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The Accidental Leader Who Changes the World

C-Level Strategies

Today is President’s Day, a day in which I always reflect back on the birth of our country. I know I’ve mentioned it before but I was born in Boston and spent my early years there, with many a weekend or summer day spent exploring the Freedom Trail.

8 Paradigm Shapers for Making Discipline Decisions as a Parent

Ron Edmondson

I frequently have parents ask me what type of discipline they should use with their children. I’m glad parents are asking the question, but I seldom can give a standard answer for every situation. I prefer to use a paradigm through which parents can make their own decisions.

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Overcoming Hero Leader Syndrome

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Are you a “hero leader?&# Do you like to swoop-in and save the day? Do you see yourself as the white knight who can solve any problem or challenge? If you do, you have what I refer to as &# hero leader syndrome.&#

On Leadership and Dealing with Comfortable Inaction


John F. Kennedy said this (one of my favorite quotes) - “There are risks and costs to a program of actions. But they are far less than the long range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.”. Comfortable inaction is the state where the immediate implication of not doing something is not visible, but in a longer

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Leadership Guiding Principles of a Successful CEO

C-Level Strategies

By Lisa Petrilli. Last week I had the pleasure of introducing you, albeit anonymously by request, to a CEO who lives the word “outstanding&# each and every day.

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4 Keys To Hire For Engagement

The Leadership Advisor

When the words “Employee Engagement&# are spoken, most people think of current employees and some initiative, strategy, or survey. Companies want to make sure they increase talent retention because turnover is expensive.

Free Fridays: Giving Away iFaith – by Daniel Darling

Ron Edmondson

This weekend I’m giving away four (4) copies of the book “iFaith&# , by Daniel Darling. What is “ iFaith ”? …. Well, in simple terms, it’s faith with an “i” in front of it…but you already knew that…didn’t you? The book iFaith is by my online friend Daniel Darling.

The Self-Made Man Complex

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Do you view yourself as a self-made man or woman? If you do, you may want to take another look in the mirror. If your pride, ego, arrogance, ignorance, the way you were raised, or any other excuse (yes I did say excuse) keeps you from recognizing the contributions of

StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 57 – An Interview with Robert Simons, author of Seven Strategy Questions

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques executives and managers can use to improve their organization’s alignment and accountability to ultimately achieve superior results. These podcasts elaborate on the best practice and warning flag articles on the StrategyDriven website.

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Socrates on Communication

Leading Blog

Bettany Hughes, author of The Hemlock Cup —a fascinating portrait of Socrates and Athenian society—says that “He reminds us to keep debating the meaning of life, to keep questioning, to keep speaking to one another, to keep looking for answers.

Leadership Death Spiral

The Leadership Advisor

There is a species of army ant, Labidus praedator , that is completely blind. They find their way by using receptors to follow a chemical trail left from the ant in front of them. Each ant leaves this trail so the ant behind them can find their way.

Leadership & President’s Day

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. In honor of President’s Day, I thought I’d re-post a piece I authored last year which examines the leadership characteristics of the two Presidents for which the holiday is celebrated; George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln.

Business Complexity has Grown Significantly Since the Financial Crisis

Strategy Driven

New research confirms the financial crisis has significantly exacerbated business complexity. A recently released survey reveals that 86 percent of firms face increasing complexity in their operating environment or organizational structure over the past three years.

A Leadership Oldie But Goodie: Be An Enabler, Not a Disabler

Terry Starbucker

A few years ago I read the book “ The 4-Hour Workweek “, by Timothy Ferriss. As is my habit, when I read a particular passage that produced a “bang&# in my head, I wrote something in the margins. It was this: “ Empowerment Equals Leadership Freedom”. A few days later, I wrote a post about that note, and since the issues in that post have surfaced again and again in my continuing adventures in the corporate world and on the Internet, I wanted to reprise a large part of it here.

Are you scaring off potential talent?

Women on Business

In this economy it’s easy to assume that all applicants are lucky to get interviewed, but when you carry that attitude into the hiring process it becomes a lightning rod for the talent you are trying to attract. There are certain fields where this is an exception, I can think of technical fields and the

How to Market Yourself

First Friday Book Synopsis

It almost doesn’t matter. Seriously – it almost doesn’t matter. Market yourself any way you want to. Use social media, use the D-R-I-P method. Use the farming approach of a good real estate agent. Refine your elevator speech. Get serious about using Constant Contact. Yes, of course there are ways to do it that are

Contribute to 100 Voices of women in business celebrating 100 years of International Women’s Day

Krishna De

Did you know that International Women’s Day has been observed since in the early 1900′s, and than the 8 March is the marks the centenary of International Women’s Day first being celebrated in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland? Across the globe, thousands of events are held to inspire women and celebrate achievements. In this digitally [.]

