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The Difference Between Mission Vision Purpose Strategy and Goals

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Confused about the difference between mission and vision? or between purpose and mission? You’re not alone. I am frequently asked about the difference between mission vision purpose strategy and goals, and where do values fit?

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The Leadership Skill No One Talks About

Let's Grow Leaders

The Secret to Transform Your Culture or Results is One Often-Ignored Leadership Skill “I’m so frustrated,” Martin, the Senior Vice President of a rapidly-growing communication hardware company serving the United States, leaned back in his chair and blew a heavy sigh past […].

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3 Mindsets Stopping You from Reaching Your Full Potential as an Entrepreneur

Women on Business

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My Philosophy on Staff Members Serving Outside Church

Ron Edmondson

As a pastor, I had a strong conviction about staff members in regards to one way they should spend their time. I often encouraged our staff to volunteer somewhere in our community.

The Power of Balance – Remarkable TV

Kevin Eikenberry

When most people think about “balance”, they think about it in relation to work and life: work/life balance. And while I am going to discuss this in the video below, it’s not where I am going to start. Instead, I’m starting with a bicycle analogy.

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And Now for a Minor Rant


This is for all of the techies out there. Many of us far-from-tech-savvy folks continue to be perplexed by the lack of simple commands and procedures in software. It seems that what is "intuitive" to techies is not intuitive to the rest of us.

Tips for Hosting Your Own Webinar

Women on Business

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New Ways to Think About Work

Kevin Eikenberry

The idea for this article came to me knowing it would be posted on Labor Day, but the message here knows no season. We all have opinions, beliefs, and experiences with work and because of those things, we have developed working habits.

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The Power in Vulnerability

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Rick Miller: “Never let them see you sweat.” Like many baby-boomers, I heard this and many other similar phrases growing up. The message was clear. Don’t show weakness because it will be exploited. Fast forward to today and you see the opposite is true.

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The Business Woman’s Guide to Smartwatches

Women on Business

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Tips for Leading Older, and Often Wiser, People

Ron Edmondson

In my first management position, I was a 19 year-old college sophomore working full-time and leading a small staff of four people in the men’s clothing area of a major department store. I was placed in the position almost by default, because the previous manager left unexpectedly.

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Three Reasons Technology Won’t Save Your Remote Team

Kevin Eikenberry

If you are on (or lead) a remote team, you have remote technology. You likely have licenses and logins for a variety of tools. You might have even added a new tool, thinking it would be the solution to the woes that face your remote team. And what did you find? Is your team woe-free […].

Backup Appliance vs. Windows Backup: What is Best for Your Business?

Strategy Driven

Every 40 seconds a company is hit with ransomware. These are scary statistics. Does your business have a plan in place in case you are the next victim? A large part of your digital disaster plan should involve your digital backup. There are many options to consider when looking for your safety net.

Didn't See It Coming

Leading Blog

T HERE ARE SEVEN key life challenges that every leader will face to one degree or another. Any one of them has the potential to derail even the best of leaders. But here’s the thing. While they may creep up on us, we can see them coming and apply the proper antidote.

Guaranteed Bull’s-Eye: How to Put Goal Achievement on Automatic

RapidStart Leadership

How can we be sure our efforts will lead to goal achievement? Here’s a unique way one person answered this question, and what we can learn about how to make sure our own efforts result in the goal achievement we hope for.

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As a Leader, Do You Really Trust Your People?

Lead Change Blog

Whether you lead teams of five, 25 or 105,000 people, the level of trust you give goes a long way to determining the success of your organization. Trust is one of the top five leadership “blind spots” our research has shown to be an inhibitor of engagement and performance. You and your organization want and need to deliver great service to differentiate yourself.



[Photo by Wang Xi at Unsplash] Take a walk. Read a classic novel. Delve into some philosophy. Call an old friend. Write a thank-you note. Watch a great film. Listen to some classical music. Avoid being consumed by the crisis of the moment.

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How startups can use reverse mergers to go public

Strategy Driven

There are a number of compelling reasons that a new startup might seek to take itself public. Pubic companies, on the whole, usually have much higher valuations than private firms. They also have a patina of legitimacy and transparency that private companies lack.

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10 Ways To Motivate Your Team

Joseph Lalonde

The struggle in motivating your team is that there are so many different ways to motivate them. Every person on your team is unique. Each one has a unique way they are motivated. The challenge for you is to discover how your team members are motivated.

