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How to say, “No”

Tony Mayo

You have probably heard the old adage, “If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it.” Though often attributed to the very busy Lucille Ball, the insight may be as old as civilization. People who know how to get things done

Excellence - Set High Standards for What You Do

Your Voice of Encouragement

It's tempting to take the easy way out and just do the minimum to get by. Most people take this approach. But when you set and meet high standards, you can take pride in what you've accomplished – and you'll definitely stand out from

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The Center for Social Leadership

Orrin Woodward

The Center for Social Leadership (CSL) is making a difference in our world by teaching people to accept responsibility and lead in their communities. We need more organizations to develop private solutions to our world's challenges

Building Personal Strength - Why You Should Consider Doing It

Building Personal Strength

I've been hearing the term "personal strength" in the media more often these days. That's a good thing. But it's important to define it well. My take on that. In a subsequent post, I illustrated by giving over 40 examples of important behavior patterns that I consider to be personal strengths.

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How to Write an Ad to Hire Employees

Tony Mayo

Vistage speaker Barry Deutsch is my guru for job ads. One of his posts is here. Based on my memory of his talks and seeing the principles applied by many of my clients, here are some of the keys for writing an ad that attracts the right

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Evidence-based Rules for “How to Set Goals”

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo shares his best procedures for effective goal setting

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3 Ways to Develop Your Reading

2020 IT Leader

Sometimes I buy books for others to help with self-development efforts, explore new horizons or as a reward. When I check a few weeks later on whether they found the reading useful or interesting, I often hear “I haven’t had time yet” If I check a month or two later, I’d usually get the same [.] No related posts. Developer of People Productivity

Maintaining the Hunger - John Smith: Perennial Excellence

Orrin Woodward

I loved this video by John Smith, the head coach of the Oklahoma State Cowboys. The Cowboys have won many national championships under the leadership of Coach Smith. Winning a championship once is impressive, but doing it year after

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Dozens of Personal Strengths

Building Personal Strength

Since I began writing for this blog, I've written hundreds of articles, all about something called "personal strength." In a previous post, I shared my definition of personal strength : Behavior patterns that involve doing hard things to deal with the challenges of life.

On Leadership, Opening Up and Being Prepared


3069192727_65d0fe4276[1] Leaders cannot afford to be confined. Confined by constructs of an organization. Limited job descriptions. Rigid ways of handling situations. Status-Quos. Being in a leadership position is more than being a box

Managing Conflict Part 2 – 6 Steps to Defuse a Client Crisis.

Survive Your Promotion

Remember the Hilary Clinton campaign ad about the phone ringing at 2AM? When your customers or colleagues are upset, it's your phone that will ring (hopefully not at 2AM) and you'd better be ready to defuse the situation

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Orrin Woodward Leadership Team :: Art Williams - Just Do It!

Orrin Woodward

Art Williams was a "Just Do It!" type of leader and this talk given back in 1987 is powerful. No matter what field you are in, leadership matters. Are you leading the field in actions or leading the field in excuses

The Secret to Success Is. Failure

Building Personal Strength

Want a big boost to keep you cruising along the sometimes bumpy road leading towards your success? Watch this high-quality, high-impact Honda-produced video (8:20) all the way through. It will make a lasting impression you. Are you trying difficult things? Taking chances? Pushing the envelope?

No Pain, No Gain. Life Lesson on Endurance


378089643_4b984cacd3[1]. I learned one of the most important life lessons from my gym instructor a few years ago. I had then joined the gym with an objective of shedding a few kilos. We would start our routine with some basic warm-up

Trait Theory


The search for the characteristics or traits of leaders has existed for centuries. History’s greatest philosophical writings from Plato’s Republic to Plutarch’s Lives have explored the question of “What qualities distinguish an individual as a leader?” Underlying this search was the early recognition of the importance of leadership and the assumption that leadership is rooted in the characteristics that certain individuals possess.

When Talking About What You Allow On Your Community, Don’t Say “Freedom of Speech”

Managing Communities

photo credit: ` TheDreamSky ??? ?? “Freedom of speech&# is a tricky subject. In the United States of America, where I’m from, it’s something that we as citizens take full advantage of. Sometimes, this is awesome – sometimes, it is quite ugly. But, the key is that we have the freedom to be either one [.].


