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10 Secrets of Many Senior Pastors

Ron Edmondson

I get to hang out and know many senior pastors. I was asked to give my perspective as a senior pastor, since each of them report to one. James 5:17).

Character Development + Skill Development = Leadership

The Leadership Advisor

As we work to develop and expand our global network, we continually connect with amazing organizations and professionals. Self-Awareness. Integrity.

Five New Habits to Help You Reach Your Goals Faster

Kevin Eikenberry

If we already knew how to achieve a goal, and had done it before, it wouldn’t be much of a goal, would it? In other words, we’d have already achieved it. Yet too often we treat goal achievement like the rest of the work. We put the time in to set the goals, and then [.]. Achievement Leadership Learning goal acheievement organizational habits

Goal 95

9 ways to sink employee engagement

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Change Management Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Value Creation Workplace Issues In recent weeks, several articles have offered worthwhile ideas on how to boost worker motivation. But experts have been sharing this counsel for years, and employee engagement continues to decline. What’s at play in your organization?

Tim Tebow Mic’d for the Bears Game

Ron Edmondson

I, like many in America, am becoming a huge Tim Tebow fan. I loved this YouTube I saw my friend Jonathan Pearson tweet. Be honest, are you a Tebow fan?


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5 Reasons Delegation Fails

Ron Edmondson

I encounter many leaders who claim to be good at delegation, but are frustrated with the results they receive on delegated projects. No related posts.

The Year of C.E.O. Failures Explained (NY Times) []

Weekly Leader

David Pogue's take on some 2011 high profile failures by tech CEOs. nytimes failure ceo leadership

CEO 104

Lands’ End Contest Confirms Strategic Role of Pinterest for Brands

C-Level Strategies

I always start by asking them where their customers and potential customers are currently engaged. The Rise of Pinterest. Absolutely. Thank you!

Brand 67

Five Steps To Infuse “Magic” in Your Leadership Style

Next Level Blog

This guest post was written by Jason Monaghan with University of Notre Dame Executive Online Education: As any seasoned business leader can tell you, creating an exemplary team takes knowledge, perseverance, and a little leadership magic. The “magic” of a great leader is developed over time and through years of professional awareness.

If God had a Suggestion Box…

Ron Edmondson

God’s ways are not my ways…I know that’s true, but still, some days I wish He took suggestions. Love should never fade…. God knows best.

Do You Care?

Kevin Eikenberry

From Green Eggs and Ham to the Cat in the Hat, I, like many kids, grew up with Dr. Seuss. But I can’t say I really became a fan until I was an adult — reading those classics and others to my children (Horton Hatches an Egg is a favorite.) If you’re a fan too, [.].

The End of Business Leadership as Usual

C-Level Strategies

” Please join the three of us tomorrow evening, December 13th at 8:00 pm Eastern Time on Twitter as we delve into: 1. The Culture Code.

Pocket Change Leadership: How Do You Use Change?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development We all have it: pocket change. It is the leftover amount that goes into our pocket or pocketbook. Where it goes from there, who knows. Pocket change is never core to a major purchase yet, as it is collected and stored, we are always amazed about how much we have “saved.” As leaders, we talk [.].

Good Leader: Let Them See You Sweat

Ron Edmondson

I looked it up so I could give proper credit in this post. It’s a great phrase. The idea was used for much more than a deodorant.

7 Unorthodox (But Very Effective) Roles For The Virtuoso Leader

Terry Starbucker

Some of these roles are obvious – a teacher, for instance – and some are a bit unorthodox, but certainly necessary. Plenty. Lead well!

Leaders vs. Managers

Leadership Freak

I’ve asked some friends to bring their insights to the Leadership Freak community. Please give a warm welcome to today’s guest writer, Lolly Daskal. What is the biggest difference between managers and leaders? Both roles are important but they seek to do different things… Leaders lead people. Managers manage people. Leaders set destinations.

