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Why Conflict is Good for Productivity in Business

C-Level Strategies

“Everyone is in the people business. Name me a line of work where people aren’t involved.” ” ~Dr.

5 Suggestions for Raising Boys

Ron Edmondson

Here are some things I’ve learned raising boys. People ask me all the time for advice on raising girls, and honestly, I’ve got some, but they all involve a shotgun and long ankle-length dresses, so you probably don’t want that.

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Unleadership – A Crisis of Identity

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. The most popular piece I authored last year was a column I wrote for Forbes on the art and science of what I refer to as pursuitology.

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Step Away from Your Devices During Meetings

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Today’s world is an electronically connected one. It is rare to escape it all. However, there are times our full attention is needed, and meetings are one of those times. Here is what is happening. As people walk into the meeting, they have their laptops in hand. They sit down, and up go the lids. [.]. Leadership Development communication respect Responsibility

What Leaders Need to Know about Resentment and Conflict

C-Level Strategies

“Resentment is a breeder. It breeds more resentment.” ” ~Wise Friend. Does this resonate with you? Do you have colleagues who resent you for a promotion you received and, as a result, continue to look for reasons to resent you more or to justify their resentment?

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Are You a Leader who Inspires Others Like This?

C-Level Strategies

Steve Ferkau with a photo of his lung donor Kari. There are world-changing leaders who inspire their followers to a shining city upon a hill , and there are misguided leaders who head their followers “off a cliff.”

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When Humble Does Forgiveness

Ron Edmondson

Humble knows relationships. Humble knows grace. Humble knows forgiveness. Humble attracts the favor of God. When Humble forgives, or asks forgiveness, Humble: Doesn’t make excuses. Doesn’t speak sarcastically. Doesn’t point out another’s faults. Doesn’t justify actions.


The 5 Mistakes That Nearly Killed My Career (And Can Save Yours)

Terry Starbucker

“They can’t see the scoreboard? What, ARE YOU KIDDING ME????” ” That was the bomb that nearly killed my career. The year was 1991, and I was working for a certain pro football team in Washington, as an executive overseeing the planning for a new football stadium.

Eight feedback foul-ups that good managers make

Managers are Heroes

Guest post by Judith Lindenberger.

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A conversation with executive coaching client Ron Dimon. Part 6

Tony Mayo

This latest podcast is part six of a funny and useful conversation between top executive coach Tony Mayo and his longtime client Ron Dimon. Ron is an expert on the use of information by executives of large organizations. Listen as two experienced business people play with useful ideas in this episode including; Networking [.]. This latest podcast is part six of a funny and useful conversation between top executive coach Tony Mayo and his longtime client Ron Dimon.

7 Ways to be a Prolific Blogger

Ron Edmondson

I’m often asked how I manage to blog as often as I do. I’ve been referred to as a “prolific blogger” I’ll be honest, I had to look up the word prolific to make sure I was okay with being one , but I guess I do “produce many works” as the definition contends.

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Top 10 Excuses for Being a Lousy Manager

Great Leadership By Dan

Throughout the course of my career in leadership development, I’ve had the opportunity to confront, counsel, and console a lot of bad managers. As an HR manager, I sometimes had to discipline or even fire bad managers. But those cases were the extreme ones.

Executive Time Management

Coaching Tip

What do chief executives do all day? It really is what it seems: They spend about a third of their work time in meetings.

Give Them Enthusiasm

Kevin Eikenberry

I’m a fan of enthusiasm – and always have been. I’m confident at least part of the reason is because of my parents. That is one reason I like today’s quotation. The other reason is that it suggests something that isn’t always talked about. but that I will talk about below. Enjoy! [.]. Developing Others Influence Leadership Learning Mentoring Quotations enthusiasm Julius C Hare

30 Life Lessons

Ron Edmondson

I’m a slow learner, so some things take longer than others for me to learn. I previously posted some of these separately, but I keep learning, so here I am again.Some of these you have to learn the hard way. Some of them you may be able to glean from my experience. Here are 30 life lessons: If you have to impress the friend, he or she isn’t much of a friend. Just once” probably is a bigger deal than led to believe.

Are You a Team in Name Only? 3 Questions to Help You Find Out

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Leaders who want to make their team more effective often ask me for help with teambuilding, training in team skills or advice on restructuring. My first question is always, “What do you want to accomplish? What will be different as a result?”.

What a Top Chef Knows About Organizational Development – Lessons from Jose Andres

Next Level Blog

Foodies in Washington, D.C., know all about Jose Andres, the award-winning chef who popularized Spanish style tapas dining in America. Andres arrived in the United States from Spain in 1993 and opened his first restaurant, Jaleo, that year. Today, he is the CEO of Think Food Group and the mastermind behind eight restaurant concepts with locations in D.C., Los Angeles. Click headline to continue.

5 Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence Workshops Fail

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues In the 1990’s, Daniel Goleman and other authors introduced and popularized the concept of Emotional Intelligence (EI). Goleman, in particular, suggested that EI includes self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management (Goleman, Boyatzis, & McKee, 2002). Researchers studied and successfully promoted the notion that EI is critical to personal and professional success. For example, Goleman cited [.].

