds outperform stocks. Click on the title to read the article. Basically, bonds are now outpacing stocks on a 30-year average return.).

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Make 2012 The Best Year EVER.

Rich Gee Group

Trust me — you will MOVE MOUNTAINS


Sprinkle Joy

Kevin Eikenberry

I’ve read a lot of Ralph Waldo Emerson over time, but never, that I can recall, had I read this, until yesterday. “Sprinkle joy.” ” - Ralph Waldo Emerson Questions to Ponder When do I sprinkle joy? Where do I sprinkle joy? How can I sprinkle more of it? Action Steps Find ways to bring more joy to [.]. Communication Influence Leadership Learning Quotations joy productivity Ralph Waldo Emerson

Power Corrupts Sooner than You Think

Leading Blog

In a letter to Bishop Mandell Creighton in 1887, Lord Acton observed that “Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Great men are almost always bad men.” British Prime Minister William Pitt also observed, “Unlimited power is apt to corrupt the minds of those who possess it.” Power is a tricky thing and we rely on it more than we should.

Anything about Leadership you can learn from Dr Seuss!

ReThink HR

More and more I am being reminded that life and learning can all go back to childhood. That who we were, are, and could become, stems from the simplest ideas. I am now a firm believer that nothing can reinforce life’s lesson’s more than being a parent.

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10 Easy New Year Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Ron Edmondson

I’m like many others on this day. I’m not a big new year’s resolution person. I am huge on setting goals, but resolutions seem to be broken more than they are kept. Perhaps it’s a bias we have towards resolutions. I think part of the reason, however, is that when we set goals, we are more realistic, but when we set resolutions, they are often so lofty we’ll never attain them. We give up shortly after we start. What if we set easy-to-follow resolutions?

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Lesson From The Bumble Bee

Ravi Pratap Singh

According to the laws of aerodynamics, a bumble bee is incapable of flight. In 1934, French entomologist Antoine Magnan applied the laws of air resistance to insects and concluded that the bumble bee's flight is impossible.

Three Questions to Guide Your Year

Next Level Blog

I was away for a few weeks over the holidays. It was a nice break and it’s good to be back. One of the good things about being back is reconnecting with friends I haven’t seen in awhile. One of those is a friend from yoga. We gave each other a hug hello at class the other night and she said, “Well, here we are.” My response was, “Yeah, 2012, it’s the only year we’ve got.” Unless, of course, the physicists at CERN figure out time travel this year.) So, for now, this is the only year you’ve got.

Can You Deliberately Practice Soft Skills?


A recent comment by a reader on an older post, “ It Takes Time to Make Great Leaders ” sparked my thinking about whether leaders can truly “practice” the soft skills involved in leading in a deliberate way. I began to wonder if I was drawing a parallel to the work of Benjamin Bloom and Geoff Colvin that was inappropriate.

What Defines Leadership!

Ron Edmondson

Leadership is defined more by what you lead through than what you lead around. One thing I’ve observed with many pastors and ministry leaders is that they allow their God-given vision to be controlled by the negative voices of others.

The January Leadership Development Carnival: Best of 2011 Edition

Great Leadership By Dan

Happy New Year, and welcome to the January, 2012 Leadership Development Carnival! This month's edition is a special "Best of 2011" collection of leadership development blog posts from many of our regular Carnival contributors.

Management Wisdom from a Versatile Leader: Condoleezza Rice

Tony Mayo

In the first year or so it wasn’t just about proving how tough I was, I had to be tough. I was pretty sharp with people. But I’d learned in the classroom, the last thing you want to do is put somebody down because then they freeze, and not only do they freeze, [.]. For Executives Culture Delegation Micro-Managers Narrative Stories

3 Stretch Goals for Your Way of Being


As you begin to think about your goals for 2012, you might find yourself stumped. What new goals will you have? What would be the most effective way to upgrade your leadership (besides subscribing to this blog or hiring me )? We often think of the goals we need to do ; that big project that needs to be completed, the performance evaluations that you want to do on time, staying under budget, or connecting with customers. We think less about goals that will help us to be better leaders.

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How to Be an Innovative Leader in Your Company

Linked 2 Leadership

Working in a new position at a company that requires a different mindset to get results can be very challenging for any leader. And this very thing happened to me… New Job. New Mindset. About 6 years ago, I left a consumer product company to join a component manufacturer. I went from selling the beds [.].

