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Leaders: Stop Trying to Be Efficient

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Let’s cut right to the chase; stop focusing on being efficient – it’s a waste of time. Nobody other than perhaps you really cares how efficient you are, but everyone cares how effective you are.

10 Characteristics of Good Leadership (Repost)

Ron Edmondson

(This time of year I typically share the most popular posts of the year.). Here are 10 characteristics of good leadership: Recognizes the value in other people, so continually invests in others – Good leaders see a large part of their role as developing other leaders.

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A Leadership Paradigm Shift

Coaching Tip

Today's successful organizations have transcended the old style management paradigm. Today's leaders are constantly receiving input and feedback from their employees , so they can better understand the problems and issues one might be challenged with to be more productive at work. .

“Leadership is Marketing” – Peter Drucker Said What?

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by William A. Cohen. Peter F. Drucker was a genius. Unlike Sir Isaac Newton he didn’t choose to spend his time observing that an apple fell down rather than up. Nor did he ponder on the inner workings and hidden mechanisms of the human mind as did Sigmund Freud. Drucker didn’t even care to emulate Albert Einstein and imagine himself on the business end of a beam of light. Instead he spent the better part of his 96 years unraveling the secrets of management.

Feeling Pain and Taking Action

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

With a heavy heart and prayers for the grieving Sandy Hook families and the Newtown community, I have stepped away from blogging and regular online conversation these last few days. Throughout Connecticut we are in shock and devastated.

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Building a Leadership Team That Builds Your Business

Linked 2 Leadership

When it comes to your small business, you only want the best. You have worked hard to build your business and you continue to work hard to keep it flourishing. But growing your business without the right people is a path to ruin. Your Building Blocks to Business When your business reaches a point where it requires [.]. Leading Change Practical Steps to Influence Servant Leadership Team Building Leadership business leadership Management organization Small business

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25 Coaching Questions to Create your 2013 Leadership Development Plan

Great Leadership By Dan

As the year winds down, it’s a good time to reflect on what you’ve accomplished and learned as a leader and what you’d like to focus on for the coming year. Creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a great way to capture those actions and increases your chances of keeping your commitments to yourself. Senior leaders often hire executive coaches to help them create their development plan.

What Does Respect Look Like?

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton The Evolving Graphic This graphic is a revision of one originally published on April 27, 2011 and includes multiple changes based on reader feedback. It was created to help leaders visualize what respectful and ethical behavior looks like in organizations. The Respect Zones The Green Zone is the optimal behavior for [.]. Ethical Leader Ethical Organization ethical behavior ethical leader ethical organization ethics training respectful worplace what is ethical leadership

Another Woman Leader Exits Google and Shares 3 Lessons Learned During Her Tenure

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: Another woman in a senior leadership role at Google has left the company. Earlier this year, Marissa Mayer left Google to become the CEO of Yahoo! Yesterday, Google SVP Shona Brown gathered her team to share the news of her departure.

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Pause, It’s The Moment of Between

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

It is the winter solstice – the darkest day of the darkest week of the year in the northern hemisphere. It is the moment before the balance shifts and light begins to overtake darkness. The darkness has been particularly difficult this week, in the face of horrific tragedy, loss and suffering.

Winning Back Your Wife’s Heart (Repost)

Ron Edmondson

(This time of year I typically share the most popular posts of the year. This is number 8.). I was talking with a man whose wife is experiencing deep depression. As I talked with this man it became apparent that, though probably unknowingly, he had been damaging his wife’s heart for years.

The 10 Elements of Positive Performance Management

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from John Mattone: The fundamental belief underlying Positive Performance Management (PPM) is this: Leaders and their employees must strive to make performance reviews complete, honest, and timely.

Are you ready to kick butt in 2013?

Women on Business

Right now, the idea of kicking butt in 2013 is probably the last thing on your mind. But come January 2, when that alarm clock goes off, you’re going to feel a lot better about facing the New Year with a blueprint for success.

11 Silent Enemies that Wreck Havoc in Life

Rajesh Setty

When you have enemies like these internally, you don’t need external enemies to wreck havoc. Fear of Failure. Every one has fears of failure but your degree of fear of failure will determine your degree of inaction on things that matter.

3 Questions to Be an Entrepreneurial Leader

Linked 2 Leadership

So you have a business idea and are ready to start your journey as an emerging entrepreneur. To ensure you’re ready for the road ahead, you need to have the proper mindset. I feel there are three primary questions you must ask yourself (and answer) before you get started. Or, if you have already started [.]. Coaching Corner EntrepreLeadership rob wolfe

Put on Your Mask First

Kevin Eikenberry

If you have flown very often, you will recognize the following. In the event of a loss of cabin pressure, an oxygen mask will drop down in front of you. To start the flow of oxygen, pull the mask towards you. Place it firmly over your nose and mouth, secure the elastic [.].

2013 Trends and The Power of Women

Women on Business

Guest Post By: Andrea Simon, PhD., president of Simon Associates Management Consultants. Learn more about the author at the end of this post. I was recently asked to think about how 2013 trends will impact women in the work force and how women will impact the trends.

