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Guest Post: Talk is Cheap!

Lead on Purpose

Make communication with employees your priority during times of economic adversity. By Albert J. Weatherhead. If you're a business leader, you don't have to confront tough economic times alone. You have incredibly knowledgeable and

HR managers 'should consider Facebook breaks'

Chartered Management Institute

Following Portsmouth Council's move to ban staff from social networking after they amassed 572 hours on Facebook in one month, a group of experts have suggested that companies should consider introducing Facebook breaks. Related Content: Job hunting - the single most effective thing to do What's in a personal value and what are mine? What would I do?

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Environment, Joy & Leadership…Are Yours In Sync?

Anese Cavanaugh

The past couple of weeks have been very busy over here. First off, I moved into a new office – with an official “client retreat space” – which we’re calling “Bootist Headquarters” Here I can work with my clients and small groups in a very comfortable and productive setting. I’ll also be able to host clients when they come into town for their private retreats with me. (In In fact, the first one is coming in from the East Coast next week!

PM Quote of the Day — Erma Bombeck

Crossderry Blog

Car designers are just going to have to come up with an automobile that outlasts the payments. Erma Bombeck captures the essence of the planned obsolescence… Posted in PMO Tagged: Dodge Caliber, Erma Bombeck, planned obsolescence

A new Leadership Development Carnival

Lead on Purpose

The Lead on Purpose blog is featured in the September Leadership Development Carnival of Dan mccarthy's Great Leadership blog. September's Leadership Carnival brings together links to more than 25 fresh posts on topics such as employee

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Where Do You See Leadership Today?

Women's Leadership Exchange

Yesterday, I noticed leadership all around me. Justice Sonia Sotomayor took her seat on the Supreme Court. President Obama gave an inspiring speech to school children. Ambassador to Afghanistan Eikenberry told President Karzai not to declare victory without certification among rumors of vote-rigging. But perhaps the most striking examples of leadership I experienced yesterday was in the "Anatomy of Leadership" class I was invited to attend at the College of Westchester in White Plains, NY.

Why I Don't Want to Be a Tolerant Person | Guy Harris: The.

The Recovering Engineer

Tolerance implies that I "put-up with" another person. I don't want to just "put-up with" people


Waking up at work

Managing Leadership

We’ve all heard the standard bits of wisdom about making a career choice – do what you are passionate about, pick a field that has a future of growth and advancement, look for a career that can tolerate your evolving lifestyle preferences ranging from location to marriage and family – and the like. But is that how it really works? And are we giving that advice because it worked for us, or because we are unhappy ourselves and trying to figure out where we went wrong?

Acknowledge Personal Milestone Events

Eric Jacobson

Your employee will appreciate your acknowledging his birthday, advanced degree graduation achievement, wedding engagement, wedding, or other personal milestone event. If he (or she) shares with you information about any important event in his life, take the opportunity to congratulate him, honor him and acknowledge him. You can give him a card. Or, take him to lunch. Or, even a simple handshake can go a long way.

Distinction Between Issues and Problems and How to Deal With Them

Self Help Zen

A most common snag in problem solving is to confuse problems with issues. Most people use both of these words interchangeably which is incorrect. An issue is essentially a point of question; an item of controversy. When it comes to issues, we are seeking response which consists of comfort or reassurance but not a solution. When we ask controversial questions, we are raising issues. Answering those questions would provide necessary comfort or reassurance.

IN COMMEMORATION 9/11: The Strength to Begin Again

Women in the LEAD

istock_000006240995xsmall[1] It seems that 9/11 seems more than a commemoration of just that tragic day years ago. So much since has happened that makes it serve as a compelling symbol of all that has gone wrong in our world

Wandering in to work

Managing Leadership

When I joined the US Marine Corps, it wasn’t to become a Marine, but a lawyer. I had finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up, but I didn’t have the financial resources to get there. So, I enlisted in order to qualify for the GI Bill benefits, which help military members pursue a college education. I figured I would serve my country, see a bit of the world, save a little money into the bargain, and then get out, finish my degree, and go to law school.

Think About What You Liked

Eric Jacobson

As a manager, you've undoubtedly worked for other managers in your career. You've likely worked for good managers and for not so good managers. One of the simplest things you can do to ensure you are a good manager is to think about what you liked and disliked about your past managers. Then, adapt your management style to include the things you appreciated most from your past good managers. Most important, don't do the things that you disliked about how your past managers behaved.

Glad To Be a Part of blogchai Family

Utpal Writes

Today I become a part of blogchai family. Blogchai is an online blend of finest Indian Blogs like Big B, Shobha De, Shekhar Kapur, Rajesh Setty, Sanjeev Bikhchandani and a few more celebrities. I'm thankful to my friend, Tanmay Vora for

Total Success

Orrin Woodward

Here is a clip from a talk given to MonaVie Team members on the importance of building a business community for total success. Success is more than just money. Leading scholars, historians and social scientist have listed at least 5

Book Review: Emotional Capitalists – The New Leaders

Managing Leadership

The notion that raw intelligence alone might not only be insufficient to predict success, but also an insufficient indicator of a person’s overall ability, effectiveness, and influence has actually been around for a long time. It has been suspected, faintly perceived, and cautiously hinted at for millennia.

