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A Leadership Checklist: 10 Things To Do Right Now To Make It A.

Terry Starbucker

checklist2. As a leader, I've learned that getting off to a great start in a new year is very important. Over the course of my career I've assembled a very handy annual New Year's “Checklist” that helps get me focused and ready for the

Effort – Invest Your Personal Energy and Get Results

Your Voice of Encouragement

It isn't easy to give your best effort when you take on a challenging goal. But if you're truly committed and work hard, you can achieve outstanding results. These insights remind you why it's worth investing your personal energy in

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"Safe Cognition" - Be Careful What You Let into Your Brain

Building Personal Strength

Cognition. A fancy word for thought. Metacognition. Another fancy word, meaning thinking about the way you think. Just for fun, let's do a little metacognition. Memory happens in the brain, but not in just one place. It happens all over the brain.

Instinctively Reactive Leaders – Another Cost


A few weeks back, I wrote about “toxic leadership” and how it is a huge cost to organizations. This week, I was led to think about another cost – “reactive leadership”. Leaders cannot be instinctively reactive

Focus and Leadership Skill Development: Furthering the Conversation


We've previously begun a conversation about the importance of focus in business leadership development and leadership skill development. Ed Oakley furthers the conversation with a discussion of a concept we call Personal DNA

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Got Energy? Lead With It.

Anese Cavanaugh

It’s all about the energy. The energy you bring to your life, your leadership, and to your team – physical, emotional, and vibrational - is having an impact at all times. How you use it has a significant impact on your leadership influence , your personal productivity , and the engagement and productivity levels of your team. . Please join me on January 14th for an informative call on “3 Ways to Optimize the Energy & Productivity of Yourself & Your Team in 2010.”


World’s Best Companies for Leaders


Fortune Magazine has compiled a list of ten companies who make talent development a priority and ranked them by who does it best. IBM takes top honors but what comes as a pleasant surprise is the inclusion of GE. While they have suffered through some tumultuous times, it seems they have not abandoned Jack Welch commitment to find and develop new leaders. To read the full article, follow this link: [link]. Leadership

Weight Watcher Ron - My Role Model for Commitment and Goal Achievement

Building Personal Strength

Since Thanksgiving, the same thing happened to me that happens to millions of Americans during the holidays - I gained more than 5 pounds. Parties, family gatherings, food, wine, football, basketball, snacks, beer. Woo-hoo!

Quality and Quantity – Compliance and Excellence


Going by numbers is a great way to stay in control (or at least feel that way). Numbers are exciting. But when you choose to go by numbers alone, the tradeoff can be huge. Numbers should map with a purpose, else they can mislead

What is “ready to use”? « Crossderry Blog

Crossderry Blog

I've found that the packaged application and custom development fields make at least some nod to standard project management practices. No doubt there are many suboptimal practitioners, but few ignore or openly bad mouth project

Boots or Slippers in 2010?

Anese Cavanaugh

So what will you focus on this year? Are you wearing “boots” or “slippers” in 2010? Now I’m all for a good pair of slippers when needed – I can appreciate chilling out, rest, even laziness, with the best of them – and I believe full heartedly that these all have a place in being the most effective human being and leader possible (Tenet 3: Energy & Vitality – “Bootists Check Out and Consciously Disengage”).

The Value of Hard Work - A Personal Story

Building Personal Strength

Is your birthday a big deal to you? I’m the kind of guy who doesn’t like to celebrate his birthday. I like to say, “If you want to give me a present, for heaven’s sake don’t wait until my birthday!” I also say, “On my birthday I’ll be one day older than the day before.”

How Do You Define SUCCESS?

Your Voice of Encouragement

When I was in high school, the senior class voted for individuals who were standouts in some area, such as "Most Popular" or "Most Athletic." I was voted "Most Likely to Succeed." And I have had many successes in my life

What will I need to “build” so I can dunk?

Crossderry Blog

Per my last full post, I want to re-build my capability to dunk. And to make sure that we all “know what done looks like”, by dunk I mean to dunk a men's regulation basketball in a 10-foot goal by EOY 2010. As I broke down the work

What New Managers Do Wrong « Survive Your Promotion!

Survive Your Promotion

This week I asked some of my colleagues and mentors what they would list as the most common mistakes made by new managers. Here is a summary of the best advice from some talented managers, coaches and business owners of what not to do

Thomas Edison on Personal Strength

Building Personal Strength

Five years ago, while living in Florida, my wife and I visited Thomas Edison's winter home and lab in Fort Myers, Florida. I learned that Henry Ford also had a retreat there, only a few hundred feet away. In his lab, Edison was trying to develop an artificial rubber for automobile tires.

