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19 Revealing CEO Leadership Quotes

C-Level Strategies

Yesterday I shared with you 10 Insightful Social Media Quotes from Smart CEOs , which were reflective of the social media conversation that we had at our most recent CEO Connection event in New York City.

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What to do When You’re Waiting for God to Deliver You

Ron Edmondson

Over the years, I’ve observed countless people who become derailed by the circumstances of life. Speaking as one who has failed many times, the key to long-term success is often in how you respond during the darkest days of your life.

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The Power of Positive Feedback (and More)

Kevin Eikenberry

In any coaching workshop I lead, or in any conversation with leaders that turns to coaching, the discussion of positive feedback will ensue. Here are just a smattering of the questions that come up. How much positive feedback should be given? Don’t people already know if they are doing it well? If I give them [.]. Building Relationships Developing Others Leadership Learning coaching encouragement positive feedback support

10 Ways To Make Your Employees Adore You

Linked 2 Leadership

Please do not confuse adoration with lovability, or even likability. Effective leaders have a mystique about them that sets them apart from other mortals. They have an ability to garner respect, admiration, reverence, and generally high regard wherever they go. These are the elements of adoration that we will be dealing with in this article. Different [.]. Servant Leadership business leadership Management

10 Insightful Social Media Quotes from Smart CEOs

C-Level Strategies

I’m quite fortunate to be part of the team at CEO Connection , working closely with our CEO members on a daily basis as Chief Relationship Officer.

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Ann Handley’s Secrets to Successfully Leading Virtual Teams

C-Level Strategies

Leadership Chat is coming up on its one-year anniversary, and in this time Steve Woodruff and I have yet to tackle the topic of Leading Virtual Teams.

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A Principle About Relationships That Can Change Your Life

Ron Edmondson

Here’s one principle that can dramatically improve every relationship in your life. What an emphatic statement, but it’s true. Learn this principle and place it into practice and you’ll see what I mean. Here’s the principle… Are you ready?

Our Deepest Craving

Kevin Eikenberry

William James has been called “the father of American Psychology.” ” He was a trained physician and wrote voluminously. Interestingly enough Ralph Waldo Emerson was his Godfather). He is most known for his self-trained work in psychology and philosophy. He is widely quoted 100 years after his death, and nothing he wrote is any more quoted that the powerful quotation that [.]. Empowerment Gratitude Influence Leadership Quotations appreciation William James

Plant The Flag: 25 Words To Define Your Leadership

Terry Starbucker

We don’t get too many opportunities to pause and reflect on how we define ourselves as leaders, and then, more importantly, how that ultimately gets communicated to those we lead.

Business Proverbs and BS | In the CEO Afterlife

In the CEO Afterlife

When I searched online for content on business proverb lies and mistruths I was amazed by the digital library's breadth and depth. The myths apply to business in general, as well as specific industries, start-ups and the new

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How to Double Your Productivity

Ron Edmondson

I’m reading Change Anything: The New Science of Personal Success by Kerry Patterson, Al Switzler, Ron McMillan and Joseph Grenny. So far it’s an encouraging book. Much of it appears to me as common sense, but it’s always good to reinforce concepts you think you know.

The 3 Core Elements of Delegation

Leading Blog

Without delegation no organization can function effectively. Yet, lack of courage to delegate properly, and the knowledge of how to do it, is one of the most general causes of failure in organizations. Lester Urwick, Elements of Administration. Every time you delegate work to a teammate, three inescapable core elements of delegation are in play. Authority , responsibility , and accountability form an integrated process and must be applied by you as a unified whole. Authority Can Be Delegated.

When Less Is More


We have all been its victims at one time or another. We have all endured the agony of a mind-numbing torrent of pedagogic dysentery. You know what I'm talking about. the teacher or speaker who just won't shut up.


Building Leadership Development From Scratch and Early Morning Sessions?

ReThink HR

Last week I had the pleasure of presenting at the Ohio HR conference which had a record of over 700 attendees. I was also fortunate or less fortunate to perform the daunting task of delivering this presentation on Friday morning which began at 7:15am. Keep in mind that: it was a 7:15 am session.

A Month of Counseling…for everyone in the church

Ron Edmondson

I’ve often said “I wish everyone in our church could go through at least an hour of professional counseling. We all need help with the relationships in our life.

Are You Accountable or Responsible?

Next Level Blog

Are you accountable or responsible? What’s the difference and why does it matter? The first time I heard this distinction was years ago in one of my first coaching engagements. I was interviewing. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Leadership Personal Presence

Learning to Trust the Unique Ways Your Team Members Get Things Done


A conversation with a leader (client) who recently received a promotion from front line manager to becoming a stressed out “manager of managers” went something like this: Me: “So, did you go through your long list of “to do’s” and decide what you absolutely must do, what you will say no to, and what

5 Actions To Take After a Huge Failure

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership It’s out there… the headlines are printed, the paper is printed and the world is reading the news over morning coffee. Information once hidden is now fairly public. Someone has messed up and the consequences are splashed across the information landscape. The conversation might be as broad as the news media, or as narrow as [.] 5 Actions To Take After a Huge Failure.

