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The Leadership of Integrity

You're Not the Boss of Me

No amount of ability is of the slightest avail without honour…. Andrew Carnegie. Good leadership relies on our ability to live our lives with courage, strength of character and honesty. It is harder to do than talk about but without it

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Women's Leadership Exchange

Women's Leadership Exchange was included at the table Friday, when I was invited to DC to hear a briefing about the Economic Recovery Act. I then witnessed President Obama signing an executive action officially creating the Economic Recovery Advisory Board, a cross-section of smart government outsiders, including small business owners, advocates for business and labor, Republicans and Democrats, appointed to keep an eye on all things related to the economic - a group that has the President's ear.

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Support Community Moderators: Don’t Tell People to Search

Managing Communities

In January, I wrote about how not to lock topics. Reader Jeremy wrote this comment: There is a certain online forum for a photo gallery I use where the Moderators are just plain mean. A good portion of the time when someone asks a question the moderator is the second or third person to respond, and [.].

The Foreword to Greater Than Yourself

Steve Farber

Many of you know that Patrick Lencioni and Matthew Kelly are bestselling authors. What you don’t know, however, is that over the years they have developed a very unique and noteworthy personal and professional relationship–exactly the kind of relationship I describe (and prescribe, if that ‘s the right word) in Greater Than Yourself. Which is why I asked Pat and Matthew to co-write the foreword to the book. Of course, I’m personally very grateful that they did.

A Leader?

You're Not the Boss of Me

Many years ago, I found this poem. It is one that impressed me and continues to speak to me now. To the best of my knowledge its author continues to be anonymous. Here it is. Enjoy. A Leader? I went on a search to become a leader

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