A new Leadership Development Carnival

Lead on Purpose

The Lead on Purpose blog is featured in the January Leadership Development Carnival of Dan McCarthy's Great Leadership blog. This first Leadership Development Carnival in 2010 provides links to 50 posts — what Dan calls “the Best of

PM Quote of the Day — Winston Churchill

Crossderry Blog

It's not enough that we do our best; sometimes we have to do what's required. Posted in PMO Tagged: effort, PM Quote of the Day, results, Winston Churchill

Bailing on Your New Year's Resolutions Already?

Survive Your Promotion

Less than 10% of people who make New Year's resolutions manage to keep them. In fact by the end of January nearly 50% have fallen back into their old behavior patterns. Why is it so hard to make a change we truly believe we need

Tony Robbins' Pillar #3 - Remove Barriers to Action

Building Personal Strength

If you haven't viewed the previously posted videos about Pillar #1 and Pillar #2 , you should do so. They're really brief, worth your time. Now Pillar #3. Can you put these three insights into action? A good first step is to relate Tony's concepts to you personally.

Make A Plan

Eric Jacobson

As you establish goals for your team this New Year, be sure to include making a plan as part of your five-step process.

Building capabilities for the New Year

Crossderry Blog

I've struggled to find relevant topics for a while now. It was far easier for me to post good stuff while at SAP because it was part of my job. It is far harder to at Mead Johnson because the most interesting material is best left

Setting SMART Goals | Survive Your Promotion!

Survive Your Promotion

Goal planning sounds easy – you decide you want to do something and you go do it, right? While that's the basic concept, many people fall into the trap of making their goals overly vague. If you find that you are struggling with goal

Are There Failures Or Just The Growth Opportunities?

Self Help Zen

It’s not so hard to beat your execution team for the failures they have caused. So many organizations live in the past rather than getting the best from the present and building a luminous future. Some organizations stuck for years over something they did or a failure they’ve experienced. Gloomy. A business is a terrible thing to waste on such things. Here’s the critical question: “Is there really such thing as a failure?”. Does anybody try to fail or muddle things up?

Brian Tracy's Thoughts on Personal Development

Building Personal Strength

Brian Tracy has been one of the most intelligent and articulate voices in personal development for the past 25 years. In this brief video, he reveals some empowering insights about what it means to be a "life-long learner.".the

Are You Living and Working at Your Peak?

Women in the LEAD

IStock_000000875153XSmall[1]-sm Peak performance is a state of mind. In the past ten years there have been hundreds of books written on how one can develop a high functioning and meaninhful life. It has become common knowledge that

Are There Failures Or Just The Growth Opportunities?

Utpal Writes

It's not so hard to beat your execution team for the failures they have caused. So many organizations live in the past rather than getting the best from the present and building a luminous future. Some organizations stuck for years over

When the Grasshopper Teaches the Master | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

My son has been helping me learn more about Social Media. He is the one who turned me on to the joys of blogging. He helped me get started on Twitter too. As a person with a degree in New Media, he is almost evangelical about the

Survey: Online Forum Contributors More Influential Online and Offline vs. Non-Contributors

Managing Communities

PostRelease, the forums-based advertising platform, and research company Synovate have released the results of a survey aimed at determining the influence of people who contribute to online forums, as opposed to those that do not. They polled 1,000 citizens aged 18 and older in the lower 48 United States from November 19 through 23. They found [.].

2010: The Precious Present of a New Year

Women in the LEAD

A-iStock_000011348563XSmall[1]2010. The idea of the NEW BEGINNING has been a very important part of my life over the years. It started with Weight Watchers. I had been a chubby young girl and the program taught lots of things

Distinction Between PMBOK And PRINCE2

Utpal Writes

PMBOK is US standard and is accepted worldwide while PRINCE2 is UK standard. PMBOK is all-embracing while PRINCE2 focuses on key risk areas only and does not claim to be absolute. PMBOK is largely descriptive and not very dictatorial

Book Review: Drive


On New Year’s Day, I had the opportunity to listen in to a teleconference given by Daniel Pink on what he’ll be focusing on in 2010. Ever since I encountered his TED talk , I’ve been a fan of Daniel Pink and I have been waiting to read his new book Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Dan makes the case that our old understanding of how to motivate followers is not sufficient in today’s world.’s Most Popular Posts of 2009

Managing Communities

photo credit: Eustaquio Santimano Happy New Year! With 2009 in the books, I thought that it would be fun to take a look back at the most popular posts made here on in 2009. Here are the top 10: 1. Dealing with Suicide On Your Online Community or Forums: How You Can Help and Protect [.].

The Calender: A Measurement of Time and Life

Women in the LEAD

“Looking at the calendar conveys a suggestion of a perpetual fresh start. The calendar is the symbol of death and resurrection, as well as the comprehendible order which rules the passing of time…Calendars offer the means of recording