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Ravi Pratap Singh


Message to New Leaders - Bring Your Courage to Work

You're Not the Boss of Me

Have you ever had to fire someone? Not a very savory task and yet, stuff happens. Jobs are eliminated or people don't perform as expected and someone has to deliver the bad news. If you are a new leader, and if that someone is you

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How I Decide Whether or Not Something is Appropriate For My Community

Managing Communities

Tracy O’Connor of I Hate My Message Board spoke on Twitter of a situation she was dealing with on her community, where she was trying to determine whether or not she should act on something that had been done within her community. This inspired me to talk about how I personally deal with this sort [.].


Establishing Direction: 5 Steps to Making Visions Practical | You.

You're Not the Boss of Me

It is easy to think that having a vision is only for those who are at the top of the organization; for presidents and other grand chief Poobahs, but the truth is that no matter how high (or low) you are on the echelon of leadership

Leadership & Humility

You're Not the Boss of Me

What the world needs is more geniuses with humility. There are so few of us left….Oscar Oscar Levant. The word “humility” can often conjure up rather dark images. To some, it signifies weakness, ineffectiveness, and even a certain unsavoury