Pray and Don’t Give Up

Ron Edmondson

Then Jesus told His disciples a parable to show them that they should always pray and not give up. Luke 18:1. Our example comes from Jesus! We should pray and not give up! . What are you facing today, which you have been facing for some time? What in your life needs a touch of God? For what have you been waiting to hear a word from God? Is there something you can’t handle on your own? Is there some special request only God can answer? Jesus would say, “ Pray and don’t give up!

On Seeding and Weeding – A Way of Leading

Linked 2 Leadership

Growing your business is both an art and a science. It involves so many moving parts, changing conditions, and threats from all sides that it almost seems like a company is “an actual living organism.” ” But rather than diving too deep into a super-complex living organism like a bumble bee to explain group and financial dynamics, let’s [.]. Leading & Developing Other Leaders Practical Steps to Influence Professional Development Customer Service Real Estate

New insight into the productivity of early and late risers

Chartered Management Institute

The old adage was that if you go to bed early and rise early that this is the recipe for success. In our age of flexible working however it seems inconceivable to force people to work to a rigid doctrine of when work is expected of them. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Partnerships Create Community Impact

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Events Leadership Development Workplace Issues Written by: Becky Robinson, Mike Henry & Chery Gegelman This is the story of how a few people with a big vision are making a difference for the city of Tulsa. It’s a story about partnerships, sharing resources, and making a difference for workers and leaders. It started with Mike Henry, whose vision of bringing [.] Partnerships Create Community Impact.

You Can’t Even Imagine

Ron Edmondson

That is what the Scriptures mean when they say, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined what God has prepared for those who love him.” ” 1 Corinthians 2:9. Yet what we suffer now is nothing compared to the glory He will reveal to us later. Romans 8:18. When everything is ready, I will come and get you, so that you will always be with me where I am. John 14:3. Are you ready? . Related posts: The Inactivity of God.


LeadershipNow 140: September 2011 Compilation

Leading Blog

Here are a selection of tweets from September 2011 that you might have missed: @stevefarber: Want to solve the leadership crisis? Make a commitment to helping each other to help each other. TheEconomist: How good are business schools at teaching globalisation? Not very, says one IESE professor.

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Excellent bosses deserve recognition

Bud to Boss

I’m excited to announce Briefings Media Group’s brand new Bud to Boss Awards. It’s a national program that will recognize and reward the best emerging leaders throughout a variety of fields. Recognizing the accomplishments of new managers and supervisors is one of the best ways to boost their confidence, drive and loyalty. And if you’re the new manager or supervisor who’s been rising above and making big things happen for your organization, you can—and should—nominate yourself. Who’s eligible?

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Never Underestimate the Power of a Shower

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Self Leadership A client opened his coaching session today with “I had the most incredible thought in the shower this morning …” I waited, remembering to breathe and keep my eyebrows up. As he proceeded to describe his idea about what he could do to understand his staff at a human level, which will in all likelihood [.] Never Underestimate the Power of a Shower.

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Programs, Methods, Models and Theories - Just Pick ONE And Stick With It

Six Disciplines

If you look around, you'll find there are literally hundreds of business improvement methods, models and theories - from some of the greatest minds in business, management and academic theory. Many of them are based on proven business best practices. But if you ask the majority of business leaders today - they'll tell you straight up: "We don't need any more good ideas! What we need is to take one approach to improving our business - and STICK WITH IT.".

An Admiral’s Take On Admiral Mike Mullen’s Leadership

Next Level Blog

October 1, 2011 marks the retirement of Admiral Mike Mullen from the U.S. Navy and from his role as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Washington Post’s David Ignatius offers a nice recap of. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Books Leadership Personal Presence The Next Level

Managing your own Lewis Hamilton

Chartered Management Institute

Lewis Hamilton hit the headlines again over the weekend after he crashed his F1 car into the back of Felipe Massa's Ferrari, causing both men to have to pit to repair their car and leading Massa to sarcastically congratulate Hamilton on his performance in the post race interviews. You are not watching this post, click to start watching

Guest Post: How non-leaders can lead

Lead on Purpose

By Peter Davey. John C Maxwell defined leadership when he said, “The true measure of leadership is influence, nothing more and nothing less.” Maxwell has correctly identified that leadership is not just about traits, position, personality and experience; it’s more about having an ability to influence people by maintaining integrity and trustworthiness.

4 Ways To Reduce Workplace Negativity By Increasing Consistency

Tanveer Naseer

The following is a guest post by Marlene Chism. Drama in the form of negativity happens for many reasons and not just because of personalities, or because of women bickering and gossiping at the water cooler. Often negativity exists because the structures currently in place do not support the massive changes taking place in the business. In other words the business is growing and changing and there is a need for increased structure to support and manage the change.

Creating a Leadership Movement

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Every so often a time arrives where society reaches a crossroads – where the situation and/or circumstance so obviously demands change that a populist mandate – a “ movement ” takes place.

How to Lose a Portion of an Audience


During a break at the board meeting for a community group. someone talked about using the mysterious device shown above. The younger people didn't know what he was talking about. They knew, of course, the item in the background

Leading: Sharing Accountability

Leading Blog

Uncertainty necessitates the need for finding more wisdom within our organizations. This can only be accomplished by creating a leadership mindset throughout the entire organization. It is shared accountability. Any leader that thinks that they can do it alone is indulging their own ego. James Champy and Nitin Nohria cautioned us not to assume that no one else on the premises can match our own ambition, competence, and vision.