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The Rise of Influential Women Who Made It Big in Big Data

Women on Business

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The neuroscience of asking insightful questions


I teach coaching skills to leaders. Without fail, almost all hands shoot enthusiastically into the air. or “What possibilities do you see here?” (and

Leading with Trust

Great Leadership By Dan

Guest post by Paul J. Zak, PhD : One-third of business leaders surveyed in 2015 said that retaining colleagues is their number one concern. Paul J.

Training Still Matters

Joseph Lalonde

How Chick-Fil-A Understands This I feel extremely fortunate to work for Chick-fil-A ; it’s been an amazing ride for over 30 years. Image by Jeff Blum.

7 Things I’ve Learned about Following God

Ron Edmondson

For the last 30 years or so, I’ve attempted to listen to, obey and follow the voice of God. These are based totally on my personal experience.

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7 Hidden Costs of Attempting to Eliminate Risk

Ron Edmondson

Every leader I know attempts to limit a certain amount of risk when making decisions or leading change. Unfulfilled dreams. False reality. Wasted time.

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7 Steps to Quality Customer Support

Women on Business

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The Worst Mistake You Can Make With a Bad Hire

Let's Grow Leaders

“When did you know he was a bad hire?” ” “Pretty much from day 1.” ” “Err… yesterday.”

Intelligent Restraint: Pacing for Growth

Leading Blog

W E KNOW WE NEED to prioritize growth both personally and professionally or it will not happen. The concept is called Intelligent Restraint.

The Leader’s Crisis of Belief

Ron Edmondson

Every Leader Must Push Through A Leadership Crisis of Belief. Questions such as: Will this work? Is there a better way? Will people support this?

Change Your Question Change Your Direction

Leadership Freak

The questions you answer determine the direction you go. In order to find the right answer, you must ask the right question. Image source “The most common source of mistakes in management decisions… Continue reading → Curiosity Leading Questions

Five Tips for Hiring Remote Team Members

Kevin Eikenberry

Hiring is one of the most important roles of a leader. When we put the right people in […].

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4 Trailblazing Problem-Solving Tips From Fitness

Lead Change Blog

The proverbial road to hell is paved with lots of people who want to become more fit. And much ink has been spilled on the subject. But most don’t.

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Creating a Leadership Culture

Nathan Magnuson

This post comes courtesy of Mark Miller, a best-selling author of 6 books, an in-demand speaker and an executive at Chick-fil-A. They were right.

3 Ways You Might be Sabotaging Your Team’s Culture on Day 1

RapidStart Leadership

Your team’s culture is it’s life-blood, its soul. It’s who you are and how you interact as a group. Give them the task and have at it.

5 Ways to be a Leader Who Turns Heads

Leadership Freak

It’s an ego boost to sit in the power chair and see heads turn in your direction. You enjoy it. You come to expect it. The beginning of the leadership journey is… Continue reading → Coaching Taking others higher Teams Leadership Development organizational success

Leadership: The Number That Truly Matters

Lead Change Blog

One of the most important qualities of a leader is the ability to develop others. The first test culled 22,000 men out of the army, leaving 10,000.

Consolidation of Credit Card Debts

Women on Business

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Times of Change Call for Increased Levels of Communication and Courage


In times of change or uncertainty, organizations need leadership more than ever. That means the quality and amount of communications need to increase.

How to Elevate Your Leadership in Surprising Ways

Leadership Freak

I saw a breathtaking thing of beauty in an executive coaching session. I asked a client, I’ll call him Carl, to take a courageous step and he did. His courage and humility were… Continue reading → Coaching

Three Steps To Building the Leader You Need

Lead Change Blog

Charles-Guillaume Etienne is said to have penned the phrase, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” Wake Forest professor and retired U.S.

3 Reasons Being Young Shouldn’t Stop You From Leading

Joseph Lalonde

Your youth is an asset Has anyone ever told you that you’re too young to lead? Maybe they’ve told you that you don’t know enough yet.

Two Ways to Overcome Your Organization’s Immunity to Change

Change Starts Here

Organizations often have subtle ways of preventing the very change people say they want to achieve. Change Management

Over-engaged Leaders Produce Disengaged Teams

Leadership Freak

Over-engaged leaders work way too hard. Over-engaged leaders produce disengaged teams. Work to make space for others, if you’re an over-engaged leader. Over-engaged leaders: Love check lists.

Getting To Awesome: How To Align Your Passion For Leadership With The Rest of Your Life

Terry Starbucker

Andrea is the co-founder of the aptly named Awesome Institute ( ). Take Responsibility. Apply Curiosity. Do the Work. Marie.

The Relationship Between Positivity and Productivity (And How to Make It Work for You)

Lead on Purpose

Guest post by Annabelle Smyth Many companies still hold tight to the old way of doing things. They put you in high-pressure situations and hope that you get all your work done out of fear. Fear that you will miss … Continue reading → Purpose Trust Communication creativity positivity productivity

Three Things Coaches Must Do To Drive Success

Eric Jacobson

Former University of Kansas head basketball coach Roy Williams once told U.S. And, the leader must effectively communicate that goal to the team.

Frontline Festival: Leaders Share Team Building Ideas

Let's Grow Leaders

Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. This month’s festival is all about team time. Follow Susan. Follow Skip. Fred Wilson.

Never Get Trapped By A Freelancer

Strategy Driven

Photo courtesy of Pexels. A lot of people have started moving over to doing work for themselves, over the last few decades. This acts a bargain.

Weekly Round-Up: Woman Leader’s Secret Weapon, Leaders’ Unique Energy Source, Everyone Fails, Productive Employee Formula, & Skills for the Future


Welcome to my weekly round-up of recent top leadership and communication blog posts. Weekly Round-Up

5 Powerful Rules for Modern Day Business Women

Women on Business

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Power 27
Power 27

Practice the Power of Opportunity (A Leaders Made Here Post)

Lead Change Blog

We welcome Mark Miller for the third post in a five-part series defining the core principles of Leaders Made Here. The steps are known and proven.

Taking Your Customer’s Money

Strategy Driven

A lot of modern transactions don’t involve physical money at all. Instead, they rely on bank transfers. It’s not quite as easy as it sounds, though.

Be Brave

Joseph Lalonde

One leadership trait you must have as a leader is bravery. Leaders are brave people. Leadership isn’t an easy road to tow. Giving others credit.