Close Your Door

Eric Jacobson

This may seem obvious, but some managers don't, or forget to, close their door when disciplining an employee. If you don't have a door to close, move your discussion to a private area away from the rest of your employees. Some employees like to be praised in public. Some prefer to be praised in private. But, all employees should be disciplined in private. Gaining Respect General Management Skills

Eleven Qualities to Hunt for While Interviewing a Potential Manager

Utpal Writes

Hiring a manager is an extremely challenging task no matter if you're hiring internally or externally. Manager is a position which is going to impact a set of people, processes and technologies. Meaning, it is going to impact the

WOMEN: RISKS.are you afraid of them?

Women in the LEAD

istock_000004893516small-fish One of the women in our community, suggested we acknowledge how women traditionally respond RISK. She noted that we are taught to be risk averse, sharing an acronym for FEAR (False Expectations Appearing

10 (Super Fun!) Ways You Can Kill Your Online Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: Caveman 92223 — On the Road Again! Recently, on the e-mint discussion list, a member was asking for some suggestions for a list of 10 ways to kill your online community, with some humor. Taking approximately 10-15 minutes, I came up with a quick, fun, spur of the moment list and I thought [.].

Help Your Employees Learn From Their Mistakes

Eric Jacobson

Mistakes happen. The best thing you can do as a manager is to help your employee learn from his (or her) mistake. If your employee is afraid of ever making a mistake, he will be paralyzed from taking action or taking even calculated risks. If he knows that mistakes happen in the course of doing business and that one learns from making mistakes, you will have a more productive employee.

What an Energy-Rich Project Leader Does to Make the Project a Success

Utpal Writes

[link] As a Project Leader, your job is to deliver the project as per the schedule. And, that is also with the budget respected and expectations exceeded! You can achieve this by motivating your people such that

Can I Join You in the Pool – A Question that Muslim Women Are.

Women in the LEAD

I recently read an article about a woman who tried to go swimming in a head to toe burquini. Burquinis are swim attire designed for Muslim women to allow them to swim in public while following her religious requirement of being fully

I’m Attending IZEAFest 2009 in Orlando (October 1-4)

Managing Communities

What’s up with October? I don’t attend any conferences since South by Southwest Interactive in March and now, all of a sudden, I’m going to three in the month of October. I’ve already mentioned that I’ll be attending Blog World Expo (Las Vegas, October 15-17) and Social Media Business Forum (Durham, NC, October 23). Now, [.].

Ask For Help

Eric Jacobson

If you are new to managing, or if you are struggling with a management dilemma, ask for help. There is no shame in asking for help. Seek the guidance of a colleague at work. Reach out to a mentor at or away from work. Turn to an online resource. Consult a book on managing. Whatever you do, don't sit back and do nothing. Managing even one employee can be challenging. And many managers receive little or no formal training on how to be a manager.

Everyday Status Meeting – An Absolute Project Killer | Utpal Writes

Utpal Writes

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.I have seen a few project managers who hold status meeting everyday with each team member for about 2 hours

Join the GTY Project on Linkedin

Steve Farber

My new friend, Martin Pannier , has just formed a group on Linkedin called “ The Greater Than Yourself (GTY) Project.” In Mr. Pannier’s words, the group “aims to be a community for leaders who have chosen to follow the Greater Than Yourself (GTY) philosophy to be extreme leaders at work and beyond. We can make a huge difference by encouraging and helping people to take on GTY projects of their own and sharing the lessons learned in the process.” Thank you, Martin, for thinking this up and

What Lessons Did You Learn From Your Last Project That Failed?

Utpal Writes

There are many examples of failed projects. It doesn't matter whether you are given the liberty to define what 'Fail' means or not! Here's something to think about (and acted upon): Three Deadly Scenes

Distinction Between Issues And Problems And How To Deal With Them

Utpal Writes

A most common snag in problem solving is to confuse problems with issues. Most people use both of these words interchangeably which is incorrect. An issue is essentially a point of question; an item of controversy

Leadership Development Carnival – September 2009

Utpal Writes

The September Leadership Development Carnival is up at Great Leadership blog by Dan mccarthy, a must see internet resource on leadership. One of my blog posts on having an effective team titled How To Inaugurate Effectiveness In Your

Join Us in Dubai?

Steve Farber

This promises to be an incredible conference. So, if you’ve ever thought about visiting Dubai, or if you just happen to be in the neighborhood… Technorati Tags: conference , Dubai , leadership. Uncategorized conference Dubai leadership

(Yet Another) Extreme Leadership Educator

Steve Farber

This inspiring email from Bob Brennan, Assistant Principle of King’s Fork Middle School in Suffolk, Virginia, stands as further evidence that the principles of Extreme Leadership are alive and well in our country’s (and the world’s) best teachers and education administrators. Leaders like Bob will–soon, I hope–change the world of our children’s classrooms for the better: “ Greater Than Yourself is a concept that I’ve practiced for years.