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Visionary Leadership: the Critical Difference Between Vision and Goals

C-Level Strategies

I continue to meet leaders that confuse the concept of having a vision with setting goals. Our conversations sound a bit like this: Lisa – “So tell me about your vision for the company.&#.

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Do You Have A Psychopathic Organization?

The Leadership Advisor

Before his untimely death, Heath Ledger put together an amazing performance as the Joker. He played a psychopath intent on creating mayhem as a part of his personal agenda in his warped sense of reality. We have developed a fascination with psychopathic behavior.

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Bad Culture Eats Good Vision

Ron Edmondson

Bad culture eats good vision… I don’t know who said it first. I’ve heard it several times. I’d love to give credit for it’s author, but I just don’t know.

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Six Ways Leaders Can Support Team Success

Kevin Eikenberry

Since leaders lead others, usually in groups or teams, any conversation about effective leadership can’t go too far before beginning to discuss how leaders help their teams. People have spent their lives studying the dynamics of team interactions, how teams form and develop, and the skills needed for team members to be successful. When thought [.]. Leadership Learning Teams teamwork

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How Leadership Stereotypes Are Bad for Men Too

C-Level Strategies

I came across an article this weekend about a recent study done at Northwestern, one of my alma maters, that suggests “ Leadership remains a man’s world.&#. The leadership study examined the extent to which stereotypes of leaders are culturally masculine.

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When Doing It All Won't Do: A Self-Coaching Guide for Career Women

Coaching Tip

Fellow executive coach Barbara McEwen and I have authored a self-coaching book for career women that we will publish it next few days. The concept for the book came about because of the very real, very important needs that our female clients repeatedly expressed.

Keep Learning


It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking there is nothing left to learn about leading others, particularly if you have been adept and successful at it. Leadership – like life – is a journey; you never arrive at the destination, particularly when it has sped up to the pace you deal with

The Tension Between Being Accessible and Being Available

Ron Edmondson

The larger the church gets the greater the tension I feel between being accessible and being available. I want to always be accessible. I can’t always be available. To me, being accessible means you can easily find me online.

Getting Beyond Maintenance Mode

Kevin Eikenberry

Have you ever felt like you were treading water, or maybe just floating? You are active, maybe even busy, and you are likely meeting all of your commitments, but you aren’t making any progress, not making any new progress. Several years ago my sister-in-law Kara stated this as being in maintenance mode. The description seemed [.]. Achievement Intention Leadership Learning Manage Projects Personal Development Success energy maintenance momentum

What’s Your Leadership Debt Ceiling?

The Leadership Advisor

You can’t turn on a news channel or pick up a newspaper without being bombarded with something about the debt ceiling debate. You hear from the right about how the left is destroying the future of America.

Information Overload and What You Can Do About It

Leading Blog

Knowledge workers think for a living to varying extents, depending on the job and situation, but there is little time for thought and reflection in the course of a typical day. Instead, information—often in the form of e-mail messages, reports, news, Web sites, RSS feeds, blogs, wikis, instant messages, text messages, Twitter, and video conferencing walls—bombards and dulls our senses. Consider this: A 30-second interruption can result in as much as 5 minutes of recovery time.

Developing a Discipleship Culture

Ron Edmondson

Last year at Catalyst Conference , I attended a breakout with 3DM , a ministry which helps pastors and churches think about the importance and future of discipleship. I had participated in a pilot coaching program Catalyst was conducting and this breakout talked about some of that experience.

There’s No Room For Pessimists on the Road to Success

Kevin Eikenberry

A positive mental attitude or just “being positive&# is often cited as an important attribute of successful leaders and people. Here’s what a famous achiever, who overcame more than you or I will ever fathom had to say about it: “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars, or sailed to an uncharted land, [.]. Achievement Influence Leadership Learning attitude optimism positive mental attitude

Leadership Clarity: Can They See You Now?

Linked 2 Leadership

Though it seems a clichéd notion improving your company culture starts at the top, you have to lead by example. Is what you say what they see? To make sure, just lead by example to improve your organizational culture. Be Somebody Real If you’re a leader who promotes a company culture of “do what I [.]. Leadership Lessons Learned Leading & Developing Other Leaders Organizational Health Professional Development Team Building Leadership business communication leadership

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Demonstrating the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Marshall Goldsmith

After the publication of one of my BusinessWeek articles, I received many passionate e-mails from parents and educators thanking me for writing the piece and sharing their beliefs in the importance of instilling the entrepreneurial spirit in young people. Why I realize we cannot all be entrepreneurial in the sense that we can't all start our own companies, I believe we can all be entrepreneurial in terms of how we approach our own careers.

The Question I Ask When Receiving a Complaint or Criticism

Ron Edmondson

When I have complaints or criticism I ask a question: Is it individual or representative? In other words: Is it one person with an problem or is it multiple people? Is it a personal issue or a public issue?

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Be a Daniel Radcliffe not a Macaulay Culkin

Bud to Boss

As I watched the final installment of the Harry Potter saga last weekend, I was in awe. It wasn’t just because the film was great or because of its record-breaking profits or even because of the enthusiasm of its fans—although each of those things did impress me.

