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Bonus or No Bonus? | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth Bonus or no bonus? That is the question. This is the time of year where expectations are high, and so is the

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What Do You Do When a Board Seat Beckons? | Life Back West (@JMikeSmith) []

Weekly Leader

Great post about what to consider before you join a board. . leadership board nonprofit director

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Gratitude Science

Tony Mayo

The Wall Street Journal has a good survey of the scientific research supporting the health, relationship, and psychological benefits of practicing gratitude. It also includes a nice graphic you can use with your children to foster their

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Building Your Brand “Buddy the Elf” Style – Part 1 :: Women on.

Women on Business

If you have seen the delightful holiday movie Elf, you are familiar with the endearing qualities of child-like hope and wonder “Buddy the Elf” exudes among believers and non-believers. How endearing is your brand to your customers

Stop Selling and Add Value | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth I was subjected to one of the worst sales presentations I've ever witnessed yesterday. In fact, so much

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Love and Leadership | N2Growth Blog

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth You'll never be a great leader without being loving and compassionate. While today's post is a bit more

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Best Practices For Year-End Performance Reviews

Six Disciplines

Building a Cohesive Culture

Coaching Tip


Effective Meetings - A Summary of the Best Guidelines

Building Personal Strength

A good deal of the time, you don't need to communicate with people in person. You don't need to bring them together to share information effectively. You have phone, fax, email, instant messaging, teleconferences, forums, and more

Your Voice of Encouragement: How to Receive Feedback

Your Voice of Encouragement

Knowing how to receive feedback is an acquired skill. That's because it's natural to become defensive, assign blame or offer excuses for your behavior. When you learn how to respond to constructive criticism the right way

Organizational Discipline - It's Not A Bad Thing - Really

Six Disciplines


The Pursuit of Happiness

Chris Brady

Happiness-hands "Don't make that face! It might freeze that way!" It's a silly little thing parents say to kids. We've all heard it. Even as children we knew it wasn't true. But now I'm aging and I realize something profound: it was

Self-Awareness - You Can't Manage What You Don't Understand

Building Personal Strength

About 20 years ago, I did a lot of consulting and executive coaching. Once, while working with a plastics manufacturing company in Miami, I suggested to the president that he take a brain-based personality assessment. He refused

Stop Procrastinating and Get Started NOW

Your Voice of Encouragement

“There are risks and costs to a program of action. But they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction.” - John F. Kennedy, American president. Do you ever avoid taking action because of fear of failure

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Set Your 2011 Goals In Two Steps. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

It's December 1st. Many people are scrambling to get their end of the year targets complete. Many are trying to reach out to prospects and recalcitrant clients to make that sale. Some are lining up their teams for that final push

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Know Your Social Media Hierarchy

Modern Servant Leader

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The Wisdom of Coach Vince Lombardi

Building Personal Strength

Not surprisingly, athletic coaches have had a lot to say about personal strength. In addition to physical ability and talent in the sport, coaches need their players to exhibit various forms of inner strength

These Guys Are Awesome!

What Do You Want From Them

I feel a little gen y saying this ( indifferent to pre-existing hierarchies and credentials ) : Jim Kouzes (JK) and Barry Posner (BP) are totally awesome. Some of you know that my background is delivering newspapers, working at restaurants, a meat packing company.

5 Ways To Make Your Commute Bearable. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

Commuting sucks. Anywhere you go, if you are on a parkway, highway, or thruway between 7-9 AM, you're probably swearing. You can blame it on anything — accidents, volume, weather — there will always be traffic congestion

Task Prioritization and Time Management - John Maxwell Style

Modern Servant Leader

Ellen DeGeneres - A Very Funny Take on Procrastination

Building Personal Strength

I think Ellen DeGeneres is the funniest woman on the planet. Most people have a problem with procrastination. According to Ellen, she does, too. It's a riot to hear her talk about her own problems. I identified with her

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StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 53 – An Interview with.

Strategy Driven

StrategyDriven Podcast Special Edition 53 – An Interview with Randy Dobbs, author of Transformational Leadership. Posted by StrategyDriven on December 2, 2010 · Leave a Comment. StrategyDriven Podcasts focus on the tools and techniques

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The Man With the Greatest Leadership Challenge

C-Level Strategies

I spent most of the Thanksgiving holiday in the woods - in the “boonies” to be more precise - and my extended family spent a lot of time sitting around a very large, rustic, dining room table just talking and enjoying our time together

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The Gift of Good Leadership « Linked 2 Leadership

Linked 2 Leadership

Did you ever get coal in your stocking? Many of us have heard the story of Saint Nicholas who dutifully makes his annual list of good and poor performing children. He knows when they are sleeping. He knows when they're awake

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Make or Break a Habit - How Much Practice Does It Take to Make.

Building Personal Strength

When I tell people that establishing a new habit, skill or behavior pattern takes time, I'm often asked, "How long?" It's a fair question. People want to know what they're committing to. How hard will it be? How much frustration will

5 Ways To Kill Email. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

Email sucks. It's a terrible communication platform (no live, two-way communication), messages are sometimes understood the wrong way, they get lost, you turn around and there are 50 new emails in your inbox, and deciding what to do

Leadership Control & Influence

Orrin Woodward

Don't let the issues outside of your control, stop you from addressing issues inside of your control. If I have seen it once, I have seen it a thousand times, a talented person with a willingness to work, stopped cold by dwelling on

How Do You Draw The Line?

What Do You Want From Them

This morning I talked to my neighbor about 11-year-old (!) Birke Baehr's presentation  What's wrong with our food system  (view on ). Long story short, my neighbor mentioned that even if I had an organic farm, soil and rainwater would still pollute my crops. Then she pointed out that planet earth won't be around forever, regardless of humans populating/polluting it or not. That got me thinking, how or where should/do we draw lines? Do some people exaggerate being green ?

Tip Clip #3 - Feedforward - Get Coaching from the People Around You!

Building Personal Strength

It's one thing to decide to a change a behavior pattern. It's another thing altogether to follow through, working on the new pattern until it's an ingrained habit. This takes time and effort. As you move forward, it helps to have

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The Man Who Is Changing The World.

Rich Gee Group

By himself. Salman Khan is the founder and faculty of the Khan Academy. He started the Khan Academy as a way to tutor his cousins remotely–while he was a hedge fund analyst in Boston, and they were students in New Orleans

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Succession Planning: Four Rules for Success

Coaching Tip

0112 | Les McKeown


Les McKeown is the President & CEO of Predictable Success. He has started over 40 companies in his own right, and was the founding partner of an incubation consulting company that advised on the creation and growth of hundreds more organizations worldwide. His book, Predictable Success , discusses the lifecycle of organizations in plain English. Referenced Resources. Predictable Success – McKeown. Predictable Success Map. The Way We’re Working Isn’t Working – Schwartz.

The Leader's Role in Crisis - a Guest Post from John Baldoni

Kevin Eikenberry

Three key pieces of advice when dealing with a crisis

10 Tips For Holiday Party Etiquette. | Rich Gee Group

Rich Gee Group

It's the most wonderful time of the year. And you have to go to your office holiday party. Here are some simple tips to make it much more bearable and hopefully, wildly successful