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The 3 Must-Dos of Great Leadership

Terry Starbucker

” That’s a BIG question, isn’t it? And what have we learned? I couldn’t LEAD. What are they? but there’s more to it than that.

Why Most Leadership Development Efforts Fail

Kevin Eikenberry

George was seen as an up-and-coming leader in the organization. People that worked for him liked and respected him. Those in Senior Leadership saw his potential, so he was slated to attend the company’s leadership development workshop. George was ecstatic! He loved the organization and wanted to move up and contribute as much as he [.].

Indispensable Leadership Wisdom I Wish I Had Early in My Career

C-Level Strategies

Every once in a while a book comes along full of leadership wisdom that I wish I had access to early in my career. The reason? How to Inspire Others.

Three Things That “No Drama” Leaders Do

Next Level Blog

As I write this, it's Election Day morning in the U.S. Looking back over the last four years, there's a lot that comes to mind. One specific thought is that in the 2008 campaign, the soon to be President's nickname was "No Drama Obama." Click headline to continue. General Leadership Personal Presence Apple drama leadership Scott Forstall

A letter of hope for self-absorbed bosses

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Three nearly identical stories shared with me in just two days. Three stories of individual and/or group anguish, trauma, frustration, annoyance, confusion and heartbreak caused by narcissistic control-freak bosses. Leadership Development Leadership narcissism

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Find Your Blind Spot: A Self-Reflection Activity for Managers

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues We humans tend to evaluate others through the lens of our own best traits. We often value people who have our same strengths and undervalue people who don’t. Are you doing this unwittingly? And if you are, what effect does it have on your team’s morale and performance?

10 Ways to Regain Control of Your Work Life: It’s Your Choice

Linked 2 Leadership

Do you ever feel like your work life has gotten out of control? Do you ever feel like you are just holding on for dear life hoping that your grip will last long enough to make it through the day? Have you ever wondered how you have gotten this far away from your dreams and goals? The [.].

Linda Sharkey: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Linda Sharkey is a proven leader with experience in Fortune 10 companies building teams and driving talent development initiatives that support productivity and company growth. She has specific expertise in culture transformation, developing high potential leaders and building proven talent processes that yield better leadership capability.

The November, 2012 Leadership Development Carnival

Great Leadership By Dan

Welcome to the November, 2012 edition of the Leadership Development Carnival! There's way too much good stuff to try to read it all in one sitting.

Five Actions for Sound Business Leadership

Lead on Purpose

Guest post by Lewis Edward. It’s easy to want others to follow you. The hard part is making yourself the kind of individual people would actually want to follow, and not merely feel obligated to do so. Would you follow you? Don’t be a “do as I say” kind of person. Instead, adopt the “do as I say and do” approach. Be confident. Be organized.

On Leadership and Expressing Gratitude

Linked 2 Leadership

With Thanksgiving around the corner, I thought about how often do we express our gratitude to people around us? I find that most of the times, we take people for granted especially if we know a person for some time whether it is in our personal life or professional life. We start expecting a certain [.].

Building A Sense Of Community To Help Your Organization Thrive

Tanveer Naseer

As my family, friends and neighbours can attest, celebrating Halloween is a pretty big deal at our house, as seen in the picture above that provides a partial glimpse of what our Halloween display was like this year. To quote Meg Wheatley, “there is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

Influence Isn’t a Guarantee

Kevin Eikenberry

There is a difference between what we can control, and what we can merely influence. Sometimes we get these mixed up and this confusion causes many problems for leaders (and all of us as human beings too). Today, I want to clarify one piece of this mix-up, a piece that starts with us personally, and [.].

“WHY” don’t they understand? And what if they did?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development When I was in early elementary school, a neighbor’s grandchild came over to play. All afternoon she asked, “Why?” Literally everything my sisters and I said received an instant punctuation from this little girl, “Why?” By the time the day ended we had given her a new nickname…“The Why Girl.” What I did not [.].

One Key to a Lifetime of Contentment

Ron Edmondson

Learn to enjoy the mundane. The everyday life. The dishes (You like clean dishes, don’t you? And, you’re thankful for clean water, right?).

Why Middle Managers Need to “Fire” Themselves as Supervisors

Great Leadership By Dan

There are rich leadership lessons to be learned from politics and sports. as team's defensive coordinator. Some even hired new Coordinators and still.

Do You Really Know Your Stakeholders?

Modern Servant Leader

A stakeholder is anyone with a vested interest in your organization and leadership. Too often, leaders make decisions without considering all stakeholders. The for-profit sector focuses too much on investors. Nonprofits focus too much on their clients. Politicians often focus on their own constituents at the exclusion of others. Stakeholder Circles.

