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A System for the Soft Side of Leadership


Sitting beside a Cisco Systems manager on the way to Sao Paolo, Brazil recently reminded me how our Enlightened Leadership work fits so well for people who are highly educated in a focused area. I'm talking about areas of formal or

Twitter Log XV

Tony Mayo

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Heads Up! Boots on? Bootist Leadership Retreat #2 around the bend…

Anese Cavanaugh

Our retreat in July was so much fun and got such great feedback that we could hardly wait to do another one. The invitation and the website have just about all you need to know, take a look and if you’re ready to climb on, register fast. Space truly is limited, the group will be cozy to ensure a rich level of engagement and personal attention, and super early bird savings of $500 end on October 2 nd. Invitation here. Leading With Boots On…The Official Bootism Website

More on bridging the PM/Executive communications gap

Crossderry Blog

I hope I didn't scare you off the latest PM Network (September 2009) with my recent lament about a column (my lament is here). The piece assumed that we still needed to convince PMs that they had to be business savvy


Managing Leadership

We want to make an end to strife, to balance the warring factions of our lives, of the demands they make of us, and we of them. Just some peace and quiet, please, for once. Why is that so difficult, so fraught with fruitless struggle and seemingly endless failure? Well, one reason is that we tend to focus exclusively on ourselves, on what we want from life.

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Who cares

Managing Leadership

Most discussions about reconciling one’s person with one’s work – particularly when we wake up one day to find that we’ve been, for decades perhaps, neglecting that little point - tend to start with a reexamination of who we are. What kind of a person are we, or do we want to be, we ask ourselves. As we look back across those unexamined years, can we discern a plot struggling to leave its mark in the otherwise featureless terrain, a trajectory to our lives? What kind of story does it tell?

Be Humble

Eric Jacobson

The best leaders possess a host of skills, natural talents and learned behaviors that make them successful. Leaders are also humble. Perhaps Margaret Thatcher said it best when she declared: "Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren't.". Gaining Respect General Management Skills

Dust Off Your Dreams

Women in the LEAD

Dust-Off-Your-Dreams. “If If you have unfulfilled dreams, and visions of greater prosperity and success tucked in a corner of your mind, don't keep them there any longer. Dare to bring them out and dust them off. Dare to begin thinking of

Make This Sunday Your Ideal Sunday In About 4 Minutes

Self Help Zen

Today is a Sunday and you are dealing with it in your own way. Sleeping, dreaming, partying, working, planning or doing whatever you have to do today. Let me invite you to to invest 4 important minutes and answer the following questions. Is this your ideal Sunday? Meaning, do you think you are in the best of your times? If not, what is in your way? Why do you think you are not in the best of your times? What steps you can take to make this Sunday best of your times? What are you waiting for?

Hello world!

Managing Leadership

Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging

End Your Meetings With A To Do List

Eric Jacobson

Every time you host a meeting, be sure to end it with an actionable To Do list. First, briefly recap what was discussed. Then, make the To Do assignments, stating what needs to be done and by whom it needs to be done. Include a due date for each To Do. Sending a follow-up e-mail to your meeting attendees that includes your discussion highlights and the To Do list will keep everyone on the same page. It will also ensure there is no confusion about the accountability for each assigned To Do.

Peter Schiff in 2006

Orrin Woodward

Peter Schiff is one of the best commentators on Austrian Economics, Political Liberties, and our Founding Fathers in America today. In 2006, Peter debated the bulls at a mortgage broker conference. He stated that America was in a real

WOMEN: Putting Our Work in Perspective

Women in the LEAD

10-5-2009 1-22-04 PM Why is it that some days just start out on a path that within a few hours, your day feels frazzled and chaotic? Even with all the lists made and priorities highlighted, somehow we somtimes unintentionally get

Manage thyself

Managing Leadership

When we consider the question of how to manage others, we typically picture those others as more or less blank slates upon which we can write our magic stories. Or, at least, we imagine them to be fellow travelers, but with no baggage – nothing to disturb the expression or question the validity of the model of management we are being taught to apply with (or on) them.

Develop Your Middle Layer

Eric Jacobson

As a manager and leader, your focus may gravitate toward your lower level employees and your higher level employees on your team. But, don't forget your middle-layer employees who appreciate your attention and coaching, and your training and opportunities for new challenges. Often these employees are more eager to learn and to tackle new projects because they have the drive to move up and to learn new skills. And they recognize they have a shorter path to achieve advancement.

