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Stop This Terrible Habit You Don’t Even Know You Have

Let's Grow Leaders

How do I know you have it? Because I have it too. Most high-performers do. It’s a sneaky little bugger, because on the surface it really feels like you’re doing the right thing. And on most levels you are. It’s a Winning Well core competency taken to extremes.

7 Ways to Be the Employee You Want to Have

Kevin Eikenberry

Anytime I am with leaders (which is most days), I will get asked some version of this question: “How do I get my team members (or a specific team member) to do x?”

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10 Characteristics of Companies that Succeed


What differentiates companies that succeed over a long run from those that don’t? As the rate of change and disruption continues to accelerate, companies need a strong foundation of fundamentals that enable long term success and growth.

How To Talk Like A Leader (In 5 Easy Ways)

Terry Starbucker

I’ve had this infatuation with being a wordsmith for many, many (many) years. The fact is, I like words – all kinds of words. I guess you could say I’m infatuated with the English language, so much so that one of my favorite books of all-time is Webster’s Dictionary.

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The Ten Behaviors of Strong Personal Leadership

Next Level Blog

Since writing the first edition of The Next Level in 2006, I’ve coached, spoken with, and observed thousands of leaders in action. Many of them have been good leaders. Some have been great leaders. The great ones have one big thing in common. They don’t just lead at their best; they live at their best. They understand that to lead others effectively, they first have to lead themselves effectively. Great leaders practice and exhibit strong personal leadership.

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5 Differences Between a Headhunter and Recruitment Agency

Women on Business

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7 Things Which Weaken Good Leadership

Ron Edmondson

There are times I’m a better leader than other times. Sometimes this is my fault. Other times the cause is unavoidable. If we can begin to identify what interrupts the effectiveness of our leadership, we can become better leaders.

Get Over Your Fear Of Pricing.

Rich Gee Group

Whether you’re established in business or just getting started, you want your pricing to position you as a leader – not as a follower. Let me explain — you don’t have to be the most expensive, but you can’t be the cheapest and you surely can’t be a bargain!

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Frontline Festival: Leaders Share Goal Setting Strategies for their Teams (and Themselves)

Let's Grow Leaders

Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. This month’s festival is all about goal setting (especially with your team) for the new year. Thanks to Joy and Tom Guthrie of Vizwerx Group for the great pic and to all our contributors!

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The Problem with Familiarity

Kevin Eikenberry

It might sound strange to say that there is a problem with familiarity – after all, establishing this helps us to work better together as a team, communicate better and have fewer conflicts.

3 Simple Steps to Reproduce Church Leadership

Ron Edmondson

It is called discipleship. In every church I’ve been in, people want to reproduce leaders, but few think they know how. Sometimes we complicate things in leadership. In my opinion.

3 Reasons Every Woman Needs Business Cards, Even If You’re Unemployed

Women on Business

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The Gift of Humiliation

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

No one likes to feel humiliated. It hurts. And along with hurt usually comes anger. It’s a natural reaction. It’s your ego’s way of protecting itself. You might be angry with the person who caused your humiliation, or your might turn your anger inward toward yourself.

5 Ways to Show Up Like a Leader and Build Culture Every Day

Leadership Freak

Isolation propagates arrogance in ourselves and confusion about others. The worst things leaders do is disconnect from the people around them. Get out of your office is you want to show up like… Continue reading → Communication Culture Curiosity Leadership Development organizational success

Understanding The Power of Caged Momentum

Ron Edmondson

This is huge. In church planting, I learned an important leadership principle. I’m not sure you can learn this one without being forced into it, so learn from my experience.

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Internet Marketing Failing? Let’s Take a Look at What You’re Doing Wrong

Strategy Driven

Photo courtesy of Image4Free. Even the strongest businesses in the world have had their weak moments. Maybe things aren’t going so well with your business at the moment. Perhaps it’s just one factor of your business that isn’t performing as well as it should be.

5 Types of Problematic Remote Employees (and How Leaders Can Help Them Succeed)

Joseph Lalonde

Both managers and their employees love the idea of remote work. From the employee side, remote work offers comfort, flexibility, and an alternative to a long commute into the office. In fact, a third of American workers say they’re willing to take a small pay cut in exchange for such an opportunity.

