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The Top 10 Things Leaders Should Hear From Their Teammates

Terry Starbucker

All leaders need to get good and consistent verbal feedback from their teammates, but there are what I consider to be the “Golden 10″ pieces of feedback that we really need to be getting to ratify our effectiveness (and our approach to greatness).

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How to Begin a Daily Quiet Time in 5 Easy Steps

Ron Edmondson

I often encounter people who want to begin a daily quiet time, but they aren’t sure how. It really isn’t as complicated as we often make it out to be.

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Visionary Leadership: Inspiring Woman Brings Independence to Many

C-Level Strategies

Two hundred thirty-five years ago our Founding Fathers , having risked their lives over the course of many years creating a new nation, achieved their vision for our magnificent country…independence.

Re-Inventing Brainstorming – Ten Tenets for Better Idea Generation

Kevin Eikenberry

Brainstorming – the creation of new or possible ideas – is a critical part of any problem solving or creative process. We all know it. We know that we must have ideas in order find solutions to problems. We even know that the more ideas we find, the better chance we’ll have of creating the [.]. Creativity Leadership Solving Problems brainstorming ideas possible solution

Three Signs That Your Slide Deck Stinks

Next Level Blog

Earlier this year, I was with an executive who was proudly showing me the Power Point presentation he had prepared for an upcoming strategic offsite. We got through three slides and he turned to me. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Books executive presence Random observations

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Conflict Resolution Tips: Don’t Assume You Know What Someone Will Do

The Recovering Engineer

Have you ever seen or been involved in a conflict conversation where one person said: “I knew that you were going to say that!&#. If you have, you probably noticed that the conflict intensity escalated from that point forward. This type of statement is aggressive.

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7 Ways to Make Bible Reading Fun

Ron Edmondson

A young college-aged girl told me recently that she didn’t enjoy reading her Bible and asked if there was an alternative book. Well…no! This is THE BOOK! There is no substitute. There are plenty of great Christian books, but none compare to this one.

Getting started with Google Plus – managing your privacy, sharing content and 10 additional resources

Krishna De

{lang: 'en-GB'} Have you received an invitation to join Google Plus ? An important consideration for using any online social network is your personal privacy. This video share tips about how to review your Google Profile and also how to determine who can access and also re-share your content.

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Can An Exception Help Develop Your Organization?

The Leadership Advisor

No matter your organization size, make-up or geographic location, there is always an anomaly at work within it. It is something that flies in the face of conventional wisdom and what seems like good sense. There’s no real explanation for it, at least not one that is exceedingly obvious.

Leadership in 6 Key Words

Linked 2 Leadership

As I read the many great posts on this blogazine (and elsewhere), it seems we often take for granted a key question: What exactly is leadership? I want to propose a working definition, and get your feedback on what you think. I propose this definition: “Leadership is the ability to influence people so they willingly accomplish the goals you are accountable for achieving.” 6 Key [.].

7 Suggestions for those Studying to be a Pastor

Ron Edmondson

I have the opportunity to talk with lots of young pastors each week. Another group that has recently started interacting with me are those preparing for the pastorate. I love investing in the next generation of leaders and am thankful for those who invested in me.

A Simple Checklist (But No Simpler)


Albert Einstein believed that supreme goal of all theory is to make the irreducible basic elements as simple and as few as possible. He said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” Here are some very basic (irreducible) questions that can act as powerful checklist to assess your processes. – Why

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Secrets to a Real Vacation

Kevin Eikenberry

I’m not a travel agent, and I don’t work for an airline or cruise ship company. This article isn’t about where you should vacation, what places you should visit or what foods you should eat. For the important point I hope to make in the next few hundred words, those parts of our vacation matter [.]. Leadership Learning Teams vacation

The Silent Language of Leaders

Linked 2 Leadership

Communication is difficult. Sometimes the message you intend to get across is understood by others, but many times it is not. Communication consists of more than the spoken or written word—nonverbal messages are conveyed as well. Future Leadership Issues Leadership Lessons Learned Leading & Developing Other Leaders body language communication deception eye movements facial features gestures handshakes lying Non-verbal Communication verbal behavior women's intuition

Book Giveway: Man Shoes by Tom Watson

Ron Edmondson

I explained recently that I have a new heart stirring. You can read about it HERE.

Managing with integrity

Bud to Boss

“It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.”. Will Rogers.

The Decline of Civilizations

Orrin Woodward

Why do civilizations rise, decline, and fall? Civilizations as diverse as the Sumerians, Egyptians, Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Chinese all declined, eventually falling under their own weight. Is decline the natural condition of life, with growth being a temporary anomaly in the march of history? Arnold Toynbee, an English historian, authored The Study of History, a classic multi-volume history of world civilizations.

The Importance of Tracking Your Time

Six Disciplines

If you want to improve performance (or increase capacity or capability), you need to track the one thing that you'll never get back: time. In order to improve effectiveness and efficiency, you must understand how your time is being used. With all of the technological advances over the past two decades, we're continually forced to do things "better, faster, cheaper." In other words, all of these advances have taught us how to be more efficient.