How To Practice Dominance 10

Utpal Writes

Be real gem at what you do… as a leader, a manager, a doer… or all three. First, clearly communicate your expectations then inspect what you expect. Know exactly what you are doing. Articulate reasons behind it every now and then

Society Disempowers The Individual – Can We Take Our Power Back?

Women in the LEAD

IMG_0073C. Because society is not happy, society disempowers the individual. And so, every lifetime you have ever participated in, as in every lifetime that we have participated in, we have been reaching for the new thought

Just management

Managing Leadership

Behind many of the current political disputes in the US lately is the question of justice. It is remarkable – isn’t it? – how stridently partisans can depict versions of it that may be mutually comprehensible, but that are decidedly not mutually reconcilable.

Make A Lasting Impact

Eric Jacobson

Leaders make an impact every day. Really good leaders leave a lasting impact -- often, long after they have left a company or organization. Many of the things I write about in this Blog are behaviors my second supervisor in my career taught me. He's moved on to other places. But, on my 25th anniversary at the company where I worked, I emailed him to thank him for the leadership skills he taught me that I am still using today. As a leader, work hard to make a lasting impact.

Make Best of It Before It Becomes Outmoded

Utpal Writes

It is a Hard Disk which could store 5 MB of data! On 13th September 1956, IBM unleashed the 305 RAMAC, the first computer with HDD – It weighted over a ton. RAMAC stood for “Random Access Method of Accounting and Control” The original

Women in the LEAD: WOMEN: Leadership Lessons from Rosa Parks

Women in the LEAD

Some leaders teach us lessons that transcend time, situation, and distance. As I've been watching recent reactions to change in many directions, I've thought many times of Mrs. Rosa Parks' example, as the well-known Mother of the Civil


Managing Leadership

Surely you’ve had occasion now and then to discuss a particularly problematic junior. Perhaps he or she passively resists your instructions, disputes the wisdom of your guidance, or even actively foments dissension in your team. In the event, you probably have also received advice from your peers – or even your own bosses – that purports to make the issue as straightforward as can be: you’re the boss, they’re the employee, that’s all anyone needs to know.

Read To Lead

Eric Jacobson

Leaders are always learning. They readily welcome new ideas, suggestions and techniques. Successful leaders also do a lot of reading about how to become even more effective. A book a colleague recommended to me is one I recommend to you. It's called "Execution -- The Discipline Of Getting Things Done." Particularly powerful are the seven behaviors of strong leaders that the book mentions on page 57: 1. Know your people and your business. Insist on realism. Set clear goals and priorities.

Seven Deadly Viruses Which Can Infect Your Software Projects and.

Utpal Writes

This is the title of my first guest post on is a great site devoted to Project Management. It is maintained by Josh Nankivel who is a great human being and passionate about helping new and aspiring project

Into the mind of your Competitor

Chartered Management Institute

You do not have to be an expert in Competitive Intelligence (C.I.) to realise that the economy has undergone significant realignment over the last year remonding us all that business is inter-dependent. This article will introduce you to the power of C.I. and some of the analytical thought patterns required. Related Content: Where to start when analysing your rivals What is your Competitors strategic intent? You are not watching this post, click to start watching read more. competitors

“Yo, the Sun Don’t Shine Forever, But As Long As It’s Here, Then We Might As Well Shine Together”

Managing Communities

This is the video for “Victory&# by Diddy featuring The Notorious B.I.G. and Busta Rhymes. It’s a masterpiece and one of my favorite music videos of all times. It’s an awesomely inspiration song and quotable in so many ways. During Diddy’s opening verse, he opens with this gem: “yo, the sun don’t shine forever, but as [.].

Seven Promises That I and My Project Team Members Make To Ourselves

Utpal Writes

As a project team we promise that: We will accept tasks only which we think we're capable to accomplish. We would say “No” whenever necessary. We will be direct and genuine in planning and reporting scope, schedule staffing and budget

Make This Sunday Your Ideal Sunday In About 4 Minutes

Utpal Writes

Today is a Sunday and you are dealing with it in your own way. Sleeping, dreaming, partying, working, planning or doing whatever you have to do today. Let me invite you to to invest 4 important minutes and answer the following questions

Social Media Business Forum Panel Details

Managing Communities

On October 23 in Durham, North Carolina, I’ll be speaking at Social Media Business Forum. I’m featured on a pair of panels during the first half of the day’s programming. From 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, I’ll be participating in the “Advertising and the Social Web: Can it Work?&# session with Gregory Ng, the Creative Director [.].