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Leadership Lessons From an American Revolution General

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Posted in Character Based Leader Book Leadership Development I just finished a book titled, “Henry Knox, Visionary General of the American Revolution.” ” (Puls, 2008) If you will allow, here are a few leadership lessons drawn from the read.

Best Leadership Books of 2012

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T HE WAYS we have thought about leadership have not always served us well. We have tended to think of leadership as something outside and above the rest. If leadership isn’t among, it will let us down. Hierarchies are still important, but they must allow for freedom to act, think, and experiment in a way that encourages individual growth. Moving ahead we need more clarity. We need to look at what we do with fresh eyes.

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The Gift of Accountability

Kevin Eikenberry

There are just three more days in the 12 (Leadership) Days of Christmas. If you have been following along, don’t stop now! And if you have just found this thread of tasks/gifts, you can get the background, purpose and full recap here.

A New Year’s Wish For Leaders

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Be at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let every New Year find you a better man or woman.” Benjamin Franklin Oh, if we could all just follow Benjamin Franklin’s advice, what a wonderful world it would be! Questions for 2013 Why must we all find fault with each other while carrying [.]. Leading Change Team Building Leadership emotional intelligence leadership leadership skills Servant Leadership

Chiefs of Staff Deliver Substantial Value To Their Organizations

Michael VanBruaene

Chief of Staff positions can deliver substantial value to organizational effectiveness, particularly in an era of flat structures. Chiefs’ of staff substantially enhance organizational operations and internal and external communications, and keep activities orderly and focused, allowing the CEO, Board and key executives to better focus on issues of strategic importance, external and internal.

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Four Levels of Connection

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People who connect well connect on four levels. These four levels move from the visible to the invisible realm, from the surface to the core, from the small moment to the cosmic one. We all play on all of these levels all the time. Thing is, most of us don't play with any measure of consciousness.

32 Pivotal Leadership Gifts to Improve Performance and Productivity

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Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership Tis the Season In a recent survey, 65% of Americans said they would choose a better boss before a raise in pay. I venture to guess that the teams these folks work in could be far more productive.

17-Point Program to Have the Best Year of Your Life

Rajesh Setty

Happy New Year. 2013 is days away. Here is a 17-point program to make it your best year. Get paid to move the needle: Quit thinking that you need to get paid for the hours you put into anything. If you get paid to move the needle, it will turn out to be a no-brainer value exchange.

Coach Bill Snyder's 16 Goals for Success - by Nathan Magnuson

Nathan Magnuson

What can athletics teach us about success? If your coach is Bill Snyder, quite a lot! Athlete or not, look at Snyder's 16 Goals for Success

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2013 Independent Workforce Predictions [Infographic]

Women on Business

In a new infographic, MBO Partners shares five predictions for the independent workforce in 2013. There are 17 million independent workers in the workforce today, and that number is certain to increase in 2013 and beyond.

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Personal Leadership: Inspire Your Life, Inspire Your Business

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An epiphany can come from a lot of places: talking with a new person, experiencing a new place or culture, or reading a book seemingly unrelated to your problem. If you’re really paying attention, you may realize how slyly and timely inspiration enters our lives, usually just when we need it. Experiences That Change You [.]. Authentic Leadership Leadership Lessons Learned Values-Based Leadership business David Neagle emotional intelligence Inspiration leadership

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What Have Your Learned Going Forward?

Tanveer Naseer

With only a few days left to this year, it’s natural that many of us are now breathing a sigh of relief that we’ve seen through the completion of another year at work. And if you’re one of the fortunate ones in today’s tough business climate, you’re probably also feeling that sense of relief that comes from achieving the goals we set out for ourselves, our team and our organization 11 months ago.

Management Improvement Carnival: 2012 Edition


This is the third consecutive year when I am hosting the Annual Management Improvement Carnival organized by John Hunter. Hosting this carnival is an opportunity for me to thank a few generous folks who extended significant learning and influenced me through their writing.

The Gift of Improvement

Kevin Eikenberry

In the song 12 Days of Christmas, on the second day, the gift is two turtle doves. This is likely familiar to you. in the 12 (Leadership) Days of Christmas, the second day’s gift is the gift of improvement.

Valuing the Differences of Others

Lead on Purpose

Guest post by Dr. Andrew L. Thorn. I recently participated in two very different but similar meetings. The focus of each of the meetings was exactly the same, but the complexity of each group was completely different. In one group, the people embraced a very similar philosophy and mindset on the proposed topic. The other group was filled with people who represented very different perspectives, viewpoints and backgrounds.

Premarital Counseling: Things to Cover

Ron Edmondson

(At the end of the year, I’m sharing the most read posts.). As with most pastors, I’ve performed a fair number of weddings. Part of being in ministry is helping couples enter the most important of relationships…marriage. It’s a daunting task and responsibility.

Managing an Entrepreneur

Women on Business

There is an inherent fear for people that aren’t entrepreneurs. They believe that hiring an entrepreneur will somehow infect the rest of the staff and cause them to defect. While this may be true to a degree, there is so much more your company can gain from having an entrepreneur in its presence.

