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25 Powerful Coaching Questions to Get Where You Want to Go

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Coaching is not just for problems. Coaching helps you avoid problems by providing space to think and be more intentional about your goals and actions. And coaching is especially helpful for getting clarity on where you want to go.

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Five Not-So-Radical Ideas For Nurturing Change


When everything around is constantly changing, it is easy to: Get carried away by latest fads, best practices etc. Execute changes that may not be significant in shifting results to positive direction. Implement solutions to half-baked problem statements.

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Conflict without Casualties

Leading Blog

C ONFLICT is everywhere. Conflict at the most basic level is simply a gap between what we want and what we are experiencing at any given point in time. Conflict is energy, and can be used in positive or negative ways.

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Why Great Leadership Requires the Courage to Accept Pain

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Angela Sebaly : As a leadership coach, I’ve spent decades observing hundreds of people who have strikingly different backgrounds and equally diverse approaches to leadership.

5 “Secrets” Which Can Make You A Better Leader

Ron Edmondson

When I became a leader, I had no clue what I was doing. I was a high school student and had just been elected student body president. I had served as class president and in a few other positions, but there didn’t seem to be a lot of responsibility which stretched me at that point.

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7 Statements Every Leader Needs To Use Regularly 

Ron Edmondson

One of the goals of a leader should be to encourage, strengthen and challenge a team to continually improve. Almost as a cheerleader rousing the crowd at a game, the leader uses his or her influence to bring out the best in others. Much of this is done by the things we say as leaders.

Take Five Everyday

Joseph Lalonde

Our days are constantly filled with activity. Looking at our calendars, we see our days are already penciled in. It’s hard to find time to get everything finished. It’s hard to find time to breathe on some days. We feel overwhelmed with everything going on.

5 Ways to Hack the Power Triangle

Leadership Freak

The difference between average success and remarkable achievement is your ability to hack the power triangle. Each point of the triangle represents a uniquely qualified person you need in your life. 3 power… Continue reading → Personal Growth Strengths Success Taking others higher Teams Leadership Development organizational success

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Three Things Successful People Do!

Marshall Goldsmith

If you’ve read my best-selling book, What Got You Here Won’t Get You There , you know that most of us are successful in spite of certain behaviors. For instance, most highly successful people have the bad habit of Winning Too Much.

7 Seemingly Unproductive Actions Which Are Valuable in Leadership

Ron Edmondson

Much of what a leader does can seem unproductive at times – and that is a good thing. For someone wired for production and progress – a checklist type person – unproductive time may even seem like wasted time.

Four Questions to Keep Your Team Focused and Working on What Matters Most

Let's Grow Leaders

When I look back on my career at Verizon at the times my teams truly knocked it out the park–the times we increased results exponentially and led the Nation in results or had a major turnaround pulling a team out of the abyss, there is one common characteristic.

The Most Dangerous Lies are the Ones We Whisper in our own Ears

Leadership Freak

The danger of self-deception is it feels helpful while it blocks growth. It’s surprisingly easy to feed ourselves a line bull while demonizing dissenters, rejecting disconfirming realities, and affirming ourselves. No high five:… Continue reading → Accountability Humility Leading Personal Growth Growth Leadership Development

How a cow describes your business model

Lead on Purpose

Today I wanted to have a little bit of fun. Long-time readers probably know that I grew up on a cattle ranch, and despite my 20+ year career in products and leadership, I still love cows, horses and the rural … Continue reading → Innovation business cows crowdsourcing freemium subscription

My Top 7 Goals to Accomplish on Easter Sunday/Weekend

Ron Edmondson

Easter. It’s a time of year when churches have an opportunity shared only with Christmas in attracting visitors. Hopefully all of God’s churches will be packed Easter Sunday. That’s my prayer. We’ve had months of praying, planning and preparing.

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Leadership Lessons And Quotes From Marvel’s Iron Fist

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Article Danny Rand (portrayed by Finn Jones, known for his role on Game Of Thrones as Loras Tyrell), the Iron Fist and last Marvel Defender to get his own original Netflix series, burst onto the small screen laden with controversy.