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4 Times Responsiveness is Critical

Ron Edmondson

Responsiveness is extremely important in leadership and organizational health. It’s one of the non-negotiables for teams I lead. (I I wrote about those non-negotiables HERE.)

You Get the Culture You Pay For

Next Level Blog

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been ignoring articles in the Financial Times about a cell phone hacking scandal in England. This morning, the New York Times picked up the story in a big way and I. Please click the headline to read the whole story. Current Affairs Leadership

People and Things


Ever have one of “those” moments? … You know, the kind where you’re minding your own business and all of a sudden, bang!, something jumps into your brain out of nowhere? It happens to me quite often, but usually when I’m relaxed (after pressing hard for weeks or months). Taking a hike (literally!).


Is Email Taking Over Your Life? 7 ways to get your life back

Strategy Driven

During a recent film shoot in Tucson, Arizona for a new Internet project, I woke up at 4am unable to sleep. So as millions do when our sleep is interrupted, I got up and started wading through my cluttered email inbox.

Let’s Talk Mentoring

Ron Edmondson

I have had mentors in my life since I was in my early twenties. These men have added so much to the quality of my life. I can’t imagine doing life without them. Mentoring is certainly not a new concept, but it seems to be talked about more recently than I’ve heard in some time.

Independence Day: Would You Have Signed?


I wrote this several years ago and post it each 4th of July: The document is on the table. Although some of your colleagues are making jokes, each one knows that the signature places the signer's head in a hangman's noose. To sign means you will be regarded as a traitor by the nation that has held your loyalty since birth. Your livelihood may be destroyed and your family doomed to a life of isolation and poverty. Many of your friends and associates will be under suspicion. Others will shun you.

Businesses urged to employ more Brits

Chartered Management Institute

Iain Duncan Smith, the Works and Pensions Secretary has caused uproar over his call to businesses to give the young unemployed British workers a chance and not to “fall back on labour from abroad”. You are not watching this post, click to start watching


Footwashing for Leaders

Leading Blog

An easy trap for any leader to fall into is the “Look what I did!” Success easily erodes humility. Humility isn’t about the lack of ambition, but acknowledging the luck, the good fortune, and the contributions of others to your success. It is the humility that comes with a habit of respect for others. Stephen Hall calls it the “gift of perspective.” It is indeed. Humility is all about perspective. Fast Company cofounder Bill Taylor argues in Are You “Humbitious” Enough to Lead?

Sit and Wait?

Kevin Eikenberry

“You want to take action every day, not sit around waiting for something to happen.&# -Richard Bolles, Author Questions to Ponder What action have I taken today? What action will I take next? Action Steps Get up and get going. Decide what action will make a difference for you and your future, even if it [.]. Leadership Learning Quotations action Proactive

Ethical Leadership Context

Leading in Context

The context for ethical leadership is broader than you may think. Here are some quotes that bring the concept to life: Ethical Leader Trends ethical ethical leadership context ethical leadership development ethics ethics training leadership ethics training quotes

Intentionally Loving People

Ron Edmondson

“This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.&# John 15:12. As believers, loving others is not to be an option, it’s to be a lifestyle. No one does that better than my wife Cheryl. Recently we were on a 3 1/2 hour flight to San Francisco.

HBR on INSPIRING & EXECUTING INNOVATION: A book review by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Harvard Business Review on INSPIRING & EXECUTING INNOVATION Various Contributors Harvard Business Review Press (2011) How to create and then deliver new or better products and services This is one of the volumes in a series of anthologies of articles that first appeared in HBR. In this instance, its ten articles focus on one or [.]. Bob's blog entries Anthony W.

How to Be Free from Tyranny of Inevitability


I was privileged to co-lead a TweetChat yesterday with Lolly Daskal —life coach and inspirational speaker who has taken Twitter chats to a new level with her # LeadFromWithin chats (every Tuesday at 8PM EST). Together with other fellow-Twitter fans, we discussed the topic of Foresight.

4 Reasons Why Your Boss Should Take A Vacation

Tanveer Naseer

The beginning of July often marks for many the official start of summer, with children being off from school for the summer break paired with the warmer weather and sunny skies that marks this time of the year. This is also typically the time of year where most of us would start making preparations to take advantage of the vacation time we’ve earned through the contributions and efforts we’ve made for our organization.

Conflict Prevention: Just Fix the Problem

The Recovering Engineer

I am not always “on my game.&# Teaching conflict resolution, problem solving, interaction dynamics, and leadership skills does not make me perfect at applying them. It does make me aware, and that awareness helps me to correct my thinking more quickly.

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The Indispensable Office Stinker

First Friday Book Synopsis

Here’s a recent post by the folks the Drucker Exchange (the Dx) that hosts an ongoing conversation about bettering society through effective management and responsible leadership. It is produced by the Drucker Institute, a think tank and action tank based at Claremont Graduate University that was established to advance and build on the ideas and [.].