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SunGard CEO practices what I preach

Tony Mayo

I was thrilled to read in today's New York Times the comments of $5B SunGard's CEO, Cristóbal Conde. He shifted his management style several years ago after reaching the limits of the very methods that had brought him near the top

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Communicating About Change – Connect With Emotions

The Recovering Engineer

Today, we had our monthly Group Coaching call for Silver Remarkable Leadership Learning System members. Using the handout from this month's Remarkable Leadership teleseminar as a discussion guide, we talked about some really powerful

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Self-Development - Work on Getting Stronger for Life

Your Voice of Encouragement

When you're faced with something new, you may feel resistance. But if you're always looking to gain new knowledge, skills and wisdom, you'll grow and adapt to the world which is changing around you. Applying the insights in this video

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Martin Luther King, Jr. - A Man of Wisdom

Building Personal Strength

Do I remember where I was when John Kennedy was assassinated? Yes, I do. I was a cadet at West Point, and I marched in his funeral in Washington, DC. When Bobby and Martin were assassinated, I was a lieutenant serving in Germany as a Hawk missile battery commander.

Where did the time go? Your mind lost it.

Tony Mayo

Americans today have plenty of time for leisure, says Professor John Robinson. Robinson is Professor of Sociology at the University of Maryland and Director of the Americans' Use of Time Project. What [Robinson] does not dispute is that

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Employee Engagement – Business Leadership Development


Employee Engagement practices can be quite important in your leadership skill development. Please share your thoughts about what is important to you in keeping YOU engaged. Share your disappointments and your gratitude below (comments

A Word on Theory


Two Actually: useful lies. All theories are useful lies. Theories are attempts to simplify what is happening in a set of observations. They are attempts to describe reality that typically fall short (otherwise they wouldn’t be so simple). Consider the opposing theories of the earth’s shape: flat or round. At first, mankind thought the earth of flat. Then, at a highly debatable point in time, it was decided that the world was a sphere. However, both theories are still being used.

Business Planning Process

Tony Mayo

My long term CEO executive coaching client, Raj Khera of email management company MailerMailer, shares his very effective business planning process in this video. Share it

OPTIMISM - Jack Canfield Being Realistic About Positive Thinking

Building Personal Strength

Fans of The Secret and the "Law of Attraction" talk alot about believing that the world will conspire to make a positive thinker successful. I totally agree that visualizing success and being optimistic are needed to prepare for success. But I also believe that positive thinking isn't enough.

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The Energy of a Vision…

Anese Cavanaugh

I was working with a client today who’s got a vision that would move any man, woman, or child to tears. Truly, no exaggeration. I spent an hour in goose bumps. As we get more into his work and he wishes to take it broader, I’ll likely share a bit more about it, but in the meantime, thought I’d share one of the key themes from the call. Not one of us is immune to this gift/tool/resource…What is it?

The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle

Managing Leadership

One of the most peculiar phenomenon uncovered in physics over the past century is known as the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. This states – to the great frustration and irritation of many – that we cannot know with precision both elements of certain pairs of characteristics of an object.

AWARENESS - We Are Blind to the Tragedies around Us

Building Personal Strength

Yesterday on the way home from downtown, the cold rain poured down and the wind blew. I'm pretty sure I saw some hail bouncing off the pavement. Nasty. But after last summer's drought, I didn't mind at all. Today is sunny and warming, and I just returned from a walk.

Lessons in Using Checklists for Managing Processes


Most quality management theories and modern management practices rely heavily on checklists as an important tool to get things right the first time. Checklists are a great aid to our memories, because they document important points that

A Dream of Change: Guest Blog from WLE Growth Guru Jewel Daniels

Women's Leadership Exchange

A DREAM OF CHANGE, A FUTURE OF ACCOMPLISHMENT… ONLY ACHIEVED THROUGH A LIFE OF SERVICE. By Jewel Daniels. Thank you to the Martin Luther King Jr. observance day committee for allowing a me, a woman whose roots run through the south and across the waters of the Caribbean to find her way in the company of such phenomenal, giving and committed professionals. It is a brisk and rainy morning, one of which many chose to stay home but you chose to be here.

How A Leader Needs To Think Like A Plumber (No Wrench Required)

Terry Starbucker

CB033445 Sometimes a leader needs to think like a plumber. Yep, a plumber. How so? Think about pressure for a minute. A plumber deals with pressure all the time – in their case, water pressure. How it is controlled and directed is

ACCOUNTABILITY - Be Strong When You Make Mistakes

Building Personal Strength

The words responsibility and accountability are often used interchangeably. In fact, they are closely related. When someone assumes responsibility for doing something, we expect that person to hold himself accountable for the consequences of his actions.

