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Four Ways Leaders Position Their Teams for Success

C-Level Strategies

In Leadership Chat this week we focused on a variety of challenges that leaders face when it comes to promoting individuals on their teams. I asked the following question, Realistic or not to think leaders will work to help entire team be highly successful in each indiv role & be promotable?

Leadership & Perception

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Does perception matter? We’ve all heard the saying “perception is reality,” but is it true? Does perception never, rarely, sometimes, or always equal reality?

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5 Essential Traits Of An Impactful Leader

The Leadership Advisor

The leadership space is a noisy one. There are degrees, courses, seminars, blogs and a list of other things as long as my leg that is meant to help people become better leaders. So I thought “Why not add more noise?&# Totally kidding.

Seven Ways The Best Leaders Set an Example By Going First

Kevin Eikenberry

To lead someone or something means, literally, to be in front, so that others can see and follow in that direction. Stated another way, if you think you are leading, but no one is following, you are just taking a walk. In yet other words, leaders are leaders because of what they do, not because [.]. Leadership Learning attitude change expectations listening questions trust

When an Under Performer Gets Promoted

C-Level Strategies

You may have seen a few days ago that there was a debate in the media about whether or not agents involved in the ATF “Fast and Furious&# gun-trafficking investigation had been “promoted out&# of their former roles.

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The 4 Keys To Creating The Beautiful Music Of Great Leadership

Terry Starbucker

Before you start reading this post, I’d like you to listen to one of your favorite uplifting songs, one that, in your estimation, was a great marriage of lyric, melody, tone, and rhythm. (Go Go ahead, I’ll wait… ).

GTD Context in 3 steps

2020 IT Leader

I often get questions from intrigued people about what GTD context I use to manage Next-Action lists for all aspects of my life, at home and at work. Context is critical to determine the tools, people or location involved to carry our Next-Actions very effectively as soon as you are in that “context” David Allen [.] No related posts. Developer of People GTD Productivity

Video: Story to Illustrate Sales Technique

Tony Mayo

A quick story to illustrate an old maxim: Tell them and create doubt, show them and cause belief, but involve them to change behavior. Share it! For Executives For Salespeople Videos & Podcasts Be Learning Learning Sales

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Four Ways to Learn More Than You Ever Have Before

Kevin Eikenberry

Tom stepped into the meeting room, but from his perspective it might as well have been a jail cell. He was a prisoner in his own work day. The PowerPoint slide projected on the screen said it all. Welcome to our Refresher Training.” Refresher training might be needed for some people but Tom already [.]. Leadership Learning Personal Development barriers to learning leadership learning professional development training

Credibility: How Leaders Gain it and Lose It

Leading Blog

Credibility is the foundation of leadership. Unfortunately, many people today do not trust their leaders. Many wonder if there are any leaders left who have the strength of character to sustain their trust,” write Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner in Credibility: How Leaders Gain it and Lose It – Why People Demand It.

The Wrong Kind Of Metamorphosis

The Leadership Advisor

Change is the only thing that brings improvement to anything. That change can be sudden, like a paradigm shift; however, this revolutionary adjustment rarely works well in organizations. The most common conversion is a transition and occasionally it is a metamorphic one.

5 Dangers of Explosive Growth and What to Do About It

Ron Edmondson

Since the beginning of Grace Community Church almost 6 years ago, we have experienced what many would call explosive growth. We’ve seen hundreds each year come to faith and reconnect with Christ.

Learning is More Than a Spectator Sport


Years of attending training programs where I sat in a chair and listened to PowerPoint presentations had made me weary of such events. After the training was finished, I’d head back to the office and the material I was given in the program would sit on my desk for a week or two as I got involved in the day to day craziness. I might tell the staff about what I’d learned but eventually, the books would go up on the shelf and gather dust. I was a spectator.

Ethical Grey Areas: Our Choices Define Us

Leading in Context

Grey Areas in Leading Ethically We see plenty of information about lying, cheating, stealing and other obvious ethical violations. It is more difficult to know what to do when we encounter behaviors that fall into ethical grey areas, particularly in term of relationships with other people. Ethical Leader Ethical Organization boundaries leadership development leading ethically

Exposing The Values Myth

The Leadership Advisor

Often times, HR can seem like it is forced to serve two masters. In many organizations it is the enforcement arm of the C-Suite and everyone knows it, no matter how vehemently it is denied.

My One Sin (And a MONVEE Giveaway)

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post from Chris Weber. Chris is on staff at Monvee. Monvee is a ministry passionate about discipleship. After a recent blog post, Monvee agreed to let me give away 10 copies of their spiritual development software. This is an amazing opportunity!

Become a More Effective Leader by Asking One Tough Question

Marshall Goldsmith

What prevents us from making the changes we know will make us more effective leaders? Great question. I may be the only executive educator who actually measures whether the participants in my leadership development courses actually do what I teach--and then measures if they are seen as becoming more effective leaders.

How to Invite Commitment?