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How to Confront Excuse Makers

Leadership Freak

Excuses are an attempt to lower expectations. Excuse makers are explaining why you should accept lackluster performance. It’s dangerous, degrading, and demoralizing. Excuse makers don’t want you to expect too much from them.… … Continue reading → Accountability Coaching Success Taking others higher Leadership Development organizational success

The 3 T’s of Authority Building for Women

Women on Business

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Four Things United Got Wrong This Week and One It Got Right

Next Level Blog

Then the trouble for United really began. The airline’s CEO Oscar Munoz issued a corporate-speak statement about his regret about having to “re-accommodate” some passengers on the flight. Then an internal memo he wrote to United’s 86,000 employees in which he sided with the flight crew and gate agents was released. That didn’t go over well and the outrage increased. It was at that point that Munoz’ statements evolved into a full mea culpa expressing “shame” over the mistreatment of the passenger.

The Best Time To Plant A Tree

Joseph Lalonde

An ancient Chinese proverb tells us that the best time to plant a tree was 20 ago. The second best time to plant a tree is now. Such wise words that have carried through time. Yet we disregard this piece of knowledge time and again.

Solving Three Reasons Talent Leaves Your Company

Leadership Freak

New Giveaway!! 20 free copies!! Leave a comment on this guest post by Becky Robinson to become eligible to win one of twenty complimentary copies of, Why Motivating People Doesn’t Work and What Does. Deadline:… Continue reading → Author Book Notes

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5 Reasons No One is Following Your Business on Twitter

Women on Business

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Modeling Success: Three Ways to Communicate Effectively Without Words

RapidStart Leadership

Success doesn’t come easy, and the more complex the challenge, the harder it can be to communicate effectively with your team. Sometimes, the more you talk, the more words can get in the way. One way to cut through the noise is modeling success.

7 Ways for Leaders to Deal With Bias

Lead Change Blog

Once upon a time there was a boss who was an extrovert and who preferred working with extroverts. Over time, he quit adding introverts to his team and weeded out those who had joined the team before he took over. He was shocked when a class action discrimination charge was filed against him.

How Doers Derail Teams and Halt Progress

Leadership Freak

Whatever you do, don’t add a doer to a project that’s 25% done.* You might think they’d get the ball rolling. Instead they send teams into tailspins. Doers drain energy and derail progress, when… Continue reading → Leading Teams Leadership Development

Making Feedback Clear

Kevin Eikenberry

There is an interactive exercise that I often do with groups of leaders where we work together to compile a list of ideas for how to make feedback more successful. And there is one idea that makes the list just about every time: Feedback needs to be clear. I completely agree and today I am […].

Tune-In Tonight – 9pm Eastern – SiriusXM Radio Ch125

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Mentor and Coach

Lead Change Blog

Leaders are naturals in developing people around them, because they aim to serve others. They do that by investing the time to get to know their people and understanding their strengths and weaknesses. Leaders are good listeners. They spend more time listening than talking.

Cracking the Doer-Dreamer-Feeler Code

Leadership Freak

Everyone is primarily a doer, dreamer, or feeler. Everyone is all three, but you’re great in one area, average in another, and weak in the third. Choose: Choose your primary lens. Dream, doer,… Continue reading → Strengths Leadership Development organizational success

What It Means to Lead Remotely

Kevin Eikenberry

For the last several years I have led team members who worked elsewhere. And as time as passed my team has become bigger and more scattered; so this subject isn’t academic or theoretical to me, but rather it is the reality I live. And I know I am not alone. If this isn’t your reality […].

Vetrepreneur: Perpetual Payback

General Leadership and the General Leadership Foundation bring Leadership Advice from America's Most Trusted Leaders to You! Read more at [link]. Fail often so you can succeed sooner.”. Tom Kelley, Ideo Partner.

Decision-Making: A Hidden Source of Fatigue and Inefficiency

Lead Change Blog

Let me take you back for a minute. Can you remember the first week of your current job, or the first month you lived in a new city? If you’re able to recollect your state of mind in those days, it probably included a good measure of exhaustion. You were tired.

Am I Stealing Someone Else’s Work??

Women on Business

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Personal Experience Shapes Presence

Coaching Tip

Most leaders love to be strategical, problem-solve and talk about resources, yet hate dealing with people problems. Relationships and people are messy, touchy, and intangible. However, author Diana Jones has discovered that real executive presence results from "blending personal experiences with professional identity." She explains that having presence is about changing your behavior by integrating your emotional responses with your thinking and the actions you take.

Continuing the Mission – Your First 30 Days

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