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We Live in A Downstream World

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You and a friend are having a picnic by the side of a river. Suddenly you hear a shout from the direction of the water—a child is drowning. Without thinking, you both dive in, grab the child, and swim to shore. Before you can recover, you hear another child cry for help.

BACK TO NORMAL? No, Thank You!

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Living through Covid-19 and all the talk about getting back to normal reminded me of a time not so long ago. In December of 2016, I experienced a terrible fall on ice which resulted in a fractured hip and femur. Louie was as traumatized as I was, through the journey of falling and consequent surgery.

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7 Quick and Easy Ways to Prioritize Your Mental health & Wellbeing

Career Advancement

“It’s up to you today to start making healthy choices. Not choices that are just healthy for your body, but healthy for your mind.” ? Steve Maraboli. The spread of COVID-19 has brought dramatic changes upon workplaces around the world.

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You’re Doing Just Fine During This Crisis Even If You’re Not Growing

Joseph Lalonde

It’s easy to get sucked into the world of Facebook or Instagram during times of crisis. You can lose yourself in fun images, inspirational quotes, and social media squabbles. I know I’ve lost myself in social media more than I’d like. I love seeing stupid memes, what’s going on in friend’s lives, and how I’m […] The post You’re Doing Just Fine During This Crisis Even If You’re Not Growing appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. Personal Developmen

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How Businesses are Managing the New Reality of Work: A Paycor Survey

We wanted to know how COVID-19 impacted businesses and their workforces. Did they need government funds? How many workers did they layoff or furlough? Are employees working from home now? How’s team morale? And perhaps most importantly, what are their plans for the future? This guide offers a pretty good idea of how business leaders are feeling, what keeps them up at night, and what approaches they’re taking to solve problems. Download the guide to see all the survey results and where your organization might stand comparatively.

Entrepreneurial Leadership

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Y OU don’t have to be an entrepreneur to be an entrepreneurial leader. Entrepreneurial leadership is a mindset. It is a mindset that is even more critical in today’s unstable world and is the sine qua non of crisis leadership. Joel Peterson has been around the block serving as a leader in various roles—CEO, CFO, founder, investor, entrepreneur—and is currently the chairman of JetBlue Airways and a professor at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business.

Leaders Share Support Resources for Times of Crisis: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

During this extremely challenging time, it’s so heartwarming to see so many people doing all they can to be helpful. We’ve been so grateful to receive the amazing support resources coming from our Frontline Festival contributors. The array of quality tools and […]. The post Leaders Share Support Resources for Times of Crisis: A Frontline Festival appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Frontline Festival

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Quotes And Leadership Lessons From The Naked Gun: From the Files of Police Squad!

Joseph Lalonde

A Reel Leadership Flashback Article. With the shelter-at-home orders still in place and the COVID-19 pandemic still in full effect, movie theaters are not open. New movies aren’t releasing. This means it’s time for another Reel Leadership Flashback article.

Leading Thoughts for April 23, 2020

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I DEAS shared have the power to expand perspectives, change thinking, and move lives. Here are two ideas for the curious mind to engage with: I. John W. Gardner on dealing with the divisions in our society: “No society can successfully resolve its internal conflicts if its only asset is cleverness in the management of these conflicts. It must also have compelling goals that are shared by the conflicting parties; and it must have a sense of movement toward these goals.

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How to Be a Better Leader as Your Responsibilities Scale

Let's Grow Leaders

Transitions in scope and scale are tricky. If you continue to approach your work exactly the same as you did at the last level, you will surely fail. On the other hand, if you abandon all your best characteristics and approaches that […].

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How Many Hats are You Trying to Wear?

Kevin Eikenberry

All of us wear many hats. We are friend, neighbor, sibling, and mentor. And we are also parent, employee, leader, spouse, and in many cases now, a teacher. Managing multiple roles has been part of your life, but now it is a different ballgame.

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COVID & the Future of Work: Insights from Paycor’s C-Suite

In Paycor’s newest report, our Chief Executive and Group Leaders consider how your clients will recruit, manage their workforce, optimize benefits, and foster employee experience in the new normal of 2020 and beyond. For actionable insights and tips download and share our guide with your clients!