Do you remember the winter Olympics competition called " curling "? Two team-mates take curling clubs and try to guide a huge puck across the playing surface by sweeping away the ice in front of it. Once the puck has been launched, your team is not allowed to touch it directly.

Get involved: The Impact of Management & Leadership Development Survey

Chartered Management Institute

CMI, in partnership with Penna, are currently undertaking the biggest research project of 2011/12 looking at the impact of management and leadership development (MLD). You are not watching this post, click to start watching

If You Keep Sweeping Conflict Under the Rug…

Ron Edmondson

Over time the rug becomes lumpy… And you may just trip over it… Is there some conflict in your life you need to address before it becomes lumpy? Related posts: 10 Tips For Handling Conflict. One Thing I’ve Learned About Conflict. How is Your Organization Handling Conflict?

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Leadership: On Ego and Success

Linked 2 Leadership

Winners, losers and survivors exist all around us. The world is full of people who become famous through excellent results alongside those who gain notoriety because of poor performance. Interestingly, mediocrity is much more common than success or failure in most areas of human endeavour. The Mundane Middle Most people get by, but seldom excel. [.]. Servant Leadership

Using SWOT During Times of Economic Uncertainty

Six Disciplines

Tough times require tough decisions. During times of economic uncertainty, strategy refinement and execution need to become a top priority for business leaders. Where to start? Begin by doing a SWOT analysis. SWOT is a strategic planning tool used to evaluate the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats involved in your business. The aim of any SWOT exercise is to identify the key internal and external factors that are important to achieving your strategy.


Servant Leadership Profile: Lionel Logue

Modern Servant Leader

A Week with Zig Ziglar: Part 1

Ron Edmondson

Zig Ziglar! The man! John Maxwell pays tribute to Zig Ziglar in his book “ Everyone Communicates, Few Connect.” He heard Zig at a seminar say, “You can have everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.””

Get ready for the big push

Chartered Management Institute

September, October and November are traditionally the busiest months of the year for recruitment activity, with many projects being started (six months into the company year etc) and many employees resigning after coming back from holiday. Although the economy is changing from positive to negative on a daily basis we still expect a lot of activity in the next few months, particularly in those sectors that are doing well at present.

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Somebody (not everybody) take note

The Organized Executive's Blog

Who takes notes during your meetings? If you said “Everybody,” that means nobody is giving their full attention to the topics under discussion. If you designate one official note taker, that will free everyone else to focus on the discussion and other action.

Getting Leaders to Change

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by John Mattone , Business Author, Senior Faculty Member of Talent Management Alliance and President of Executive Development Associates (EDA), a global leadership consulting firm that specializes in executive assessment, development, and coaching.

A Week with Zig Ziglar: Part 5

Ron Edmondson

I continue to share this week I”m sharing an interview I did recently with leadership master and motivational speaker Zig Ziglar. Here are the past posts in this series: Part 1 . Part 2 . Part 3 . Part 4. My questions are in bold, followed by Zig’s answers.

To motivate or to inspire?

Chartered Management Institute

Important principles on how to inspire your people and keep them interested and engaged at work, the difference between inspiration and motivation and where money fits in to the picture. Related Content: Employee empowerment and motivation are board level (strategic) issues Open Book Management – Pros and Cons, Transparency & Accountability To what extent does your organisation value Authentic Leadership? Commercial Awareness - How Important Is It?

How The World Of Work Will Change In The Next 10 Years

Six Disciplines

According to analyst firm Gartner , the nature of work will witness 10 key changes through 2020. Key predictions include: Organizations will need to plan for increasingly chaotic environments that are out of their direct control, and adaptation must involve adjusting to all 10 of the trends.

Emerging Grassroots Leadership

Coaching Tip

Leadership remains one of the most important topics across a range of fields because studies continuously demonstrate that the success and well-being of any institution or society depend on the functionality, effectiveness, and promotion of leaders and leadership. Today, leadership is not synonymous with authority. The role of other individuals within an organization now contribute to institutional operations and change.

A Huge Thought from: Everyone Communicates, Few Connect

Ron Edmondson

I’m reading John Maxwell’s book “Everyone Communicates, Few Connect: What the Most Effective People Do Differently&#. I’m three-fourths finished and I’ve been reminded and learned some great stuff so far, but one thing hit me huge today. I see so much truth here from personal experience. Maxwell claims, “ Connectors live what they communicate&#. The people who learn to connect with others best live the life they talk about when they communicate.

Top 10 Steve Jobs quotes

Chartered Management Institute

Steve Jobs, has stepped down as chief executive of Apple. In his letter of resignation he said "always said if there ever came a day when I could no longer meet my duties and expectations as Apple's CEO, I would be the first to let you know. Unfortunately, that day has come". He will stay on as the company's chairman. His replacement is Apple's chief operating officer, Tim Cook. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Leadership is not simple… it’s just that simple.

ReThink HR

I often see posts and articles listing ‘ 3 steps to leadership ‘, ‘ 10 ways to become an effective leader ‘, ‘ 4 approaches to build leaders around you, ‘ etc… Poppycock. Pure poppycock. I don’t disagree with everything people write or suggest.