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The DISC Model of Human Behavior – A Quick Overview | Guy Harris.

The Recovering Engineer

As a teenager and young adult, I thought people were totally irrational and unpredictable. In my thirties, I learned about patterns of behavior that people tend to follow in many areas of their lives and in many situations

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How to Conduct a “Customer Listening Session” | Top Executive.

Tony Mayo

Top executive coach Tony Mayo explains how to conduct a Customer Listening Session

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A Rule for Relationships: Forgive the Small Things

Building Personal Strength

Yesterday, as we prepared to go the gym for our morning workout, my wife discovered that she had misplaced her car keys. We searched for ten minutes and finally found them in the car, still in the ignition.

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What a Stroke Victim Taught Me about Life

Your Voice of Encouragement

Sometimes a single experience, lasting but a few moments, can alter your perspective for the rest of your life. While visiting my mother-in-law in her nursing home, my husband and I met two of her best friends, a couple married 63 years

“It's cold in here” and Other Fighting Words | Guy Harris: The.

The Recovering Engineer

This post continues the thought I introduced in my last post – stating opinions as facts. I have noticed that people often state their ideas in a factual way when they are actually only opinions or perceptions

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Leadership Skill Development: Leadership During Chaos


I was waiting for my flight from Richmond, Virginia after presenting “Leadership Made Simple” to 150 managers of a large companionship headquartered there. That is when I experienced impressive leadership in the midst of chaos

5 Reasons to Share Your Calendar Today

2020 IT Leader

Diaries hold many secrets, whether accessible or not… Here are 5 reasons to share your calendar today! From all demands placed on Executives today, Peter Drucker identified the biggest one is on their Time and so before you can manage others, you must manage yourself and your own time. Your diary or calendar is one of [.] No related posts. Developer of People

The Asteroid That Cleared the Way for Intelligent Life

Building Personal Strength

Last week I read a fascinating article from Reuters out of London that reported a panel of 41 scientists from around the world met to discuss the various theories of why the dinosaurs, which had dominated life on Earth for about 100 million years, suddenly became extinct 65 million years ago.

Leader-Member Exchange Theory


Originally referred to as the “vertical dyad linkage theory,” Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) has been the subject of much research (and an upgraded name). LMX focuses on the interactions between leaders and an individual follower. The leaders relationship to the follower unit as a whole is viewed a series of these individual relationships. These relationships are referred to as vertical dyads. Leadership’s focus, then, should be on developing these dyads.

Week 10 Performance Report — Operation Dunk 2010

Crossderry Blog

As you may have guessed by the absence of performance reports, Operation Dunk 2010 was stalled for a bit. I allowed the demands of work and family to get in the way, but we're back on the beam. Luckily, the damage wasn't too great


Credit comes later

Lead on Purpose

In many careers, applause and acknowledgment are awarded soon after success happens. CEOs are praised for their vision. Top salespeople are rewarded with high commissions. Innovative engineers are recognized for their inventions

FORTUNE COOKIE - Self-Confidence

Building Personal Strength

A friend of mine is a retired professor of psychology. I once encouraged him to try SCUBA diving. It's quite safe once you get some experience with the equipment, and millions of people have learned how. I described the wonders of the very different underwater world.

Team building in Thai | Teamwork Thailand | Team Development

Talent Technologies

Talent Technologies helps Thai and Asian companies develop their teams. In this article we look at the difference between team building and team development to help you decide which of the two is likely to work best for you

Innovative innovation myths

Crossderry Blog

Here's an old column I've meant to comment on for a while. Dan Woods's Jargon Spy is almost always a good read, and his take on The Myth of Crowdsourcing punctures some of the more cherished notions of social media and its power to

Why Social Media Is The Greatest Thing Since Sliced Bread – And.

Terry Starbucker

j0441778 Think for a second about what sliced bread did for humanity. Seriously. Why else would all new products or innovations be compared to it since it was first sold in 1928? It was just another consumer convenience, allowing us to

Planets Collided and Life Was Made Possible

Building Personal Strength

How old is the Earth? How did it form? Why does Earth have conditions that support life? Scientists are still pursuing answers, but what they've learned so far is fascinating.

Kerr's Folly & Indian Hockey

Ravi Pratap Singh


Why can't we plan for leadership?