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How to Create Organizational Vitality and Be a Place Where People Love Coming to Work

Leadership Freak

People struggle and sink when environments feel like death. 7 signs your organization is sick: Low performers are protected. Anyone who isn’t growing, needs to go. Coach them up or out. Secrets saturate… Continue reading → Communication Culture Success Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

Forge An Ecosystem…And, Secure Your Fit in The New Economy

N2Growth Blog

Here is simple assumption for you to get your head around: Businesses will always seek to establish new types of partner relationships that clearly define mutual gain for the parties involved. Fairly straight-forward, right? Of course it is! And, it’s because of this hypothesis that businesses of all sorts and sizes are forging new commercial arrangements with one another. As a result, immense networks of interdependent parties have emerged.

Dreams Can Change the World

General Leadership and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link]. The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.”.

7 Ways Introversion Works Well for Me as a Senior Leader

Ron Edmondson

As a pastor too. I remember several years ago reading an article, which suggested the majority of senior leaders think extroversion is necessary to be an effective as a senior leader. Obviously – and hopeful I am correct – I disagree.

Don’t Run with the Pack and Other Powerful Ways to Thrive in Organizational Life

Leadership Freak

Effective organizations enable us to harness each other’s strengths, but it ain’t easy working with others. #1. Don’t always run with the pack. You disappear if you always fall in line. Offer constructive… Continue reading → Solutions Success Leadership Development organizational success

Business Success Begins With Your Own “Special Forces” Team

Women on Business

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On Leadership and Hiring

Linked 2 Leadership

If you’ve been in a leadership position for more than a couple of years, you’ve likely interviewed dozens of job candidates. You know all the textbook tactics, and you’ve seen every character imaginable — from the guy wearing an Armani suit and too much cologne to the recent college graduate nervously shaking in her boots. […]. Emotional Intelligence Leadership Development Succession Planning Teamwork hiring Leadership team building

Should A Church Pastor Have A Blog?

Joseph Lalonde

A question I hear asked by a lot of pastors is one a lot of people ask: Should I start a blog? My answer is always a resounding YES. There’s so much that can be done by having a blogging platform. Common Objections To Pastors Blogging.

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25 CEOs List 20 Things that Keep them up at Night

Leadership Freak

I had dinner last evening with 25 CEOs. Before dinner, each one answered the question, “What keeps you up at night?” Here’s a sampling from the conversation. Growing small and sticking to our… Continue reading → Leading Leadership Development organizational success

150: The Data-Driven Leader | with John Johnson

Engaging Leader

Leaders need data for at least two reasons: 1) so they and their team can make better decisions, and 2) to influence their employees, customers, or others to take action. In this episode, we discuss how to achieve both objectives better.

Building Bridges With Dialogue

Lead Change Blog

A few days ago, I saw the movie Hidden Figures with my friend Gwen. The movie, based on a true story, chronicles the contributions of three black women to the space program in the 1960s. This film is a must-see for corporate leaders.

The Failure of “The Livonia Philosophy” at my GM Plant

Deming Institute

Guest post by Mark Graban. As I wrote about in my first post , my first job out of college was at the GM Livonia Engine Plant, outside of Detroit. General Motors wasn’t my ideal workplace after having read Deming’s Out of the Crisis and learning a bit about Lean manufacturing in college.

4 Ways to Get Real with Weaknesses so You can Hire the Best People and Maximize Strengths

Leadership Freak

Everyone who’s remarkable at something is really lousy at many things. Don’t let this stop you from attempting great things, but keep it in mind the next time you’re frustrated with teammates. Highly technical people may be socially awkward. Leaders who deliver great results may be impatient and rude. A person who sees the big … … Continue reading → Strengths weaknesses Leadership Development

Most Popular Management and Leadership Quotes on Our Site in 2016

Curious Cat

These were the most popular quotes on the Curious Cat Management and Leadership Quotes web site in 2016 (based on page views). Follow the link on the quote text for the source and more information on the quote. Having no problems is the biggest problem of all. – Taiichi Ohno.

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What Great Teams Are Made Of (It’s Not What You Might Expect)


Chances are, you’ve had the experience at least once of being on a great team. Whether it was through work, a sports team, or another outside activity, the group just jelled and -- most importantly -- got things done.

Purpose: Great Leaders Start With WHY To Enable Others To Act!

My Own Coach

Many people have yet to figure out their purpose – and it’s holding them back! Ever wondered what sets great leaders apart from the rest? The post Purpose: Great Leaders Start With WHY To Enable Others To Act! appeared first on My Own Coach Limited.

Goal 34

3 Strategies that Minimize Hierarchy and Maximize Speed and Agility

Leadership Freak

Think of organizations as human bodies, not hierarchical pyramids. Bodies are agile. Pyramids house the dead. Organizational leaders try to increase speed and agility by removing layers from pyramids. But removing layers –… Continue reading → Communication Culture Success Teams Leadership Development Organizational Development organizational success