HOPE - My Karma Bowl

Building Personal Strength

As I walk through the door to my office, on a shelf to the left sits a wicker basket over-filled with souvenirs, symbols of sentiment and remembrance, charms, amulets, power objects, and stuff that looks an awful like junk. This is my "karma bowl." I'd be amazed if you ever heard of such a thing.

Emptyness–and filling it.

Tony Mayo

Meaningless! Meaningless! says the Teacher. Utterly meaningless! Everything is meaningless. Qoheleth in Ecclesiastes 1:2 …life (and everything) is senseless. In light of this conclusion, Qoheleth advises his audience to make the most

Book Review: The Peter Principle


I’m going to stretch my rule on reviewing solid, researched books on leadership or organizational theory. The Peter Principle is in, fact theory. However, it hasn’t been researched because it’s also satire. The Peter Principle is both a book by Dr. Laurence J. Peter and Raymond Hull and an organization principle similar to Parkinson’s Law. The Peter Principle is the principle that “In a Hierarchy Every Employee Tends to Rise to His Level of Incompetence.”

Sound and fury, signifying nothing

Crossderry Blog

Pay no attention to the project behind the curtain. Communications practices are a gold mine for the troubled project prospector. Another sign that a project is headed for trouble is another communication quirk: discussions aren't

Anticipating Customer Needs

Ravi Pratap Singh


Twitter Log XVI

Tony Mayo

I use Twitter to share brief messages, not more than two per day. You can have them delivered to your cell phone by text message (SMS) or view them when you visit your free Twitter web page. Create a Twitter account and “follow

3 For Your Leadership Reading List: The Half-Full Book Review

Terry Starbucker

As the big stack on my desk attests, I love to read books that expand my knowledge and offer new insights on topics that interest me. My reading list over the past several years can be found on my Amazon page (and if you do buy a book

Best and Worst Project Names « Crossderry Blog

Crossderry Blog

The name of an initiative is an oft-overlooked aspect of communications. You'll get a decent name if you work with an experienced OCM crew. However, the most effective names I've seen weren't focus-group tested so to speak

Go Thinking!


Our thinking sets us apart as professionals. It determines our success and our future. Yet, I see so many people who are always in “doing” mode. Even when they have a few solitary moments, they would pull out their cell phone and start

The Management Uncertainty Principle

Managing Leadership

We’ve seen how physicists have discovered the limitations on their ability to attain precise and comprehensive knowledge about the characteristics of an object at a given moment in time. How certain, in the face of this from physics, are we in our own field that we can even identify precisely the vital components of management – or, even more implausibly, of individual leadership – much less take them on in our own persons or teach others to do so?

5 Things Every Business Leader Should Know About Social Media

Terry Starbucker

Boardroom It's the new elephant in the room. Boardrooms and conference rooms, that is. Businesses have been wrestling with this thing called Social Media for several years now, and while some have entered the fray, it's still an enigma

Portents of Impending Doom

Crossderry Blog

and another thing: I told everyone that we needed daily meetings! How do you know if a project or program is going off the rails? IMO, the first signs show up where you might expect, in communications. Remember that the core of

If you could not fail… at work

Survive Your Promotion

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? It's the great life question from Robert H. Schuller, but today it's time to ask it about your job. Is your fear of getting fired keeping you from taking risks and being a true leader


Try These 6 No-Cost Leadership Tips

Eric Jacobson

I had the pleasure of interviewing Leigh Branham the other day. He's the author of the popular book called " The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave ," and he's the owner of the Overland Park, KS-based business called Keeping The People.

Reinvent Yourself For Greater Success | Guy Harris: The Recovering.

The Recovering Engineer

You don't have to follow a road just because you started down it. You're allowed to change

Week 3 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

Crossderry Blog

Now that I finally have published that promised post on performance reporting, I owe an update on Operation Dunk 2010. Weight — Down 3.5 lbs from week 2 (253.5 from 261); Wii Age — Forgot to measure this week… will assume I'm still at


25 Tools Every Manager Should Know | Survive Your Promotion!

Survive Your Promotion

BOOKS The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People · How to Win Friends and Influence People · The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership: Follow Them and People Will Follow You · The One Minute Manager · The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Read A Top Leadership Book

Eric Jacobson

During the past few months, members of five groups on the professional social media web site LinkedIn voluntarily recommended their favorite books about leadership. They responded to a group discussion question, "Best Leadership Books -- What Is Your Favorite?"