7 Reasons I Love My Wife

Ron Edmondson

He who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD. Proverbs 18:22. Here are 7 reasons I love my wife: She loves God more than she loves me – I love her faith and commitment to Christ. She challenges me in my spiritual walk. She consistently shares her faith with others.

Embracing Mystery


. Judy Cannato begins her book, Field of Compassion, with a story about Nate Sears, a landscaper for a housing complex on Cape Cod. One morning he noticed a pilot whale heading straight for the shore. Shortly behind this whale were two more. Nate recognized that the whales were going to beach themselves. He waded out in the direction of the first whale as it became caught on a sand bar in waist deep water. The whale was thrashing, and its body was getting cut and rubbed raw on the sand.

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Are You Observing or Judging?

Kevin Eikenberry

Yesterday I was thinking about observation and judgement, and how it relates to effective communication and coaching. It reminded me of a particular incident that took place a few years back – an incident I had previously written about on the blog for my book Remarkable Leadership. We were driving somewhere as a family and [.]. Communication Developing Others Influence Leadership Leadership Communication Learning coaching judgement observation

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Eight simple steps to achieve a completed LinkedIn personal profile

Krishna De

Did you realise that having a completed LinkedIn profile can dramatically impact your visibility in the LinkedIn search results? If your profile is not yet at 100 per cent completeness, this article covers the seven key areas you need to work on to complete your LinkedIn profile.

5 ideas for improving how you manage people

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Career Development Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Self Leadership Value Creation Workplace Issues As a manager, you are responsible for a wide range of activities. Recruiting. Establishing a positive work environment in your group. Setting expectations. Managing performance. Making decisions. Coaching. Dealing with poor or marginal performers. Each of these responsibilities requires a unique blend of Relating and Requiring skills.

Deliver Life-Changing Presentations Every Time.

Rich Gee Group

What would happen to your career if you gave life-changing presentations? Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Ways & Tips Enthusiasm Experience Narrative Presentations Purpose Resonance

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Leadership and the Art of the Alley-Oop

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post by Blake Atwood. Blake is the Church Leadership Editor at , a new social network for faith experiences. He also blogs at Leadership and the Art of the Alley-Oop.

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Eight simple steps to achieve a competed LinkedIn personal profile

Krishna De

Did you realise that having a completed LinkedIn profile can dramatically impact your visibility in the LinkedIn search results? If your profile is not yet at 100 per cent completeness, this article covers the seven key areas you need to work on to complete your LinkedIn profile.

Promotion Checklist


Performing your current job very well. Letting others know how well you perform your job. Having a detailed knowledge of the selection process. Flawlessly preparing all of the appropriate application materials. Not making unnecessary enemies. Knowing who will make the final decision.

“Empathy” 1st, “Fix” 2nd – A Customer Service Basic!

First Friday Book Synopsis

I provide a seminar on customer service, and have a keynote presentation called The Customer Never Forgets. I have studied customer service, read a lot about customer service, and written quite a bit on customer service. But more than anything else, I am a customer. Constantly. Practically every day. Increasingly, my customer experiences are on-line. [.]. Randy's blog entries Adrian Slywotzky bad customer service competence customer experience customer service Demand empathy Joseph A.

The Penalty Box: Plight of a Good Leader

Linked 2 Leadership

Believe it or not, leaders are human too. They make mistakes. And they suffer the consequences like the rest of us. These mistakes can result from many reasons: Not having all the right information before a decision is made Not understanding the impact to all levels of the organization Underestimating underlying relationships between stakeholders, managers, customers, or peers Not comprehending where alliances reside within the [.].

Ten Years of Joy


I hope you don’t mind if I selfishly reflect on ten years (this month) since my life transformed and I began the work of an executive coach. In a way, this is my way of celebrating and recapping the freedom and joy I’ve felt in that time; not to mention the opportunity to work with some amazing leaders, regaining my faith that our organizations are on the right path. Will you celebrate with me? Earlier this week, I wrote a post about embracing mystery.

Holding a Seagull Manager Accountable & Fixing the Behavior

Modern Servant Leader

In previous posts, I defined a seagull manager and how to handle one. In short, seagull managers: Fly in, make a lot of noise, dump on everyone and fly out. Here, I offer suggestions for holding a seagull manager accountable and fixing the behavior.

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Top Executive Recruiters Agree There Are Only Three True Job Interview Questions

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is an excerpt from an exceptionally valuable article written by George Bradt and published by Forbes magazine. To read the complete article, check out other resources, and obtain subscription information, please click here. * * * The only three true job interview questions are: 1. Can you do the job? Will you love [.].

In Praise of Comprehension and Meaning


We live in an “instant” world. People want to do everything instantly, including understanding, comprehension and making sense of something. I remember having attended a strategy meeting where head of the department (call him boss) was explaining a new strategy that none of us had heard about before. He completed explaining and requested the audience to ask questions if any. One of the fellow team members instantly uttered, “This sounds interesting!”.

Ethical Dilemmas: Free Choice or Corporate Memes

Coaching Tip

In " Giving Voice to Values ," author Mary C. Gentile asks, "Is there free will in business?". If you don't believe there is "free will" where you conduct business, you will have little control over your workplace actions.