The Power of Your Word

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Barry wasn’t happy that his boss put him through the 360 evaluation process. He was even unhappier after receiving the feedback. In fact, he was shocked, angry and disbelieving. There was no way he was unethical, thoughtless or lacking in credibility and integrity. Sull HBR integrity Leadership Michael Jensen

Power 59

The Attitude of Quality


A retail outlet of a leading shoe brand recently opened up in near vicinity. The design of the store is flashy with impressive interiors and product arrangement. The brand carries a lot of consumer trust since many years. Good store, great brand and competitive prices all at one stop. Frustration amongst customers was visible.

How to Move Through the Leadership Gap


. Which way should I go? Will that decision be the right one? How should I behave in this situation? What will my manager say? How can I be a great leader? quote by leaders everywhere. The truth is, there is also no standard operating procedure to tell you what to do next. In leadership, you learn and develop as you lead. Tweet This

True Sayings that Are True #Wisdom

Ron Edmondson

I’m the old guy on our team, so young whipper snapper leaders like Ben Reed , Adam Bayne and Brandon Reed love to mess with me at times.

The Top 3 Mistakes New Managers & Leaders Make … (from this coach’s perspective)

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Whether you are a newly promoted manager, recently hired executive or have been in your position for some time, odds are if you are not ahead of the game, you may make one or more of these potentially costly mistakes: Mistake #1: Ignoring the obvious What it looks like: You are the “new person on [.].

Avoid Trivia

Leading Blog

Caught up in our day-to-day struggles, keeping our eye on the big picture is difficult. What is important is what you pay attention to. Avoid trivia.

The Coaching Mindset


. The leader I was listening to was agitated. He indicated that he had just finished “coaching” a direct report about a change this staff member needed to make in his behavior. Our meeting included a recap of the conversation that went something like this: Me: “So how did the conversation with Brian go?” Tweet This

Your Right to Cry…My Right to Be Angry

Ron Edmondson

Sometimes I get angry…or to Cheryl it looks like anger. Your right to cry is my right to be angry! Let me be clear. I have rarely been angry at her.

Character vs. Charisma in Leadership

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Self Leadership Character-based leadership is leading from who you are, not your position or power. Your character creates true influence, especially when your character also includes being competent. Your true influence [.]. Self Leadership Character Character-based Leadership charisma charismatic leader image integrity

A Powerful Activity for Your Office Christmas Party

Kevin Eikenberry

Several years ago in December, some people asked me for a creative training opener. I posted a version of my idea on the earlier version of this blog then. Last Friday at Remarkable House, I used the exercise with our team at our annual Christmas party. It may be just what you need to make [.].

Ten Ways to Engage Your Workforce in 2012

Strategy Driven

As we start a new year, leaders will once again ask themselves how they can engage their people – often asking employees to do more with less.

Turnarounds and the Big Play | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

I've been in business a long time. My point is this: I've had my share of

CEO 43

7 Keys to Managing Willful Blindness

Leading Blog

We can’t escape willful blindness. “It’s It’s a human phenomenon,” admits Margaret Heffernan, “to which we all succumb in matters little and large.” She explains in Willful Blindness , that it doesn’t always bring us to a disastrous end, it also oils the wheels of social intercourse and it is not inevitable but it is persistent. Go home. Exercise.

How To Make Your Next Twelve Months Your Best Twelve Months

Kevin Eikenberry

If you are reading these words, I know something about you. You are here because you have a desire for more in your life. You want to be a more effective leader, a more productive employee, or you want to advance more rapidly in your career. You also want better health, better relationships, and less [.]. Leadership Learning Personal Development

One Thing You Need To Be A Great Leader


To be more than merely a good leader, there is one thing you need. In the end, people want only a few things from their leaders. frontpage


Tips for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking funding

Chartered Management Institute

Top tips for aspiring entrepreneurs seeking funding from real life experience. Related Content: What are Investors looking for? Is Your Business Model Fit For Purpose? Government announces extension to enterprise finance scheme ELQ decision 'affects adult learning' Skills funding in Highlands. funding Private Equity

Why Giving Praise Doesn't Work

Eric Jacobson

There is an important difference between giving your employees positive feedback and giving them praise.

10 Commandments Of A Great Culture

The Leadership Advisor

Many folks have a view of the Ten Commandments as nothing more than a laundry list of things you shouldn’t do because God will be mad at you.