This is What TRUSTworthy Leadership Looks Like in Turbulent Times

Lead Change Blog

As I write this in mid-April 2020, it appears that here in the United States we may be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel of the COVID-19 pandemic. Several areas in the country are starting to report a decrease in the number of new infections, which mirrors the experience of several countries around the world.

How To Support Your Team During The Coronavirus Crisis

Joseph Lalonde

The Coronavirus has shown us how quickly businesses can be shut down. Government mandates can come quickly. They can effectively make your business grind to a halt. If you’re not prepared. Once a government mandate comes to close your business, what do you do? You’ve probably chosen to send your team home to work remotely […] The post How To Support Your Team During The Coronavirus Crisis appeared first on Joseph Lalonde. Crisis Leadership

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5 Ways The Science Of Storytelling Strengthens Businesses

Tanveer Naseer

Skillful and strategic storytelling is widely viewed as the most effective way to communicate information, inspire others to take action, and build relationships in ways that benefit businesses.

How to Be Productive While Working Remotely

Lead from Within

From a distance, working from home looks great. The illusion is that it gives you more flexibility and agility to get things done. But research has found that working from home can be challenging, especially if you don’t know how to focus your energy or schedule your time.

Why HR Technology Matters Now More Than Ever

When a crisis hits, HR technology gives business leaders the data, tools, and support to make important business decisions quickly. In this report, Josh Bersin breaks down the 4 key benefits of HR tech and demonstrates through case studies how business leaders can leverage it to solve problems and grow. Download this report to learn more!

5 E’s of Effective Virtual Communication

Lead Change Blog

The COVID-19 pandemic has turned many businesses on their heads overnight, as people have had to adjust to remote working. Many industries that had been resisting allowing team members to work at home have, in a matter of a few days, had to pivot and adapt to this new norm. For both team members and employers, there have been challenges to navigate along the way. Not least of all is that employers have had to trust that team members will do the work.

5 Ethical Dimensions of IoT Leadership (Part 3)

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Part 1 in this Series on 5 Ethical Dimensions of IoT Leadership focused on the importance of Ethical Foresight. Part 2 introduced 5 Ethical Dimensions of the IoT and explored the 1st dimension - Ethical Design. Part 3 discusses Legal Compliance, the 2nd dimension.

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How to Build Teams that Trust Each Other

Leadership Freak

I asked top leaders to respond to three questions: What three words describe a great team? What three problems hinder great teamwork? What three things do great teams habitually do? They wrote about… Continue reading → Teams Trust Leadership Leadership Development organizational success

Transforming Resistance Into Acceptance

Kevin Eikenberry

As a leader, you are often the face of change. Hopefully, we are leading changes that will improve the results and circumstances in our organizations. And whenever someone introduces change, as sure as the sun will rise tomorrow, resistance will surface.

Workplace Mask Policy & Return to Work Templates

Paycor’s comprehensive checklist and customizable letters will help you re-start your business and welcome your team back to a new normal.

Master Your Motivation

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Motivation is at the heart of everything you do and everything you want to do but don’t. Unfortunately, the ways we typically motivate ourselves don’t work. Relying on sheer determination eventually becomes exhausting—it’s not sustainable. And even setting goals can backfire, if you’re not setting them for the right reasons. Traditional “motivators” such as fear, guilt, or the promise of a reward provide low-quality, short-term energy.

10 Ways to Manage Energy and Avoid Leadership Burnout

Let's Grow Leaders

Feeling tired, burned out, or listless? You might just need a good night’s sleep – or you may need to make some changes to how you manage your energy as a leader. In this episode, you’ll get ten ways to manage […]. The post 10 Ways to Manage Energy and Avoid Leadership Burnout appeared first on Let's Grow Leaders. Feeling tired, burned out, or listless?

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How Successful Leaders Navigate Disruption

Leadership Freak

Success in disruption is a function of opportunity, humility, talent, and focus – the elimination of distraction. Ego hinders meaningful contribution. Avoid Superhero Syndrome. Superhero-leaders work too hard rescuing others. It feels good… Continue reading → energy Marks of leaders Success vulnerability Leadership Development leadership success

CEO Marketing Priorities

N2Growth Blog

COVID-19 has made CEO marketing priorities synonymous with survival. CEOs who have a focused, crisp, creative, and clear message, and who understand how to best communicate that message, will navigate the pandemic better than their less-skilled peers. The following are five tips to help CEOs refine and distribute their message during the coronavirus pandemic. Embrace Distance : Virtual is your new best friend.

