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One Of The Best Leadership Lessons Ever….In Just 29 Words

Terry Starbucker

It was 1987, and I had just started my first big executive job at a Cable TV company in Los Angeles. The 4 most important words: “What do you think?”.

12 Great Leadership Questions

Ron Edmondson

One of the best things a leader can do is ask the right questions. Great leaders ask great questions. How can I help you? What’s next?

A No-Excuses Leadership Learning Strategy

Kevin Eikenberry

Leading effectively is a complex mix of skills and behaviors that don’t all come naturally and can’t be mastered quickly (if ever). To put it simply, to be a great leader, you must be a continual learner. That is easy to say. It is easy to believe. But how do you do it? I believe [.].

10 Ways to Slay Goliath

In the CEO Afterlife

My business career is characterized with a bunch of David versus Goliath encounters. Wherever I went, the major competitor was 20 times larger.

What Millennials Told CEOs They Want from Leaders

C-Level Strategies

USC Marshall School Students. Ever wonder what Millennials would tell CEOs if they had the chance? FINDINGS. They feel more connected. IMPLICATIONS.

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Make a Leap to Greater Productivity

Kevin Eikenberry

It’s Leap Day, that once-every-four-years event that leads people to say things like “You have a whole extra day, how do you plan to use it?” ” Sounds nice, but wouldn’t you rather get a little time every day, for the rest of your life, than a random added day every four years (a day that, [.].

4 Principles Learned from the Book of Esther

Ron Edmondson

I love the story of Esther. If you haven’t read it lately, you can do so HERE. God has a special plan for your life. I wrote about that HERE.)

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"In Charge of the Game"

Chris Brady

In today's political environment there seems to be two sides: 1) those who think the government can and should be in charge of solving our problems, and 2) those who think the government is evil and. [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]. Current Affairs Finances and Economics Politics

The Smart Leader’s Plan to Get and Succeed at Your Dream Job

C-Level Strategies

Raise your hand if you’ve ever: 1. Interviewed for a job you wanted passionately. Can you do the job? Will you love the job? ” 4.

The Best Leaders Can Manage and the Best Managers Can Lead

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Though leadership and management are not interchangeable terms, the terms can be put together productively. Does a great leader equate to a great manager? What actually makes these two terms different? While [.]. Leadership Development Character-based Leadership Leadership management

5 Ways to Expand Your Leadership Potential

Ron Edmondson

I am frequently asked, “How can I grow as a leader?” ” I suspect what they really want to know is how to expand their influence.

On Leadership and Creating a Culture of Balance

Linked 2 Leadership

In 2012, balancing work and life challenges is getting more difficult than ever for many people. With the ongoing pressures provided by economic uncertainties, many people are digging in and trying even harder to succeed. Leadership Lessons Learned Life Balance Servant Leadership

Letting Go of the Seriousness


My mother was a singer and dancer throughout her formative years, so as I child I was involved in dance classes; encouraged to act in school plays; and learned to play the viola and guitar. When I recently heard Jenny Scheinman, a violinist, talking about how she teaches young classical violinists to improvise, I was mesmerized. Is it effective?

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4 Steps to Building an Emotionally Intelligent Culture

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development Workplace Issues In an article last week, I discussed Five Reasons Why Emotional Intelligence (EI) Workshops Fail. In that article, I described research on efforts to enhance Emotional Intelligence in the workplace and why it is often unsuccessful. In my article this [.].

3 Reasons We Need the Church

Ron Edmondson

I was recently asked by someone in our church: What’s the importance of church? I can worship God anywhere.” We are to love one another.

Making Feedback Really Work

Kevin Eikenberry

I didn’t grow up a Bruce Lee fan. I knew who he was, was aware that he died far too young, and, until the last few years, that was about all I knew or thought about him. Until I met Dwight Woods. Dwight was personally trained in martial arts by one of Bruce Lee’s students. Dwight [.].

Best practices for marketing your organization on Pinterest

The Organized Executive's Blog

The following is a guest article by Catherine Welborn, web editor of Briefings Media Group. When you think of social media for work, LinkedIn probably comes to mind. And LinkedIn is an awesome resource for professionals. But it’s not the only resource. That includes the newest hot site, Pinterest. Pinterest describes itself as a “virtual pinboard.”