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Listening – A Lesson in What NOT to Do

Your Voice of Encouragement

I was just finishing up my third year of teaching 4th grade at an elementary school in Blacksburg. While I’d enjoyed those three years, I was ready for a change. I’m the kind of person who thrives on variety and challenges. But my principal didn’t want to reassign me to a different position.

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Late Dr. C. K. Prahalad’s Business Wisdom


Gift of thoughts is the best gift we can receive. After my talk at Ahmedabad Management Association recently, I was gifted with a book titled “Purely Prahalad – Business Wisdom from Late Dr. C. Prahalad’s thoughts”. This book is compiled and edited by AMA’s team. It is a brilliant collection of useful gems.

One Secret to Me Accomplishing Much

Ron Edmondson

People ask all the time…How do you do everything you do? Well, honestly, I don’t feel I’m doing everything I should be doing, but, one secret is that I maintain a healthy exercise program.

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Make Strategy Execution An Advantage For Your Company

Six Disciplines

A survey conducted by the Cognos/Palladium Group, entitled " Making Strategy Execution a Competitive Advantage " included responses from 143 strategy-management professionals. Their most interesting findings? Most employers don't share company strategy. 95% of companies don't tell their employees what the strategy is. BOTTOMLINE: It's no wonder that 90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies! How can people execute a strategy if they don't know what it is?

Repeat It Until they Mock You – a Key Task of an Attentive Leader

First Friday Book Synopsis

“Until your people are mocking you, you’ve not repeated your message enough.” Verne Harnish, Mastering the Rockefeller Habits ——- Each semester, I handout copies of the full text of I Have a Dream, the great speech by Martin Luther King, Jr. I take a fresh copy myself, and I have us work through the speech, [.]. Randy's blog entries Driving Excellence: Transform your Organization’s Culture – and Achieve Revolutionary Results I Have a Dream Jr.

Blog 30

Blind Spots


Have any blind spots? How would you know? See the dilemma? If they’re truly blind spots, then you WOULDN’T know you had ‘em. This is what makes ‘em dangerous. You have ‘em. Other people know you have ‘em. But YOU don’t see ‘em or know you have ‘em. frontpage


My Advice When Pursuing a God-given Dream

Ron Edmondson

Related posts: Shai Agassi: Pursuing a Dream. One Piece of Advice for Want-To-Be Church Planters. 7 Pieces of Advice for Pastors. Call to Ministry Church Church Planting Encouragement Ministry Missions

Making The Impossible, Possible.

Ravi Pratap Singh

It wasn't impossible, but it sure was challenging. to find a name for the new awards we planned to initiate at C2. The  The whole process of creating a brand is nerve-wracking. but at the same time, exhilarating! 

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Prescriptions for Two Common Management Weaknesses

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership Looking for a fast way to improve how you manage people? Evaluate yourself on two sets of skills: the ability to Require of your employees (this includes setting expectations, focusing on goals, insisting on excellence, establishing appropriate controls, confronting performance issues, asserting your views) and the ability to Relate to your employees (which involves asking, listening, including, coaching and encouraging).

Give Constructive Feedback the Right Way

Your Voice of Encouragement

Have you ever have to deal with a situation like this? Someone – maybe a customer, colleague, friend or family member – said or did something that caused problems for you.

Saying “That’s Nice” Is Never Enough for a Wife

Ron Edmondson

I was talking with a young man at church today. He’s been married a couple years and is still learning how to understand his wife, and more importantly, how to communicate with her. I think he actually thought I’d figured things out by now. Silly boy! His dilemma? He had an example: His wife got a new haircut. She wasn’t sure she liked it. She wanted his response. He said, “I like it.&# She said, “Do you really?&# He said, “Yes, I really do!&#.

How To Make Two Key Contradictions of Leadership Work For You

Terry Starbucker

It’s the moment of truth. That moment when all of what you’ve put into your leadership comes to fruition. It’s when a teammate engages with a customer.

Five Reasons Why the Talent Leaves

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here is a brief commentary from Berrett-Koehler, the publisher of a new book that I highly recommend. In Make Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results, Wendy Axelrod and Jeannie Coyle’s explore how talent development can best be facilitated by the managers with whom the “talented and gifted&# work every day. [.].

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Here comes the Bribe.

Chartered Management Institute

Despite government reassurances regarding the long-delayed Bribery Act, managers still should think twice about how they manage gifts and hospitality to and from their clients, says Alison Blackhurst. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Guest Post: Lessons Learned in Leading a Small Church

Ron Edmondson

I am frequently asked about leadership in smaller churches. When I write about team development, delegating, and church growth issues, many pastors of smaller churches wonder how it all relates to their situation. That’s why this guest post by Daniel Darling appealed to me. Daniel is Senior Pastor of Gages Lake Bible Church in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. Hs is also the author of iFaith: Connecting With God in the 21st Century.

Are Your High Performing Employees Really That Good? ? Michael.

Michael VanBruaene


Why You Want Women on Your Team

Women on Business

Post by Jane K. Stimmler , contributing Women on Business writer. Making a case for more female participation on Boards of Directors, executive groups, strategic committees, project task forces or, well, just about any group, just got a little easier. A recent research study described in June’s Harvard Business Review submits that having a group comprised of more women will ultimately lead to greater success.