The 3 Step Triple Threat: Become an excellent communicator to be a better leader

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Part 2: The 3 Step Triple Threat & How Leaders Achieve Goals (Read Part 1: What do frogs have to do with leadership?) Are you an emerging leader or newly promoted leader looking for a goal-setting strategy to make lasting, positive changes in soft skills? Here’s your solution. Part 2 of the 4 part series. [.]. Leadership Development achieve goals communication executive leader

What Behavior Do You Want to Change?

Marshall Goldsmith

In my younger days, as a newly minted PhD and executive educator, I would challenge my clients to pick one to three behavior patterns for personal improvement - that is, if they demonstrated a positive change in these practices, they would become more effective leaders. As I grew more experienced, I began to realize that three patterns were too many. The problem was not a lack of motivation or intelligence - these were brilliant, dedicated leaders. The problem was that they were just too busy.

Ten Resolutions That Will Improve Your Presentations This Year

Next Level Blog

A senior executive friend of mine spends a lot of time listening to presentations. A few weeks ago, he sent me an email from a two day conference he was attending. After 10 or 12 hours of bad presentations, he began to take out his frustration by using his iPad to write a set of rules for presenters. He then. Click headline to continue. Custom-fit Communications executive presence PowerPoint presentation skills presentations tips for speakers

Quit Faking It! Great Leaders Are Authentic

Linked 2 Leadership

There is probably no worse leader than a fake leader. Or a leader that tries to imitate a style they read about in a book. Or worse yet, the style of the previous leader at their organization. If you want to try out your acting skills, try them out at the community theater, not on your [.]. Servant Leadership Bill George business leadership Management News Steve Jobs tony robbins

Leadership and Emotional Reciprocity

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Today we are faced with the pre-eminent fact that, if civilization is to survive, we must cultivate the science of human relationships. —Franklin Delano Roosevelt, 1945 Your emotions and actions impact those you lead. Research indicates that a ten percent increase in a perception of a leader who creates a positive emotional work climate results [.]. Leadership Development Character Character-based Leadership engagement influence Leadership

How I Started the Year Successfully

Ron Edmondson

I’m not working the first week of the new year. Well, actually I am working. I’m writing a message for Sunday, I’m replying to dozens of emails, texts and phone calls, I’m thinking, processing, and dreaming about the new year. I’m not in the office.

Most Read Posts of 2011

Kevin Eikenberry

I was looking at some of my blog stats, and thought it would be useful to share a list of my most read posts of 2011. All of these were written in the first half of the year, and some of them close together. As I re-read them in preparing this review, I became excited [.]. Leadership Learning most read blog posts popular posts

Leaders: What Does the Future Hold for Our Aimless Youth?

Linked 2 Leadership

The young people we know as Generation “Y” will soon overtake the rapidly retiring boomer generation in the workforce. When that changing of the guard comes to full fruition, the young people of today will be expected to keep the country running by filling all of the jobs and running all of the organizations that their Boomer [.]. Future Leadership Issues Leadership Assessments Practical Steps to Influence leadership mentoring relationships Talent Management

10 Sure Fire Ways to Find Your Greatness

Leadership Freak

** Our world confuses potential with performance. Never let mediocre performance seem outstanding. You insult high performers, nurture incompetence, sell yourself short. You aren’t entitled to greatness, it’s earned. What is greatness: Greatness is serving; the more you serve the greater you are. 10 Ways to find your greatness: Embrace dissatisfaction. The path to greatness [.].

What the Last Supper taught me about leadership (Guest Post)

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post by Jeremy Statton. He is an orthopedic surgeon who writes about Living Better Stories. You can follow him on twitter or download a free copy of his eBook Grace Is. What the Last Supper taught me about leadership: One of the most rewarding experiences of my life was viewing Leonardo DaVinci’s masterpiece The Last Supper in person. Everyone knows the painting. The image is ingrained on our minds.

2012 – Essential Tips For The Year Ahead.

Rich Gee Group

Everyone is afraid of 2012. Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Life Coaching Ways & Tips 2012 Billboard Fear Options Procrastination

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Make your business seen and heard in 2012 – effective PR planning and implementation

Women on Business

Guest post by Georgina Dunkley (learn more about Georgina at the end of this post).

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Leading Views: James Stockdale on Leadership

Leading Blog

In A Vietnam Experience : Ten Years of Reflection (1984) by James Stockdale, he writes: Leadership must be based on goodwill. Goodwill does not mean posturing and, least of all, pandering to the mob. It means obvious and wholehearted commitment to helping followers.