Beyond Typical S.M.A.R.T Goals in 2013

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The former CEO of Southwest Airlines, Jim Parker, told me, “Don’t set artificial goals for yourself.” Begin with noble ends: Leadership is about people. Set people goals. Production and profitability are useful and necessary but never enough. Increasing profits by 6% is important but not noble. Two questions beyond artificial: How do you want to [.]. Goals Leadership quotes Marks of leaders Personal Growth Taking others higher Leadership Development

Planning for the New Year - planning to accomplish something - FREE annual planner

Chartered Management Institute

As ever, at this time of year, minds turn to the new one, to resolutions, goals, and the shimmering light of dreams at the end of the tunnel. You are not watching this post, click to start watching read more

Edmondson Christmas Newsletter 2012

Ron Edmondson

Merry Christmas from the Edmondson’s! We truly never know the changes a year will make, do we? Cheryl and I moved to Lexington, Kentucky this year. I am now pastor of the historic Immanuel Baptist Church. Immanuel has a rich past as a Kingdom-building church.

2012 Women in Business and the Gender Gap Research and Statistics

Women on Business

The year is almost over, and as we prepare to enter 2013, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the data that quantifies the gender gap that women in business face.

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Overcoming 7 Barriers to Getting What You Want

Leadership Freak

All leaders want what they don’t have. Wrong wanting frustrates. Right wanting motivates. Why leaders don’t get what they want? Failure to name it. You never achieve what you don’t name. Fear prevents leaders from saying what they really want. Neglecting the team. Too much time spent focused on reaching goals not enough focused on [.]. Encouragement Goals Leading Marks of leaders Success Taking others higher Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

Make coaching others more than a one-time event


. There are lots of indications that leaders who coach the people in their organization are more effective than those who don’t.

Hey Leader: What’s Your Resolution?

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It is time to welcome yet another year into our lives. We all invariably spend the month of December reflecting on the events of the current year and have hopes for the upcoming year. It is time to reflect on and celebrate your achievements for the past year and realize how far you have come. [.]. Authentic Leadership Coaching Corner Leading & Developing Other Leaders business leadership Management Self-development

My 12 Favorite Posts from 2012

Great Leadership By Dan

Merry Christmas! I hope you're having a safe, relaxing, and joyful holiday. I sure am, and that means taking a little break from blogging. So, here's a collection of my favorite posts for each month from 2012: 1. January: A Performance Management Model.

Six Ways to Find Your Future

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The past is the future for most. Persistence and endurance assure continuity. But, more of the same won’t birth new futures. Looking back and holding on stagnates, solidifies, and congeals life like cold bacon grease. 99% of the conversations I have about the future are actually about the past. Creating the future is recreating “glory [.]. Change Marks of leaders Personal Growth Values Decisions Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

In Praise Of The Open Mind: A Year-End Meditation on Leadership

Terry Starbucker

It’s that time for reflection – on the year that is about to pass, and what’s to come in the year ahead. I’ve been thinking a lot about leadership lately, because I’m in the middle of writing a book about leadership that I hope to publish in 2013 (stay tuned on this!).

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Personal Values as a Leader (Repost)

Ron Edmondson

(I’m counting down the top posts of the year.). I write about leadership. I try to keep it personal. I don’t always accomplish everything perfectly that I write about, but my goal is to be a growing leader. One critical aspect of leadership, in my experience, is to be aware of the values one holds. As in life, each leader has certain values that are especially and even uniquely important to him or her.

Where the magic happens – step outside your comfort zone!

Bernd Geropp

Where the magic happens! Photo: hfng/ Resource: Do you want to grow your business? Well, as an entrepreneur you need to try new things. Otherwise your business doesn’t develop and doesn’t grow.

QAspire Blog 2012: Essential Posts Redux


2012 was a fantastic year. Lot of writing, a few speaking engagements, many inspiring conversations some recognitions made this year a memorable one. This year, I contributed a 23 page chapter in “ The ASTD Management Development Handbook ” published by American Society for Training and Development.

How to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

Your Voice of Encouragement

For some reason, many of us wait until January 1 each year to set new goals. As if that’s the only time it’s appropriate to describe what you want to do, have or be. Actually, any day can work.

New Manager On-Boarding Delivers Success For The Manager And Organization

Michael VanBruaene

Well planned and implemented on-boarding specialized for new managers results in fewer mistakes and disruptions to workflow and reduces the time it takes to be fully productive. For newly hired managers any formal on-boarding process usually involves a one-size-fits-all organization-wide process and then the person to whom they report will develop an orientation to the specific position and department.

The Gift of Goals

Kevin Eikenberry

Twelve days ago I started a series of posts I called The 12 (Leadership) Days of Christmas. In it I said that for each of the next 12 days, in keeping with the song, I would offer you a leadership task, designed to be a gift to both you and your team if you completed [.].

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In 100 Words: Leadership is Not About You!

Management is a Journey

If you worry about who is going to get the credit, you won’t accomplish much. If all of your decisions center around how others will perceive you, you won’t make the right decisions.