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Gratitude in Leadership: When Gratefulness Fuels Giving

C-Level Strategies

My first real experience with leadership was in college when I was named Vice-President of the Indiana University Student Foundation , the largest student foundation in the country.

Seven Simple Ways to Subtly Influence Others

Kevin Eikenberry

It had been a long day of work and travel, and it was going to get longer. Due to weather issues around the country, flights across the eastern half of the U.S. were delayed and canceled. It was snowing heavily in Denver, where I had just landed to find my connecting flight canceled. I quickly [.]. Influence Leadership Learning Communication influence others focus

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Which Version of the Bible Should I Buy as a Gift?

Ron Edmondson

(This diagram is attributed online to, although I could not find it on their site now.). Every year, especially at Christmas time, one of the most common questions I receive from people in my church and online is “What Bible version should I buy as a gift?”

5 Keys to Effectively Communicating Appreciation in the Workplace

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Paul White: As I travel around the country to consult for businesses and organizations, I hear the same message over and over—both from leaders and from their employees: “People are getting burned out.

Reminder: The Introvert’s Guide to Success Launches Sunday

C-Level Strategies

I’m looking at the calendar and realizing it’s only two short days until the official launch of my new eBook, “ The Introvert’s Guide to Success in Business and Leadership ,” and I’m simply giddy with anticipation. Why so giddy?

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6 Concepts for Creating What People Love Before They Know They Want It

Leading Blog

Demand is created in the gaps between what we really want and the goods and services we settle for. Demand creators figure out how to solve the big and little hassles we all face—and they make our days easier, more convenient, more productive, and simply more fun,” writes Adrian Slywotzky in Demand. Slywotzky has identified six insights and behaviors of demand creators: Make it Magnetic. Demand creators begin with a very tough realization: Very Good does not equal Magnetic.

Building an Adaptable Team: 6 Ideas


Ability to deal with rapid changes and uncertainties on the field is as critical a skill for organizations/teams as it is for the military troops. In military operations, lack of agility can have more serious and rapid consequences. In case of teams, individuals and organizations, the consequences may not be visible in a short term,

7 Ways to Minister to College Students

Ron Edmondson

Recently my friend Guy Chmieleski asked me to write for his blog Faith on Campus. I wrote under the heading “If I were a college pastor today.” ” Here is that post adapted for my blog.

Success Requires It.

Kevin Eikenberry

and it is in short supply. It’s concentration, and, no, I’m not talking about the popular game show that aired from 1958-91. Concentration isn’t really in short supply; the supply is large, if you choose to capture it (and successful people do). Most however, - text while driving - answer emails while [.]. Intention Leadership Learning concentration focus

All that You Ask for is Always Given

C-Level Strategies

In honor of Thanksgiving I am sharing with you the post I wrote this very same week, just one year ago. The message is as simple and true now as it was then. All that you ask for is Always Given. Hold this truth in your heart as you enjoy the many blessings of this beautiful holiday… ~.

Blind spots that smart people should be aware of

Rajesh Setty

Blind spots are a problem for everyone – not just for smart people. Sometimes one can’t see the blind spots and sometimes one suffers because they are treading the blind spot of someone else.

A Mid-Life Letter to My Wife

Ron Edmondson

Cheryl, You may have noticed, I’ve written quite a bit recently on mid-life. You may recall, for example, that I wrote recently 10 Thoughts on Mid-Life I’m Learning (I’m trusting you still read my blog ).

Practices for Professionals – Sign Everything

Strategy Driven

Some find it very uncomfortable to “blow their own horn.” They shy away from the public spotlight and, instead, derive their own sense of accomplishment through simply being acknowledged for a job well done.

How to Maximize Your Work With A Coach


As we are starting a new season of coaching high potentials in a client organization, I was excited to hear a few of them ask “What can I do to get the most out of this executive coaching experience?” ” It’s a great question, and one that tells me why this group of high potential

Everyone Wins with Gratitude

Kevin Eikenberry

Since in the United States today we celebrate Thanksgiving, it is appropriate, perhaps even expected, to suggest we be grateful today. Of course, the reality is that gratitude is important to our relationships and to us as well, (as today’s quotation suggests) and deserves a place in our daily thoughts. I’ll move right to it [.]. Leadership Learning Quotations Eileen Caddy gratitude thankfulness thanksgiving

7 Ways to Be a More Thankful Person

Ron Edmondson

Are you truly thankful? I find at times I am, and at other times, I’m like the rest of God’s children. I can be a grumbler. What would it take to learn the secret of contentment…to be thankful all the time?

November Management Journey Carnival

Management is a Journey

Welcome to the November 2011 edition of the Management Journey Carnival. Topics for this month’s Management Journey Blog Carnival include interpersonal effectiveness, managing the 4 generations, communication, innovation, diversity, change management, teamwork, leadership, workplace productivity and other related topics. This blog carnival presents 21 of the best articles from Internet thought leaders. Can you believe [.].

