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The asymmetry of give and take

Tony Mayo

The Great Recession has lead many of my executive coaching clients to reduce 401(k) contributions, celebrations, work hours (through furloughs), and cut other employee perqs. These leaders often explain the reductions as prudent

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Take Charge of How Your Community Members Perceive You

Managing Communities

photo credit: mikeporcenaluk I had a conversation with a member on one of my communities the other day. I had sent him a notification to let him know he had violated the guidelines and his reply was fine, he was apologetic, but he said that he didn’t like being “told off.&# And that just didn’t [.].

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What we want from work

Managing Leadership

Our relationship with work is peculiar and complicated. We work to maintain ourselves, of course, but that maintenance is at least as important psychically as it is physically. Unfortunately, much of the advice offered by management – and, it must be said, especially “leadership” – gurus over recent decades has distorted the psychic element, turning it back in on itself.

Can Confusion Lead to Clarity?

Women's Leadership Exchange

Is it just me, or do you feel in the midst of a world of confusion? Nothing seems to be as we believe it should be. Just when you think you may be able to get control, the rug gets pulled out from you. Some economists report that we are pulling out of the recession, yet few are shopping and people's pockets are empty. Small businesses are struggling to stay alive. Even the weather has us off balance - Okay, enough sturm and drang! How do we get clarity out of this confusion and. emotional upset?

Chronic stress damages brain. Relaxation heals it.

Tony Mayo

…chronically stressed rats lost their elastic rat cunning and instead fell back on familiar routines and rote responses, like compulsively pressing a bar for food pellets they had no intention of eating. regions of the brain

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Listen Carefully

Eric Jacobson

Being an expert listener is one of the most powerful things you can do as a manager. When you listen carefully to your employees, you'll gain their respect and you'll learn more about what's going on within your organization. Listening involves much more than what you hear. When you listen carefully, you are maintaining eye contact with the person speaking. You are watching for non-verbal clues, body language, gestures and facial expressions.

Formatting The PC 10

Self Help Zen

Please do anything of the following if you really know what you’re doing. There are ways where you do not need to perform any of the below steps. This is one of the many ways of doing the same. Take backup of. Addressees and Email data from Email Clients (E.g. Outlook Express, Thunderbird or Microsoft Outlook). Documents & Settings > Profile (Favorite, History, User specific documents (My Documents) etc.). Music Playlists. Each of your browser profiles and plug-in stored data.

Castigating capitalism

Managing Leadership

There appears to be a lot of excoriating of liberal free-market capitalism going on lately. And not just on a macro-level. The presumption that the supposedly inherent evils of this philosophy have been exposed by the current financial crisis is being reflected at various levels and in sundry spheres of society – and even in our workplaces.

Interview with the Cranky Product Manager

Lead on Purpose

One of the most intriguing online personalities is the Cranky Product Manager. For those of you not familiar with the Cranky PM, she is “a fictional product management professional at a fictional enterprise software vendor named

Tailor Your Motivation Techniques

Eric Jacobson

If you manage a team of more than a couple employees, chances are that each person is motivated by something different. As their manager, learn what motivates each person on your team and tailor your motivation techniques accordingly. You'll find that most people are motivated by much more than money. Some want and need routine praise. Others seek public recognition for a job well done, while some people prefer less public acknowledgement.

Punishment 10

Self Help Zen

Gives a temporary solution. Punisher (e.g. the boss) has to be constantly present. Does not teach what is appropriate. Produces increased fear in the mind of receiver. Demotivates the receiver and makes him less effective. Produces negative emotional side-effects. Encourages rigid and inflexible behavior patterns. Can result in counter-aggression or counter-control. Has a cascading bad-effect. Reaches to the bottom immediately. Never helps the business (or personal relationship or anything).

Memorializing mendacity

Managing Leadership

We are approaching what is becoming acknowledged as the anniversary of the “beginning” of the current financial crisis that began in the US – according to the conventional wisdom, with the fall of Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008 – and which has since swept around the world. And what a year this event has ushered in, and what changes it has wrought! These have not, of course, been limited to finance, economics, or even business.