Crossderry Blog

Glen Alleman asks “Why is it so hard?” and focuses on one of the most difficult line items for IT projects to fund: project/program management, including contract planning and controls. I've had varying success in positioning these

Don't Be A Victim of Success (Keep Climbing)

Terry Starbucker

climbing You set a goal, and with a lot of hard work, you hit it. You've achieved success. Now what? That's the critical question in sustaining a long and fruitful career, or keeping a business at the heights of profitability

Never Give Up, Part I - Leonard and Hearns "Showdown" in 1981

Building Personal Strength

I’m a sports fan. I love the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat. Thanks to television, I’ve witnessed some of the greatest moments in the history of sports.

Handsome And Consistent Returns That Lie Hidden Somewhere In Your Mind

Self Help Zen

Being people dependent seems easier to many business owners and that’s what they choose over making their business a system of (proven) systems. Photo Credit: nDevilTV's Flickr photostream. They bank on people’s ability over systems.

Firing Employees – The New Manager's Field Guide to Termination.

Survive Your Promotion

Sometimes as a manager you have to let people go. It's an ugly truth and ideally it won't be a big part of your job, but sooner or later you will encounter a situation where a team member is not working out. Knowing how to handle that

Don't Let E-mail Zap Productivity

Eric Jacobson

The typical at-desk employee in the workplace loses 2.1 hours of productivity every day to interruptions and distractions, reports Basex, an IT research and consulting firm. Those interruptions come from e-mail alerts, instant messages

What Athletes Say about Being Strong for Life

Building Personal Strength

Not long after returning from Vietnam, I arrived on the Duke University campus to attend graduate school. My professors were impeccable people, but not all of my classmates welcomed me. I remember one sweetheart called me a "baby-killer." She had embraced some kind of stereotype about military officers. For the record, my memory of my colleagues in uniform was that they were all unique individuals - a practically infinite range of personalities, talents and interests. Just like other people.

Who's wagon is your star hitched to?

Roundtable Talk

There are lots of ways you can unwittingly derail your career. One of the more interesting ones is to hitch your star onto your boss's wagon. I have a “friend” who we'll call Ricardo, who is absolutely brilliant


Is it the shoes?

Survive Your Promotion

Remember the old Nike commercial with Michael Jordan and Spike Lee? If you don't, thanks to the wonders of YouTube here it is: So it's an anti-ad, we all got that part. Michael Jordan would be great in his bare feet but Nike doesn't

Be A Better Listener

Eric Jacobson

March is Listening Awareness Month according to the International Listening Association. Being a good listener is absolutely essential to being an effective leader. When you really listen, you: Remember names and facts correctly. Hear "between the lines." Show respect.

You Don't Need In Order To Succeed: 7

Utpal Writes

Just the qualifications – but the ability to learn from anything and everything. Something beyond the current education system or known best practices! Perfect family environment – It's good if you get that, not a showstopper otherwise

American Freedom & Austria's Experience with Totalitarianism

Orrin Woodward

Freedom isn't free and people who treat it lightly are likely to lose it. Throughout the history of mankind, people have yearned to be free from the yoke of tyranny and oppression. Freedom is a blip on the screen of a long history of

There's No Such Thing as “Leadership for Women”

Survive Your Promotion

Lately I've been receiving a lot of requests and suggestions about developing a leadership program for women. I'm assuming this is because people have noticed that I'ma woman and that I talk a lot about leadership

Women in the LEAD: The Essential Feminine “Living Room” Opens.

Women in the LEAD

Because women have natural attributes that include collaboration and team building, The Essential Feminine Company is opening its "Living Room" for conversation and networking with the aim of building a community of global women who

Handsome And Consistent Returns That Lie Hidden Somewhere In Your Mind

Utpal Writes

Being people dependent seems easier to many business owners and that's what they choose over making their business a system of (proven) systems. Photo Credit: nDevilTV's Flickr photostream. They bank on people's ability over systems

Who's race are you running?

Roundtable Talk

During the height of the 80's talk show wars, an upstart named Oprah Winfrey told her team to stop looking at Sally Jesse Raphael et al and said “we're running our own race here”. There's no question that her strategy seems to have paid

Employee Engagement…What's in a Name? | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

Last summer I was spending a lot of time at the hospital. My husband had had a serious stroke and so my days were spent largely going to and fro, admittedly in a bit of a haze. I didn't have time to notice too much of anything outside