What Leaders Can Learn From Ryan Seacrest

Next Level Blog

The most interesting part of the Oscar telecast last night happened before the awards show started. Network red carpet host and king of all media Ryan Seacrest was in his usual position, asking the stars if they were excited and who they were wearing, when Sacha Baron Cohen arrived in a limo. You may remember Cohen best as Borat.

Ryan 56

What’s the Greatest Killer of Motivation?

Ron Edmondson

Did you catch it? What’s the greatest killer of motivation? You thought it was a lack of vision, didn’t you? We get bored easily.

Ignore Your Weaknesses And Focus On Your Strengths!

Management is a Journey

Sometimes, I work with business professionals who have adopted a strategy of doubling down on their strengths and ignoring their weaknesses. They generally take this approach as they face difficulties in the workplace. Some of these leaders and managers are simply doing more of what has always worked for them in the past. For example, [.].

Craft a job ad that attracts the best candidates

Bud to Boss

This is a guest post by Brad Ferris. Once you know what you want in a candidate, how do you convey that to the marketplace in a way that’s going to attract the best talent? Most employers just focus on what they want without any regard to what their ideal candidate might want. . What is the difference that the right candidate will make? Then do it!

6 Ways Leaders Are Different

Great Leadership By Dan

The Secret , a book I co-authored with Ken Blanchard, outlines what we believe great leaders do -- the skills part of the picture. My answer is yes.

Two Keys to a Truly Productive Church Staff

Ron Edmondson

This is a guest post by Loren Pinilis. He writes about time management from a Christian perspective at Life of a Steward. Here are 2 keys to a truly productive church staff: A pastor has incredible power as a leader. It’s not restricted to formal voting or the pulpit. But this needs to be done carefully. God-Centered and Not Me-Centered.

How important is a clean desk?

Chartered Management Institute

During my time at CMI I was hectored numerous times for the general untidiness of my desk. This is because messiness induces a need for simplicity.”.

Is your organizational development plan ready for “connect and collaborate”?

Next Level Blog

I’m about halfway through “How” by Dov Seidman, and I find his overarching point compelling — that in a world of radical transparency, how we do things matters as much as or more than what we do. Click headline to continue.

Team 52

Silence and Presence


know what your typical day is like. I’ve not only lived it, but I’ve coached leaders who have constant interruptions when we are working together. I’ve heard employees like yours talk about how their manager is distracted. Your best nearly always happens in moments of “presence.” What am I comfortable doing? Tweet Thi

Ultimate Multi-Tasking: The Art of Managing People from Multiple Generations

Lead Change Blog

Posted in Leadership Development If you look at your team and see people who represent several generations, you may find yourself with some conflicting thoughts. Is it wise to take each generation into account or is that over-complicated? Is it better to let the employees manage their own age-related perceptions or is it your job to step in and [.].

Enterprise 2.0 tools not delivering results

Chartered Management Institute

Article first published as Enterprise 2.0 not Delivering Results on Technorati. technology, few of these investments are delivering results.

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Teach Yourself to Avoid Favoritism

Marshall Goldsmith

Every company claims to discourage suck-ups. Every leader claims to despise suck-ups. If we all hate suck-ups so much, why does so much sucking-up go on? Sucking-up happens because we all tend to create an environment where people learn to suck-up to us. We can easily see this in others. It is just hard to see in ourselves. They laugh and say no.

Enjoy The Little Things In Life.

Rich Gee Group

When do you have time to focus on the small things in life? Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Event Life Coaching Ways & Tips Big Things Birthday Shawn Achor Small Things TED

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5 Fears Employees Wish They Could Tell Their Boss

Linked 2 Leadership

Right or wrong, most employees are afraid of what their boss might think or say or if they told them half of what they’re thinking. This stems partly from the consequences a boss can wield if employees step too far out of line, but it also comes from a common personality difference between bosses and [.].

Warning: Your best practices stink

Chartered Management Institute

The notion of creating a constantly evolving organisation that is always seeking out better ways to do things is far from new.

BPM 49

8 Tough Team Meeting Questions

Great Results Team Building

This article is published as a guest post as part of the thoughtleadersllc blog. Many thanks to Mike Figiuolo for sharing it with his growing audience!

106 Excuses That Prevent You From Ever Becoming Great.

Rich Gee Group

What excuses do you use to keep you from being GREAT? Blog Business Coaching C-Level Career Coaching Tip Life Coaching Media Piece Personalities Social Media Ways & Tips Becky-Johns Chris Brogan Excuses Tommy Walker

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