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The Dichotomy of Leadership

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S O MUCH OF LEADERSHIP is managing tensions. Leaders must know when to adapt. This is where self-awareness plays a big part. In a word, they need balance. And that’s what The Dichotomy of Leadership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin is all about.

Why Managers Don’t Listen (Poor Listener Syndrome): and the Cures!

Great Leadership By Dan

One of the most important skills for any manager is listening. Listening demonstrates respect, concern, an openness to new ideas, empathy, compassion, curiosity, trust, loyalty, and receptivity to feedback – all considered to be qualities of an effective leader. Listening isn’t rocket science. We are born with the ability to listen, yet somehow managers, at some point in their careers, seem to forget how to use this natural born gift.

6 Tips for New Managers

Career Advancement

“Corporate culture matters. How management chooses to treat its people impacts everything—for better or for worse.”. Simon Sinek~. Client Julie says: I’ve just accepted a job as manager of my department. I want to successfully navigate this new leadership role.

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Why Training is an Event and Learning is a Process

Kevin Eikenberry

For about 30 years, people have pegged me as a “trainer” and defined what we deliver as “training.” It didn’t take me nearly 30 years to realize that “training” is a limiting term. The truth is, we aren’t in the training business at all. That’s why for many of those 30 years, I have been […].

7 Bad Decisions Leaders Make When In Decline or Plateau

Ron Edmondson

I talk to churches every week, which are in decline or plateau. Apparently, according to some statistics, this represents about 75-80% of churches. I’m thankful to have served in churches and business in fast growth mode.

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Letting Go of the Big Chief Motif

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post from Bishop Joseph Warren Walker, III: Discipline, focus and drive got you where you are today. You lost count of the sacrifices long ago – free weekends, discretionary purchases, a good night’s sleep – all to achieve your vision. You did it. Now get over it.

Leadership Exercises: 7 Ways to Build Your Influencing Muscles

RapidStart Leadership

Are there any leadership exercises I can do? Someone asked this question recently, and I thought it was a good one. Learning leadership is tricky business. It’s not like practicing musical scales or pumping iron at the gym.

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7 Reasons I Disliked Email Criticism as a Pastor

Ron Edmondson

As a pastor, I grew to dislike email criticism. And, I used dislike, but hate might even be the right word. I grew to hate email criticism. I was talking to a young and new leader recently. He had received a scathing email from someone. It was one of his first. And it was a doozy. Hard hitting.

Shine Your Light

Joseph Lalonde

You’re scared. I get that. I’ve been scared before too. Some days, I still am scared. I’m scared of the potential within me. And I’m scared I’m not living up to that potential. Worse, I’m scared of what the potential inside of me is capable of.

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Reflections ~ One Month Post-BIF

Mills Scofield

Saul Kaplan Starting Day 2 of BIF - Photo by Stephanie Alvarez Ewens. Every year, the crew at BIF lets me bring a bunch of my Brown University students to BIF. My students are of all ethnicities, backgrounds, years and concentrations - #STEAM. This year, I asked the kids to share their reflections.

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Trusting the Competence of Others

Lead Change Blog

You don’t generally select new employees on obedience, but on what they’re competent at (or potentially capable of doing) together with their ability to collaborate. In this post, I delve deeper into encouraging trust in others’ competence, or allowing people to get on with what they were hired for. Command and control versus trust in another’s competence.

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Business Tips that Won’t Fail

Strategy Driven

Do you ever feel like some of the tips that you get for your business are just dead ends? Are you always in search of that golden ticket that’s going to help you more than any other suggestion ever has? Well, you’ve come to the right place, because we’ve not just got one for you, we’ve got a few!

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15 Leadership Quotes On Rest

Joseph Lalonde

You’re constantly giving to those you’re leading. You give your time, your energy, and your ideas. All of these activities can drain you of your energy. To be the best leader you can be, you need to learn to rest.

Leadership in Turbulent Times

Leading Blog

D ORIS KEARNS GOODWIN has spent a lifetime studying the lives of four U.S. presidents: Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Lyndon Johnson.

Mindfulness and Focusing on What Matters

Lead Change Blog

You may have heard of mindfulness. It’s a form of meditation that businesses are beginning to embrace as a way to help employees become more efficient, productive and – most importantly – happy. As a leader, mindfulness can help you a great deal. With so much to think about in terms of people management, strategy, and your own to-do list, it’s easy to get lost in the quagmire of each day’s work.

Mobile Forms and Their Positive Impact on Modern Business

Strategy Driven

It is impossible not to agree that mobile technology is a tidal wave of progress in modern business. Mobile is everywhere: in the way we communicate, manage any process, and work with data.

The Art of Feeling On Purpose: Creating a Personal Environment of Success

Joseph Lalonde

Every external manifestation of success—whether it’s a business venture that is taking off, an ad campaign that’s gone viral, or a sports team that has gained the winning edge—comes about as a direct result of the environment that has been created by and between each of the players.