Don't hesitate

Lead on Purpose

Just do it The famous Nike advertising campaign taught us to just do it! When an opportunity arises, it's a wise person who takes advantage. Why does it seem so difficult, so risky at times to jump at new opportunities

Support Mentoring

Eric Jacobson

Sports heroes mention their mentors at award ceremonies. Successful business people thank their mentors at career milestone celebrations. Young adults who become accomplished acknowledge their mentors when asked who was influential in their success. Mentoring is indeed powerful. Most managers have been both a mentor and a mentee at some point in their careers. Sometimes, though, not everyone understands the important difference between informal mentoring and formal mentoring.


Women in the LEAD

istock_000005179233small Some years ago, I was working as a strategic partner with a Fortune 100 company. Within the company, there were lots of people putting themselves and their work in the limelight on an issue that was popular at

Twenty Traits Of Software Project Sponsors Who Have The Power To.

Utpal Writes

Do not allow enough time to put systems in place. Do not want to be reasonable. Consistently demand what is not practical — cannot stand genuine confrontation. Mostly shouting and yelling over the calls — discouraging tones

Were You a Forum Spammer? Looking to Redeem Yourself and Get Back on the Right Side? Start Here

Managing Communities

photo credit: brownpau In July, I discussed the Sports Legends Challenge saga a bit and I posted an investigative piece on my personal blog outlining the unethical tactics they used. Suffice to say, it’s spam, spam and more spam. Not just spam, but devious, misleading spam. And tons of it. But, I got to thinking… let’s [.]. How Should I Participate

Lead By Example

Eric Jacobson

Because I believe leading by example is one of the most powerful things a manager can do to ensure success for his or her employees, I'll start each month of my Blog with my "Lead By Example" posting. Try any or all of the following actions and your employees will learn to emulate your winning style: * Praise when compliments are earned. * De decisive. * Say "Thank You" and sincerely mean it. Show and demonstrate trust. Communicate clearly. Listen effectively. Teach something new.


Women in the LEAD

istock_000003380317medium-dkennedy-sm Do you ever get stuck making a decision? Do the questions Can I? Will I? ever paralyze you? Do you every just feel immobilized by life and work? Does the new and different scare you

How Do You Know Your Team Is Motivated 30

Utpal Writes

Gets work done as necessary. Gets work done on time. Loves to meet quality standards. Exhibits accuracy. Sees things through. Asks for rules of the game. Steadfast to achieving high-quality results. Commitment is his second name

The Freebie is Back

Steve Farber

Many people have told me how much they’ve enjoyed my free audio series on Extreme Leadership, so–being the customer-focused guy that I am–I’ve decided to make it available again. The store section of this site will be up and running soon, where this series will be available as a CD set for $49.95. In the meantime, you may as well get it for free, no? Just fill in the following info, and be sure to confirm the response: Please send me the FREE audio series.

Teach Something New

Eric Jacobson

Take the opportunity today to teach an employee something new. Nearly everyone likes to learn and is capable of tackling a new challenge. Teach your employee something that expands his (oer her) current job description. Teach something that will help him to get promoted within your organization at a later date. Teach him a skill that uses new technology. Or, teach him something that will allow him to be a more skilled leader and manager in the future.

Personal Responsibility in Leadership Serves All

Women in the LEAD

As a nation, we have projected a sense of righteousness and superiority attitudes that are deeply resented in world. Separateness and superiority have become our way of life, rooted deeply in fear. I question-- is our way of living

Don't Take All The Credit

Eric Jacobson

Insecure managers hog the credit for a job well done. Or, they hide the credit and don't give credit where credit is due. These managers are afraid to let their employees be in the limelight. Secure and successful managers talk up their employees, highlighting the good performance they've done, and are eager to give credit where credit is due. They promote their staff to their supervisor and to others within their organization.