Leading Green: 6 Steps to Sustainable Teams

Linked 2 Leadership

The key to leading sustainable teams, or “Leading Green,” is to enable an organizational culture that is full of trust and free of fear, instead of full of fear and free of trust. If you are a supervisor who has already accomplished this, read no further. However, if you are like most of us and [.]. Servant Leadership business leadership Management

A Lesson in Leadership Manners

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development One of my most memorable lessons in leadership and its attendant responsibility came via the improbable pairing of a wise high school teacher and a spiky-haired toy. The guy who sat behind me in Mrs. Crawford’s English Lit class liked me. A lot. This was a total mystery to me because I did [.] A Lesson in Leadership Manners. Leadership Development influence Inspiration trust

7 Things Which Help Me Focus

Ron Edmondson

I’m fairly productive as a person, but the truth is, I get distracted easily and have a hard time staying focussed at times. There are a few things that help me focus. I’ve listed a few here.

Thinking Beyond Disciplines: Why We Need it

Leading in Context

What is Transdiciplinarity? The Institute for the Future and the University of Phoenix Research Institute list transdisciplinarity as #7 in a list of skills critical for Workforce 2020. They define it as "understanding concepts across multiple disciplines.". Complexity Ethical Leader Trends ethical leader ethical leadership ethical leadership context ethical leadership development ethical leadership in a global society ethics training leadership development leadership ethics leading ethically

Leaders Should Be Competent – But Not Too Competent

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from David C. Baker. Does a manager/leader need to be really good at what they manage? I would say for some professions, like sales, they do. What do you think? After interviewing more than 10,000 employees at 600+ companies, you start noticing patterns in effective leaders.

How To Stop Sucking (By Building A Personal Leadership Brand)

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Career Development Leadership Development Self Leadership Nobody wants to suck. At the same time, the world of work is changing in ways that make it harder and harder to stand out. As a leader in this strange climate, we must constantly be finding new ways to differentiate ourselves in an increasingly competitive and global marketplace. In order to thrive, we must [.] How To Stop Sucking (By Building A Personal Leadership Brand).

30 Things You Have to Experience to Understand

Ron Edmondson

Some things you have to live to fully understand. All my life I’ve heard the phrase, “You’d have to experience it to understand it”. The older I get the more I know that statement to be true about many things. I was reflecting recently about ways I’ve heard that statement used and ways it’s come true in my life. Some of these below I have experienced; some I haven’t. Some I hope to; some I hope I never will. Here are 30 things you have to experience to understand. (in


Metrics that Matter for 2012 (one page PDF)

Rajesh Setty

Note : I created this checklist a couple of years ago and it has served me well. No changes on the checklist except the dates. Please feel free to download, modify, re-use or share. We are obsessed about measuring everything.

Finding Gratitude in the Common Things

Leading Blog

We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures. Thornton Wilder. Sometimes we have big and uncommon things to be thankful for, but mostly what we have to be thankful for is daily, common and mundane. It’s these daily blessings that we take for granted. It’s these that we need to be most thankful for and learn to find ways to express our gratitude for—daily. Gratefulness is a state of mind.

Manage the Mid-Space or Your Vision Will Fail

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

“Our company had a big meeting a few weeks ago where the president laid out his vision. It means big changes and a lot of us were skeptical about it. But I have to say that by the end of his presentation, he had us all sold. It was pretty impressive.”.

Thanksgiving Survey: Book Giveaway

Ron Edmondson

It’s always interesting to compare Thanksgiving practices with others. I thought it might be fun to hear some differences in how we celebrate. Take a couple minutes to answer these questions in the comments. Which of these is most like your story: Travel or stay at home?

Communication is the Key to Better Teamwork

Great Results Team Building

Communication is a tool that must be used and maintained throughout our lives. If not, then we become the manager who never gets the most out of his employees, the coach who fails to inspire his program with a motivating vision, or the owner who sees consistently high turnover in his company.

Women and Remote Working

Women on Business

There is currently a shift in the global work place with the rise in remote workers around the world. Due to the use of the internet, you can hire employees from across the world and have them work while you are sleeping. With this change and the rising number of women choosing to work remotely from home offices or other places, there are many things to consider. When your home is your office how do you get a balance?

Lynn Margulis, Trailblazing Theorist on Evolution, Dies at 73 - []

ReThink HR

biology LynnMargulis evolution


A Strong Word for People Pleasers

Ron Edmondson

The more dependent you on achieving other people’s approval…. The less willing you’ll be to follow God’s will at any cost…. “but just as we have been approved by God to be entrusted with the gospel, so we speak, not to please man, but to please God who tests our hearts.” ” 1 Thessalonians 2:4. Related posts: Strong Words For Preachers (and others). A Strong Message to the Church. 5 Tips For Leading Strong Willed People. Encouragement Leadership Ministry

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Three Things to Consider Before You Start Writing

The Recovering Engineer

Ignore these critical considerations when you write, and you could invite a communication disaster. Written messages just might be the most dangerous form of communication. There are so many ways that they can go wrong and lead to miscommunication.

Trust Attracting vs. Trust Repelling Workplaces

Create Learning

Trust defined as – The ability to rely upon others to be truthful and to do as they say, and to follow established rules, procedures and custom and practice. Can a hierarchical organization with Manager / Subordinate relationships increase and attract trust?