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Tony Mayo

Medical evidence on the positive impact of meditation on productivity, selected by top executive coach Tony Mayo

A doctor in the house

Managing Leadership

Some years ago, at an early peak in the frenzy stirred up by the modern leadership movement’s gurus, doctorates in fields generally related to leadership began to appear in universities across the United States. Most of these were designed to create PhDs in something called “leadership studies;” the intent, presumably, to develop the field into a professional avenue of scholarly study.

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Why I left SAP…”macro” negatives « Crossderry Blog

Crossderry Blog

Second-guessing oneself is a risk when deciding to leave a leading company, so I needed to ensure that I had no regrets when I left SAP. In particular, I didn't want short-term personal or “micro” stumbling blocks to obscure great

Ask Your Customers !!!

Ravi Pratap Singh


Communicating with customers

Lead on Purpose

When times are good, communicating with customers is easy. Travel budgets are typically flush with cash, optimism abounds and your desire to discuss company direction is high. However, in difficult times one of the first things to drop

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Providing value

Lead on Purpose

Previous posts have discussed the word 'value' as a verb — the act of appreciating, respecting or esteeming others. However, when it comes to providing value, words like worth, importance or significance apply

Foresight and serendipity

Managing Leadership

Peter Drucker used to say that the thing to look out for isn’t the trend, but a change in the trend. He also emphasized that true innovation doesn’t aim to change the future, but to better address the present. Of course, he further argued that as soon as a product or service became profitable, it was time to develop a new one to keep the company viable in the future.

Why I moved to Mead Johnson — macro positives « Crossderry Blog

Crossderry Blog

As promised, I'd like to outline some of the reasons why I moved to Mead Johnson. There are several big picture or macro reasons why the move appealed to me: Engagement in standing up an “new” company. MJN just had an IPO as a carve out


Do looks matter in a leader? A new study says yes.

Chartered Management Institute

A university study has identified the physical character traits associated with good managers. Related Content: Leadership – what’s the problem? Decision Making and Overcoming Indecisiveness To what extent does your organisation value Authentic Leadership? A free book Visible and invisible leaders. You are not watching this post, click to start watching. leadership looks

OK, You Win! You’re the Biggest Troll! Here’s Your Sign

Managing Communities

As a recent Facebook status update, I wrote: Always love when a banned member says “you know I can just keep signing up, so stop banning me.&# Never. My friend Chris posted a reply to that update: I love how they think it’s a game and they’ll “win&# if they keep trying. Nothing screams loser more than trying [.].


Sailing close to the wind

Managing Leadership

This metaphor is one of many used to suggest the taking of bold action at the risk of incalculable danger. It points to those – often, “leaders” – who putatively live in the fast lane, think large thoughts, dare great deeds. Even in defeat, such larger-than-life personages are wondrous, mythic, object lessons in greatness. But, have you ever been sailing? It’s true, sailing close to the wind is one of many things a sailor does to optimize the boat’s forward motion.

PM Quote of the Day — Edward Tufte

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There are only two industries that refer to their customers as “users”. Posted in PMO Tagged: drug dealers, Edward Tufte, illegal drugs, PM Quote of the Day, software development

PM Quote of the Day — Watts Humphrey

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The problem of software process change is often complicated by the fact that no one is responsible to make it happen…. If it is important enough to do, however, someone must be assigned the responsibility and given the necessary

Our relocation project — capabilities vs. specs

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As we planned our relocation, we started to search for houses using a set of “features and functions” that closely matched our current house. They were all pretty typical specs: bedrooms, baths, square feet, lot size, schools

How I found Mead Johnson and my new role… « Crossderry Blog

Crossderry Blog

I wasn't particularly looking to leave SAP when the Mead Johnson opportunity came across my desk. In fact, it didn't come across my desk. I was researching another opportunity that had been presented by a recruiter