3 Portraits of Employee Involvement

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Change Management Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Team Dynamics Value Creation Workplace Issues In your organization, how much employee input does management get before deciding a course of action? Not much? You might want to rethink that.

Leadership Success: The Culmination of Those Beside You

Linked 2 Leadership

I heard it said once that… “If you show me your friends, I’ll show you your future.” ” Really? When I heard this, I was doubtful because it sounded too ‘hokey’ and ridiculous that the people around you would have such an influence on one’s future state. To test the concept, later that day I sat around with [.].

The Value of Asking ?Why?? | Thoughts for the Everyday Leader

Nathan Magnuson

It's one of my all-time favorite questions. I'm told I asked my parents, ?why?? over and over again as a kid and apparently I've never grown out of it. There's no quicker way to cut to the heart of what's most important, which

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Top 2013 Resolution for Business Women Should Be Saying No

Women on Business

NEWS AND INSIGHTS UPDATE: For many business women, saying “no” is difficult, but learning to say that two-letter word can have a very positive effect on your career, your business, and your life.

The Gift of (Delighted) Customers

Kevin Eikenberry

So I am counting down to Christmas, helping all the leaders who read this by giving them short daily tasks that when done are translated into gifts for them and those they lead. All the details came on on 12/12/12 – here is that background and a list of the previously posted tasks/gifts. I’ve tried [.]. Customer Loyalty Customer Mindset Customer Relationships Leadership Leadership Communication Learning

Recommended Resources – The Complete Executive

Strategy Driven

The Complete Executive : The 10-Step System for Great Leadership Performance. by Karen Wright. About the Book.

The Top 5 Most Popular Leadership and Communication Blog Posts from 2012


With 2012 coming to an end, many of us begin to reflect on the days and months behind us. What’s worked? What hasn’t? What should we start thinking about for 2013? For me, I’ve taken a look at my blog posts from this past year to find out what topics and issues were of greatest interest.

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Tiptoe Through the Tulips No More

Mills Scofield

Well, last week’s post got some great responses. I find it very providential that Jessica Esch has been reading my Jessica Esch "#58 At Last" mind as she’s creating her book ;-).

Change: 5 tips to improve communication and accelerate execution

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Change Management Communication is key to execute a change project. Believing that your team will implement change without fully understanding the objectives or the reasons for the change will lead to failure.

Personal Faith Appears In the Face of Tragedy

Dave Bratcher

Where were you last Friday when you heard the news? The news of another school shooting…this time in Newtown, Connecticut. This time, an elementary school. These people’s Friday started just like every other day, and quickly ended in a way that is inexplicable.

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Organizational Accountability Warning Flag 3 – Artificial Retainer Driven Complacency

Strategy Driven

“The wheel that does the squeaking is the one that gets the grease.” ” Josh Billings (1818 – 1885). American humorist. It’s a natural human tendency to seek the path of least resistance. For executives, managers, and supervisors, this practice translates into assigning the difficult and emergent work activities to top performers, diverting work away from under-performers, and avoiding employee confrontations. The latter action erodes accountability.

Terrible Threes of Parenting: 7 Tips (Repost)

Ron Edmondson

(At the end of the year, I’m re-posting my most read posts of the year.). Young parents will often remind me of a parenting phenomenon that I experienced firsthand. Perhaps you did also.My friend is living through her first “terrible threes”. She has a three year old trying her patience.

Winter, Snow And Other Leadership Musings

The Leadership Advisor

We have had some incredible amounts of snow for the first couple of weeks here in Helsinki. Sure it gets cold and there is a fair amount of snow each year, but rarely does it come this early in the year. We have gotten well over 50cm (20 inches) of snow in a relatively short amount of time.

Making Sense of Sandy Hook

Leadership Freak

There is no making sense of the tragedy at Sandy Hook or other past, present, and future tragedies. Reasons help but they don’t make sense of something. It helps to say the gunman was on drugs or crazy, but only a little. Job, the oldest book in the Christian Bible, confronts human tragedy. At one [.]. Encouragement Leading Personal Growth Leadership Development organizational success religion

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Managers of People, Teach Them to Fish

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues Managers of people, it may seem expedient and even helpful to give answers, but to truly be a leader, it’s best to follow that sage advice about teaching them to fish. One of my clients recently told me about the wake-up call he had when his 10-year-old son accompanied him to work one day. After [.]. Leadership Development Workplace Issues Coaching Leadership Management

Your Business, Your Leadership

Women on Business

The past week has given me the opportunity to observe the management style of a district manager for a fairly well known retailer. As I have had the horror of observing this individual, I’ve noticed that there are some things that entrepreneurs can learn from this horror movie.

The Gift of Creativity

Kevin Eikenberry

Last week, I began a series of posts/leadership tasks designed to provide gifts to those who complete them (and when completed, they manifest gifts for those they lead). I built this 12 day series on the theme of the 12 Days of Christmas (probably my least favorite Christmas song).