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9 Ways to Manage Costs and Prepare for Future Growth

SMB leaders are working day and night to navigate the COVID-19 crisis. Successfully managing it requires the CFO and HR leader to make complex decisions quickly, without rushing into an uncoordinated response. Foremost among these decisions will be cost containment. The way organizations manage costs now will determine how well they perform during and after COVID-19. Download our guide and start preparing for the future today.

The Opportunity to Slow Down and Straighten Everything Out

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How do you buy your milk? Still walking through the grocery store to get your milk? Thanks to the COVID-19 crisis, we no longer buy our milk in a grocery store. Entering a grocery store represents an unnecessary risk. After COVID-19, I will not return to the old way of buying groceries. What a colossal waste of time! How many other sacred habits can / should I sacrifice next? Sales Culture Sales Strategy

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A Framework for Leadership Action in the VUCA of the Pandemic

Next Level Blog

If you’re an organizational leader it’s likely that you’ve heard of VUCA somewhere along the way. First developed by Warren Benni s and Burt Nanus and popularized by the U.S. Army War College at the end of the Cold War, VUCA is a framework that leaders can use to think about how to respond in environments that are: V olatile, U ncertain, C omplex, and A mbiguous.

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How to Defeat Distraction and Heighten Satisfaction

Leadership Freak

I haven’t been a fan of all the mumbo jumbo about being present, until recently. Maybe I had too much to do? Stress and anxiety reveal the danger of distraction and power of… Continue reading → Personal Growth Stress Taking others higher Growth Leadership Development

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Will A Master’s Degree In Business Management Improve Your Employment Prospects?

Tanveer Naseer

While most people already realise that there is a correlation between better career opportunities and a higher level of education, how much of an advantage does completing a master’s degree offer compared to completing an undergraduate qualification? And will completing a master’s degree help to improve your employment prospects? Click to continue reading. Guest Posts career education skilled work

HR Benchmark Report: How to Recruit, Coach & Develop Teams

Do you really want a team of all-stars? Instead of trying to hire all Type A high performers, research shows it’s much more effective to hire a mix of personalities. In this report, Paycor will explain why and how to go about assembling, coaching, and developing effective teams at work.

Generation Why Not: A New Way to Lead and Get the Most Out of Our Inter-Generational Workforce

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Ruth Klein: Much has been written about generational tension in the workplace. As is often the case, the tension stems from a fundamental misunderstanding. And, like most misunderstandings, perception issues and a lack of communication are at the very heart of it. As leaders, we have to understand what’s true about those we lead. Believing a misconception will keep us from doing our best and that’s not acceptable. So, let’s take a look at just one misconception.

30+ Best Practice Ideas from Leaders for Leaders to Engage Their Teams During COVID-19


As we’re all adjusting to new ways of working, we’re finding out quickly what works well and what may no longer be effective as we lead our teams (and from a distance, for many of us) through these uncertain times.

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7 Ways to Fuel Energy During a Pandemic

Leadership Freak

The good ole days seem sweeter during a pandemic. In the afternoons, I put in earphones and listen to James Taylor, Neil Young, Eric Clapton, the Beatles, and others. Familiarity during disruption fuels… Continue reading → Leading

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Why Its a Bad Idea to Hire Someone Like Yourself

Lead from Within

There’s a weakness shared by many leaders—one that spans cultures and industries—and most aren’t even aware that it’s a weakness. It’s this: in hiring, most leaders gravitate toward people they can relate to, people they can get along with and enjoy working with. While the results of such hires may not be disastrous, they fall short of being the best choice for you and your team. When you hire someone like you , you’re duplicating a skill set, a background or a perspective—or all three.

3 Reasons to Invest in a Learning Culture: RECRUIT, RETAIN, ENGAGE

One of the least explored and most effective ways to drive recruiting, retention, and overall employee engagement is to establish a learning culture. If this is an area where you need help (or if you could just use a refresher) let Paycor walk you through actionable tips and insights on how you can develop the learning culture that works best for your business.