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Loyalty vs. Tenure | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth After my last post Focus on Performance I thought it might be a good idea to follow-up by addressing what

Create More Time by Tracking Your Goals

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo shares some of the latest brain research on the benefits of goal setting

Goal 33

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Initiative - Develop a Bias for Timely Action

Your Voice of Encouragement

We can fool ourselves into believing that good intentions and ideas are enough. But developing a sense of urgency and taking timely action is the only way to get things done. These insights will inspire you to move from procrastinating

My Free E-Book: Leadership From a Glass Half-Full

Terry Starbucker

I'm pleased to announce the release of my free e-book “Leadership From a Glass Half-Full: 5 Things You Need To Learn Before You Jump Into The Pool”. The main reason I wrote this mini-book is that many new and developing leaders do not

IPL: Great Product, Lousy Service!

Ravi Pratap Singh

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Being accountable as a customer

Crossderry Blog

When talking w/ Michael Krigsman (podcast here), I spent some time trying to drive home my belief that customers must own their projects more. IMO, part of the problem is driven by the confusion between accountability and responsibility

Book Review: Systems Thinking for Curious Managers


Russell Ackoff was a professor of management at The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania. He was also a leading authority on systems thinking. Ackoff died in October 2009, but this new book “ Systems Thinking For Curious Managers ,” is an excellent contribution to systems thinking and serves as a fitting tribute to his legacy. This book is a short and very accessible read. Ackoff and his co-authors, Herbert J.

Work Life Lead: Measuring Our Networks

Weekly Leader

We live in a numbers culture. We do so because technology and innovation are driven by the engineering of measurements to produce new connections and structures to facilitate society. As important as numbers are, they are not the whole

Hidden wisdom we can learn from teachers



Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: LeadershipNow 140: April 2010.

Leading Blog

Why Making a Difference is Still THE Difference

Terry Starbucker

CB107701. “I I never have written this kind of letter before, but…….” This is a familiar introduction to the letters from extraordinarily happy customers – notes written by people who were so impressed, or so happy, or so moved by a

The importance of exercising informal and formal leadership (video)

Weekly Leader

Through effective storytelling in this video, Jon Katzenbach and Zia Khan do a great job explaining the difference between formal leadership (authority) and informal leadership (influence) and why it's important for leaders to use both

Possibility Maximizer: Leading Effectively E-Newsletter

Maximizing Possibility

Happy Friday! Each week I like to share a resource that has enriched my professional life and may do the same for you. This week I've got a great leadership newsletter for you to check out. Enjoy! The Resource: The Center for Creative

We Have Met the Aliens and They Are Us

Leading Blog


Just Be Nice | Guy Harris: The Recovering Engineer

The Recovering Engineer

You never know who what the person you are speaking with may have experienced or who they might know. So, just be nice


Employee Engagement: Small Business Advantage

Michael Lee Stallard

Find interviews with Small Business experts on the Small Business Advocate show. This morning I was a guest on Jim Blasingame's Nationally Syndicated “Small Business Advocate” radio program. We discussed several topics including

Carnival of Human Resources at the Talent Junction Blog!

Maximizing Possibility

The latest Carnival of Human Resources is up at the Talent Junction blog - check it out for an excellent collection of HR, talent management, and leadership posts by some of the best bloggers from around the world

Leading Views: Donald Powell on the Qualities of a Leader

Leading Blog

Create Core Values

Eric Jacobson

Sometimes when you are leading an organization or business and struggling to articulate your core values, it helps to see how others have stated theirs. In past postings I've shared Marriott's core values. Below are the 10 core values

Happiness – The Primary Trait Of Powerful Leaders

Self Help Zen

When you classify successful leaders, you would find one common attribute in all of them. Leaders just love what they do. They live in the present moment and extremely happy doing whatever they’re doing. Leadership is all about choices and happiness is not an exception.

DISC Model FAQ's: Is One Style Better Than the Others?

The Recovering Engineer

People often ask me if one DISC style is better than the others. My answer is, emphatically, NO! One DISC style is not better than the others. All of the DISC styles have value. All of the DISC behavioral styles contribute something to

Leading Blog: A Leadership Blog: Leading Outside the Lines.

Leading Blog

Engage Your Employees.Especially Now

Eric Jacobson

I'm a big fan of the books authored by Leigh Branham. He recently shared his findings from his latest book, "Re-Engage: How America's Best Places To Work Inspire Extra Effort In Extraordinary Times." What he found after studying 10000

The Rainmaker 'Fab Five' Blog Picks of the Week

Maximizing Possibility

Each week I like to share my top five picks for the best blog reading on the topics of leadership, human resources, and talent management. Below are five choice blog posts from the week of April 19th - 25th, 2010 that I particularly

Deepak Chopra Meditation on GRATITUDE

Building Personal Strength

As always, Deepak Chopra combines reason, feeling and spirituality in this thoughtful, peaceful meditation on gratitude. Be sure to watch this one. I found it very beneficial. Did you? Meditation Personal development Personal Strength Spirituality Trust Gratitude Videos Deepak Chopra

Fast Friday with Suzanne Aldis Routh

Roundtable Talk

Last week, consultant and author (Who's Turn is it to be Right?) Suzanne Aldis Routh shared insights with our members via an e-Roundtable on how to “Quit Taking It Personally”. After sharing her top tips, Suzanne shared the story of a

Heroic Titles Without On-Key Leadership | Utpal Writes

Utpal Writes

Hello there! If you are new here, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feed for updates on this topic.I have dealt with many team leaders, project managers and technical leads during my decade long career. While their positions

Great Leaders BELIEVE in PEOPLE

Women in the LEAD

Seagull-sm Having someone believe in us changes how we respond to the challenges of leadership. It's empowering. During these challenging times, insight from Margaret Wheatley's book, Finding Our Way: Leadership for an Uncertain Time

Cosmic Calculations

Building Personal Strength

We spend a lot more money exploring outer space than we spend exploring our oceans. What we learn about the cosmos may be fascinating, but it has little impact on our lives. By contrast, human life depends on healthy oceans.

Six lessons in how to interview… from the trenches

Roundtable Talk

Skills and experience get you hired; attitude and behaviour get you fired. That's an oft quoted managerism that speaks to the importance of (in Jim Collins' words) getting the right people on your bus. Too often, we fall into the trap

Happiness – The Primary Trait Of Powerful Leaders

Utpal Writes

When you classify successful leaders, you would find one common attribute in all of them. Leaders just love what they do. They live in the present moment and extremely happy doing whatever they're doing. Leadership is all about choices

Managing Your Personal Impact …One Boss's Story | You're Not the.

You're Not the Boss of Me

Once upon a time, there was a Boss who was very sure of himself. He was strong and competent. He had built some admirable relationships with his peers and was well liked by his customers and the community at large

This Tip Will Save Your Life

Building Personal Strength

First, let me tell you something really important about your brain. The most complex organ in your body, your brain is a magnificent instrument, a kind of tissue-based electro-chemical computer. But as powerful as it is, it has limitations. Usually the limitations have a benefit.

Management Craft: How to Improve Influence #management

Management Craft