Leadership Q&A: Valuing Human Potential

Weekly Leader

In 1957, novelist Walker Percy wrote the following. Is psychiatry a biological science in which man is treated as an organism with instinctive drives and needs not utterly or qualitatively different from those of other organisms? Or is psychiatry a humanistic discipline which must take account of man as possessing a unique destiny by which [.] Related posts: Leadership Q&A: The Structure Question. Leadership Q&A: Potential. Work Life Lead: The 5 C’s of Lessons In Leadership.

Is it Time To Get Off The Bus?

Lead Change Blog

Ever have one of those “defining moments” in your life? You know, those times when ‘something’ happened, and you just knew that moment would change you forever… I remember a defining moment in college. I lived off-campus, a few miles … Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders


Servant Leadership Profile: Frederick Douglass - Black History Month

Modern Servant Leader

What Holds Middle Managers Back from Leadership?

Women on Business

A couple of weeks ago, I had the opportunity to speak at Harvard Business School’s Dynamic Women in Business Conference. Our panel discussion was titled, Working in Heels: Women in the Workplace today, and the focus of the discussion was the internal barriers and external barriers that women hold women back from advancing their careers

People Skills Are Hard Skills - More Than You Know

Building Personal Strength

It is still common for most managers to refer to people skills as “soft skills,” because they aren’t specifically about the business of the organization. They aren’t about computers, vehicles, machines and other “hard” equipment.

Dan Ariely: In Praise of the Handshake

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Dan Ariely for the Harvard Business Review (March 2011 issue). To read the complete article, check out other articles and resources, and/or sign up for a free subscription to Harvard Business Review’s Daily Alerts, please click here. * * * Imagine that you and I meet

Ben Franklin - Spending Money to Invest Time

Orrin Woodward

Here is a second portion from my study on Ben Franklin, one of the most creative, industrious, and interesting of Founding Fathers. Enjoy. God Bless, Orrin Woodward After multiple attempts for a peaceful resolution failed, the Declaration of Independence proclaimed the new United States of America, moving Ben Franklin into the third stage of his life - the mastership stage.

What Kind of Impact Do You Have on Others?

Your Voice of Encouragement

I was working at my desk when my business partner Paula walked into my office. She was visibly shaken and her face was red. She had just gotten off the phone with a salesman who was trying to book an appointment for one of their reps to see her about our 401(k) plan.

Increasing Market Profile With Women’s Initiatives

Women on Business

Due to the challenging economy and increased focus on revenue generation and business growth the timing is right for women’s leadership initiatives to be a catalyst for increasing the organizational market visibility

3 Things that Make a Christian Unhappy

Ron Edmondson

Whenever I see people (or myself) in a pity-party because of the situations or circumstances around them, I’ve learned it’s often because of one of three things. I’m sure there are many other reasons, but these three tend to pop up the most: Living by the law – The fact is that I see people put unbearable standards on themselves and when they don’t measure up to them, they feel defeated, like a failure, unworthy, or even unloved. The law sets us up for failure.

How To Be A Better Listener

Eric Jacobson

3 x 3 Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

It is ironic that at a time when there is such focus on leadership development, an unending supply of leadership specialists, and more resources on the subject than ever before, there appears to be fewer able and trusted leaders. Is it possible that we spend more time talking about developing leaders than actually developing them? [.]. Articles of Faith Bible and leadership Leadership Development mentoring

The Dailai Lama - Quotes on Personal Strength

Building Personal Strength

2007 photo Luca Galuzzi The person we refer to as the Dalai Lama is actually Tenzin Gyatso, who was born in 1935. He is the most recent of what Tibetan Buddhists believe is a long line of reincarnated spiritual leaders and has served in that capacity for more than 60 years.

Silence Can Be Deadly

Ron Edmondson

Team 34

Make Stress Work for You

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an article written by Shawn Anchor for the Harvard Business Review blog. To read the complete article, check out other articles and resources, and/or sign up for a free subscription to Harvard Business Review’s Daily Alerts, please click here. * * * I had gone to bed at midnight.

Your Stop List - Deciding What NOT To Do

Six Disciplines

According the Harvard strategy expert, Michael Porter: "The essence of strategy is deciding what NOT to do.". And, according to management guru Peter Drucker: “Half the leaders that I have met don’t need to learn what to do. They need to learn what to stop.”

Building Personal Strength: Amtrak Train Slices Car In Half - Life.

Building Personal Strength

Inspiration, encouragement and wisdom - Personal development blog of Denny Coates, daily articles to help people grow stronger to deal with the challenges of work and life