Management: Communication and Accountability In One-On-Ones


Few managers and leaders are conducting effective one-on-ones and when they do, often miss the mark in making them effective and useful. There is value in learning how to facilitate an effective one-on-one.

The Top Signs You’re a Servant-Leader

Leadership Freak

The first time I was asked what a servant-leader looks like I was dumbfounded. Who wouldn’t know? But after some thought, I realized that some may not understand what to look for when… Continue reading → Humility arrogance Leadership Development

How to Grow Your Startup Business in 2018

Strategy Driven

Nothing can be more exciting for an entrepreneur than watching their business attract many customers, increase its profit margin, and develop a positive reputation. However, business growth can prove a challenge if you do not have the knowledge, tools, and experience to scale your startup.

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September 2018 Leadership Development Carnival

Lead Change Blog

Welcome to the September Leadership Development Carnival. We’re excited to share posts from leadership experts from around the globe on the topics of communication, creativity and inspiration, development, leadership, productivity, team building, and more. We’re especially pleased to welcome Jim Haudan and Rich Berens of Root Inc. as sponsors of this month’s Carnival.

The Physics of Innovation

Leading Blog

A CCORDING to Newton’s law of inertia any body prefers to remain in its present state, and will continue to move (or not) as it has been, unless disturbed sufficiently to be forced – literally – to change direction.

The Skill Leaders Neglect to Their Peril

Leadership Freak

Make a list of essential leadership qualities and you’ll likely leave off an essential to success. The top 21 skills and behaviors of successful leaders: Grit. Compassion. Integrity. Vision. Courage. Passion. Communication. Decisiveness.… … Continue reading → Humility Leadership Development organizational success

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The Big Picture of Business – Entrepreneurs’ Guideposts to Real Business Success

Strategy Driven

There are many romantic notions about entrepreneurship. There are many misconceptions. People hear about entrepreneurism and think it is for them. They may not do much research or may think there are pots of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Prescription Stimulant Addiction in the Workplace: What You Need to Know

Women on Business

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Business Chemistry: What Type Are You?

Leading Blog

T HE BETTER YOU UNDERSTAND yourself and those around you, the easier it is to work with other and as a leader, to give them what they need to excel.

Big-Ego Behaviors in Leadership

Leadership Freak

I called Ken Kragen to confirm a quote. Ken managed superstars like Kenny Rogers, Lionel Richie, Trisha Yearwood, Travis Tritt, Olivia Newton John, The Bee Gees, and more. He was one of the… Continue reading → Humility arrogance Leadership Development leadership success organizational success

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Rest in Peace



How To Build a Better Leadership Development Program

Let's Grow Leaders

Don’t launch a leadership development program until you ask yourself these important questions. If you’ve been a manager for more than a minute, chances are you’ve gone to a lousy leadership development program. We’ll pause here to let you vent your frustrations. […].

Choose intuition over impulse


Photo credit: 123RF. Hard facts aren’t always available to leaders to make a decision. Often when it comes to an action that impacts the people in their organization, they need to call up other resources I themselves to land on the path to take forward.

How to Lead Former Peers

Nathan Magnuson

Have you ever received the good fortune of being promoted to the new leader of your team, only to find that life got complicated and edgy the moment you started? All of a sudden, your peers knew you as “boss” and not just their buddy. There’s a vast difference between the two.

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Random Thoughts


[Photo by Mike Petrucci at Unsplash] Barbarians have one area in which they completely lack candor: They never admit to being barbarians. ~ You may not be able to sweep back the daily waves of paperwork but you'd better figure out how to make the tide recede.

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Why Organizations Need To Shift From Top-Down To Side-To-Side Focus

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest piece by Rick Miller. Most companies have a long-standing issue, worker productivity, yet they try to solve it with the same unsuccessful strategy again and again. Why not try a new strategy?

Protecting Your Small Business: How to Cover the Basics

Strategy Driven

The market offers a lot of opportunities for small businesses to thrive at the moment. There are more chances to expand than ever before, despite many market uncertainties. You have the internet turning the world into one global market and allowing you to tap into more potential customers.

How to Be A Leader As An Individual Contributor

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Pam Didner : When I speak at conferences, I frequently talk to young marketers. One common question they ask is “As an individual contributor, how can I be a leader, if I don’t ‘lead’ a team?” It certainly would be nice if you have a team that you can lead, but it’s not absolutely necessary. I tell them that the pre-requisite of leadership is not having a team to “lead.” Leadership comes in different facets.

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