5 Industries that Have Been Radically Changed by Technology

Women on Business

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Preview Thursday: Beyond Sizzle

Lead Change Blog

We are pleased to present this excerpt from Chapter 4 of: Beyond Sizzle: The Next Evolution of Branding by Mona Amodeo, Ph.

Leadership Inspirations – Planning

Strategy Driven

“You can never plan the future by the past.” ” Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797). Irish statesman, author, orator, political theorist, and philosopher. Leadership Inspirations buisness quote inspirational quote leadership quote strategydriven

7 Reasons People Are Not Leading Who Could Be

Ron Edmondson

Every church I know needs leaders. Jesus said, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few…” I’m convinced, based on other Scripture, some of those workers should be leaders of other workers.

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The most important thing that can make you a better leader


It can be easy for a leader to be fooled into believing that they are the smartest person in the room and that their answers, opinions, ideas and decisions are the only ones that need to be expressed. That thinking can lead down a path where no leader should be.

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Are You Missing The Obvious?

Lead Change Blog

Traditionally the phrase “blind spot” refers to a part of the retina that is insensitive to light, which results in an actual spot in the eye where a person can’t see. Blind spot” is also a phrase used when the side mirrors of a car create a space to the left and right side of your vehicle where you can’t see cars passing or driving next to you.

Launching a Business? Here Are 5 Proven Business Models for You to Consider

Strategy Driven

Do you already have a service in mind, or are you working on entrepreneurial spirit alone? Both are a great starting point from which you can build a lucrative business.

7 Suggestions When Interviewing for a Ministry Position

Ron Edmondson

I once served on the board of a local youth leadership program. These students were the top of their class, so the entry was competitive. Part of qualifying process was an interview with board members, who were mostly seasoned business and community leaders.

Why it Takes More Than Skills to be a Remarkable Leader

Kevin Eikenberry

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post with almost the same title. I outlined what I call The Remarkable 3 and described what is missing when most of us think about leadership development.

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Catalyst Atlanta 2018 Recap

Joseph Lalonde

I have a hard time believing Catalyst Atlanta 2018 has come to an end. It’s been a few days and I’ve had time to ponder what transpired and the words of wisdom spoken over the Infinite Energy Arena where church leaders from around the world.

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How Telemedicine is Changing Healthcare

Strategy Driven

When you walk into a clinic or a hospital, all you are seeing is what makes up that treatment facility on that day. Perhaps, you consider that the doctor has studied medicine to give you the right diagnosis and cure. However, that is a snapshot in time of a part of society that is always changing.

3 Ways to Make Power a Good Thing

Lead Change Blog

I like to ask workshop participants where they got their power. Some say from their jobs; others say from within themselves. Most people, however, say they don’t have any power, nor do they want any. Their point of view is understandable. Too often, we see those in high ranking positions use their power to control or for personal gain. Their actions turn us off, so we turn away from wanting to have power, seeing it as something negative or that corrupts.

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How To Minimize Your Business Taxes

Women on Business

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The Two Powerful Forces Of Success.

Rich Gee Group

I attended a great talk the other night at Yale – the presenter brought up two major forces nature throws at us regularly – Resilience & Propulsion. It immediately hit me that these are the two forces that make businesses great.

Want to Thrive in Today’s High-Speed, Hypercompetitive Business World? Teach Your Management Team to Iterate.

Strategy Driven

When boiled down to its essence, management is a system of managers, operating in concert, constantly adjusting resources based on new information coming in to keep the business on target.

70 Trends to Watch in 2019

Leading in Context

By Linda Fisher Thornton Each year I curate a list of sites that write about trends that will change how we do business in the coming year. This year's list includes some ongoing trends from last year and some fresh ideas and new directions. Take a look at the 70+ trends at the links below and start getting ready for what's ahead! Context Ethical Leader Trends ethical leadership ethical leadership skills ethical thinking leadership thinking

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Should Be Periodically Re-Read



5 Ways to Rise Above Self-Seeking Leadership

Leadership Freak

“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.” Ernest Hemingway Ego is healthy when it’s used in service of others. But… Continue reading → Humility Growth Leadership organizational success

6 Ways to Ensure Your Leadership Training Makes You a Better Leader

Let's Grow Leaders

You’ve invested the time and effort to go to leadership training. So how do you ensure the work you’ve done will make you a better leader? How do you get feedback from your team on what’s working (and what’s not?) What steps […].

But, What If People Think I’m Stupid?

Marshall Goldsmith

Fear of approval is a huge fear for many people and it can really hold us back. My great friend, Steve Berglas, one of the foremost authorities on career guidance, explores this challenge and what we can do about it in his new book, Stay Hungry and Kick Burnout in the Butt.

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