#QUALITYtweet – Video Review


Simon Young at iJump reviews my book “#QUALITYtweet – 140 bite-sized ideas to deliver quality in every project” and other books in Thinkaha Series. You can also watch this video at iJump TV website

Simple Ideas from Big Thinkers for 2010

Ravi Pratap Singh


IT Resources for Non-Profits

Survive Your Promotion

Before I got involved in doing the management hokey pokey, I was (and still occasionally am) an IT consultant. Over the years I have worked with many organizations in all sorts of industries, and I accumulated a pile of resources

OPTIMISM - Glass Over-flowing

Building Personal Strength

I recently posted a video of Jack Canfield talking about optimism. Optimism doesn't mean banishing negative thoughts. It means that when "stuff happens," you bring the positive considerations into the equation, so you see both the positives and the negatives - a true, balanced view of reality. So when something bad happens, how resilient are you? Is your glass half-empty, or is it half-full? Let's get real. There'll be glaring disadvantages. But what are the advantages in your situation?

Book Review: The Leadership Test by Timothy R. Clark


leadership_test_book_cover[1] Businesses today are plagued by people who are "installed" in leadership positions just because of their prior performance as a "worker". I have seen some excellent technical brains failing miserably as

Lead By Volunteering

Eric Jacobson

As the nation honors Dr. Martin Luther King on Monday, January 18, volunteer or make the decision to volunteer in your community. King routinely asked "What are you doing for others," and Monday is the ideal day to ask yourself that question.

They seemed so normal in the interview…

Survive Your Promotion

Several years ago I managed a team of engineers at consulting firm. To account for some substantial growth, we decided to add an additional senior level technology consultant to my team. We did the usual recruiting – we posted the job

Five Random Musings on Winning

Self Help Zen

Winners are smart workers: They know when to push and when to pull. When to be at the right place at the right time. They believe in smart work rather than in hard work. They just outperform. The road to the winning is usually rocky: Winners are those who have fallen many times. They have simply refused to lose. Overnight wins are generally enjoyed by those who have many years of experience in failing. Winners are not born encouraged: To ignite the fire within takes everyday-commitment.

Five Random Musings on Winning

Utpal Writes

Winners are smart workers: They know when to push and when to pull. When to be at the right place at the right time. They believe in smart work rather than in hard work. They just outperform. The road to the winning is usually rocky

The Story of a Great Leader | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

If you were to ask me to describe someone who demonstrated greatness in leadership, I might be tempted to paint the picture of a larger- than- life super hero, perhaps a president, a king, or a captain of industry

The Science of Motivation

Survive Your Promotion

This is an AMAZING talk by Daniel Pink. It's long but you won't notice because he's such an engaging speaker and the facts he presents are so contrary to everything you think you know about how to use rewards to motivate your employees

Book Review: Guide to Supply Chain Management

Chartered Management Institute

Supply Chain Management spans all movement and storage of materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods from point of origin to point of consumption.' Reviewed by David Stephens FCMI. You are not watching this post, click to start watching. Supply chain management;Economist

Who Else Wants The Best Out Of The Team 51

Utpal Writes

Habitually express that they are important to you, to the project and to the organization. Laugh together on small accomplishments…and failures too to learn something from them and move on. Compliment them in public for the special

What Are You Doing For Others?

Women in the LEAD

Life holds so many synchronicities. I had not realized that Martin Luther King's birthday holiday is once again upon us – this coming Monday. Independent of this, I have been thinking about him. When I logged on today, I saw Debbe's

Best Practices for Incorporating Coaching into a Talent Management.

Survive Your Promotion

In an ideal world, the talented entry level candidate you hired straight out of college would grow and develop over the course of her career with your organization, ultimately evolving into a key leader who carries with her the lessons

Social Media Business Forum 2009 Conference Recap (Durham, North Carolina)

Managing Communities

Just a few days after getting home from Blog World & New Media Expo in Las Vegas, it was time to hit the road for Durham, North Carolina, in order to attend the first ever Social Media Business Forum, organized by OurHashtag and held on October 23. Specifically, the men behind the event were Jeff [.].

Support Haiti (24 Hour Haitian Assistance Relief Telethon (#HART) Begins Today)

Managing Communities

My prayers and thoughts are with the people of Haiti and everyone affected by this terrible disaster. What is apparent in times like this is that everything counts, no matter how small. Can you afford to donate $5? $3? If so, that’s great. It may be a small amount to you, all on it’s own, [.].