Does Your Passion Overshadow Another’s?

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development It can be like an overpowering cologne or perfume. When someone enters the room, the scent overtakes everything, and we can barely breathe. The same happens when someone’s individual passion overtakes a conversation or decision. It is [.]. Leadership Development Authentic Purpose team values

What experience does for you…

Ron Edmondson

You are never the same… After a major stretching moment in leadership…in life…you never stretch back the same. You have more wisdom.

No More Finger Pointing – It’s Time to Rise Above the Negativity and Reconnect

Jesse Lyn Stoner Blog

Image via Sun Gazing. I am hopeful for our planet. I believe we have the capacity for unity and great goodness. Meg Wheatley. Community Building

Avoiding GIGO in Organizational Change… Reasons Individuals Resist Organizational Change

Business Learning Coach

By Jim Grinnell, Ph.D. Putting organizational change in motion is a relatively easy undertaking. It’s keeping it on track that takes lots of skill and hard work. It is unfortunate there are far more leaders who thrust change upon their organizations than there are who successfully usher the change through to success. Estimates suggest [.].

The Promise of Gemba


In an organization, work flows horizontally but organizations are structured vertically in hierarchies. With seniority and promotions up the order, a person tends to drift away from the place where real business value is created; the place where real action happens; where problems are clearly visible. That’s where the promise of “Gemba” kicks in.

7 Ways I Hope to be a Kingdom Builder

Ron Edmondson

I have often said in conversations, “I want to be a Kingdom-minded person” Recently some one asked me, “What do you mean by that?” ” Great question. What do I mean by that? I thought it might be more helpful if I described how I hope to do that. Care more about disciples being made than who gets credit for doing it.

The 5 Positive Powers of Self-Doubt

Leadership Freak

Image source If you grapple with self-doubt, keep reading. If you don’t grapple with it, you’re dangerous. Experts sing, “Believe in yourself,” However, unquestioned self-belief produces self-serving leaders who won’t adapt. Tom Petty captures the experience of many in, “Saving Grace,” when he sings, “You’re confident but not really sure.”

How is technology impacting your work?

Chartered Management Institute

Not having a television, much of my visual entertainment comes from watching videos on TED. This morning I watched the following video by Andrew McAfee. He provides a fascinating talk on how technology impacts our work, and indeed our reactions to this impact. Well worth a watch this morning over your coffee and croissant.

Photo Inquiry Friday: How far have you gotten? What worked to get you there? What does x + 1 look like?

Create Learning

Often resistance to change is just the lack of clarity. On to the Inquiry: Four questions that can affect the outcome of so much.

Leading with Inclusion at the Core

Linked 2 Leadership

Looking online one can see that most companies post their Core Values on their websites. Often Core Values are also included in employee handbooks and other such marketing materials. I have two questions to explore… First, how do those values “show up” in the organization and can they be evident to an “outsider?”

Use The Leadership Wheel to help you lead the way – every day

Talent Technologies

Leadership is a journey, not a destination. And because of the circular, cyclical nature of this leadership journey, it sure does help to have a leadership wheel to help you accomplish your. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Leadership is a journey, not a destination.

How to Have Life Changing Conversations

Leadership Freak

Your job is bringing out the best in others by the way you interact with them. Well timed, well executed conversation change people’s lives. First: Determine and affirm aspirations and goals. Never have conversations about an individual’s life, strengths, weaknesses, or potential until you understand their hopes and dreams.

Learning is least likely to occur the higher one goes in an organization

Create Learning

Sometimes you read something, that seems obvious, and the light bulb flickers on in your mind. Ask people who are not in your organization.

Leadership Caffeine-Finding Right is Different than Having to Be Right

Management Excellence

I want to know what you know.” One of my early career managers used this line regularly when engaging with her team members. She was genuine in her interest in our take on problems and opportunities, and you could almost hear her mind working as she processed the information and compared and contrasted it with her own views.

011: How to Develop Executive Presence | Featuring Tom Henschel

Engaging Leader

©2012 Essential Communications. Tom Henschel is the president of Essential Communications, an executive development firm. Why is it important? link].

Why might my favorite employee be undermining my leadership?


Why might my favorite employee be undermining my leadership? One of the questions I ask leaders is “Who do you eat lunch with?”

A Leader on the Line

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Team Dynamics I was co-captain of the drum line in high school marching band my junior year. In that leadership role, I was looked up to by my fellow drummers to lead the way in music and marching; I was literally looked down on from the observation tower by our director, who expected me to keep the [.].