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Do You Really Need a Meeting to Make a Decision? Five Keys to.

Kevin Eikenberry

Lots of things happen in meetings – some of them even helpful! 5 Keys While most everyone has horror stories about meetings, there also are far too many examples of meetings that, while not awful, are far from effective

Executive coaching – another set of clothes for the Emperor? | Forbes []

Weekly Leader

Slightly misleading headline but an interesting post by Matt Symonds for's The Business School Beat. leadership leadershipdevelopment strategy practice businessschool

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10 Ways to Make Others Shine

Leading Blog

Earl Miller, a neuroscientist at MIT says, “ Success has a much greater influence on the brain than failure.”

The Question We Should All Be Asking Our Customers

C-Level Strategies

By Lisa Petrilli. I was fortunate last week to have the opportunity to interview a customer of one of my clients – a business owner whose asset is his intellectual property and his process for using the IP to help his own clients

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Five Minutes - a Key to Successful Time Management

Kevin Eikenberry

Some suggested uses for leaders – how to use five free minutes

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Courage, Vulnerability, & Love

Tony Mayo

The pace is slow for an online video but the message is deep and true. Use the extra time to think about your own life, relationships, and desires. Share it

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Stay on Message to Win Buy-In | Harvard Business Review []

Weekly Leader

Great advice for leaders from John Kotter. leadership meetings practice johnkotter

Equal To or Greater Than = Influence


My favorite leaders are genuinely humble. They know they don’t know it all, and they know they have much to learn. They dive into learning with gusto. They make mistakes and try again. If they are in one of those boxes on the organization chart that gives them authority over others, they don’t take it

5 Communication Tips for Leaders

N2Growth Blog

By Mike Myatt , Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth. Regardless of your station in life, both what you say, and how you say it matters. It matters to an even greater degree for those in positions of leadership. Leaders simply don’t have the luxury of choosing their words in cavalier fashion.

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Creating a Learning Organization: 10 Actions For a Leader


Jack Welch said, “An organizations ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the greatest competitive advantage.” Continuous learning and its respective implementation to generate desired business outcomes is at the core of successful organizations. Peter Senge defined a learning organization as the one “where people continually expand their capacity to create the

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E&Y CEO on what makes global leaders successful | FORTUNE []

Weekly Leader

Not surprising report on the benefits of diversity in leadership but definitely worth a read. leadership diversity Davos Fortune

The 4 Things Every Leader Should Say To Their Team, And…

Terry Starbucker

…Then Hold Themselves Accountable To. Trust. Credibility. Every leader wants these things, because if they can get them, it sets the stage for extraordinary achievement. If they cannot, it almost always leads to middling mediocrity or outright failure.

8 Tips to Ace an Interview

Women on Business

Congratulations! It’s not easy to land an interview for a new position these days. The market place is overloaded with qualified applicants seeking employment, and the fact that you made it this far is indeed encouraging. But, you still need to ace the interview and it’s critical to do some preparation to showcase your talent

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A Suggested Reading List For Those Interested In Issues of Social Justice And Poverty

First Friday Book Synopsis

Karl Krayer and I will soon complete our 13th full year of hosting the First Friday Book Synopsis. At each of our monthly meetings, Karl and I each present a synopsis of a best selling business book. For nearly half that time, I have also presented synopses every month for the Urban Engagement Book Club

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Expanding management: The delicate art of sharing control | Fortune []

Weekly Leader

Interesting in light of the recent Google CEO transition news. leadership transition succession ceo

The 2010 Execution Round-Up: Six Companies That Couldn't 'Get It.

Strategy Driven

No doubt about it: 2010 saw its share of losers (and the occasional winner) in the business arena. Here are a few of this year's headline makers and the lessons that can be learned from each of them. It's that time of year again: time

Employee Satisfaction Will Trash Your Business

The Leadership Advisor

The big push now is “employees first, customer second&#. I agree with this concept 100%. Where I think it’s run off the rails is in how it is implemented; the expression of how employees are put first.

5 Step Process to Take a Dream to Reality

Ron Edmondson

I like to see dreams and goals become reality. In my personal experience, however, and from viewing the experiences of others, most of us have more ideas than we have reality. Figuring out how to implement our ideas is the hardest part

Leadership & Age

Weekly Leader

By Mike Myatt, Chief Strategy Officer, N2growth When it come to leadership age doesn’t matter – competency does. History is full of examples of leaders who have succeeded and failed at every age. The intangibles of passion, character, commitment, discernment, and talent are of infinitely greater importance than someones date of birth. I don’t care about your generational

10 Ways To Involve Your Employees

Eric Jacobson

Here are 10 tips for how to maximize employee involvement: Have active ways to listen to your employees. Check often with employees to see if the information you are sharing with them is what they need and what they want. Share information about customer satisfaction with employees. Discuss financial performance with your employees and be sure everyone understands the importance of profitability and how they can contribute to profitability.

Social media and the airline industry – 4 ideas to springboard from

Krishna De

What can we learn from the airline business in how they are using social media? In 2010, Delta Airlines enabled an application you can use if in the US to book your tickets to fly with Delta – and you don’t have to leave their Facebook Page to do so and South West Airlines have [.] Social media and the airline industry – 4 ideas to springboard from is an article post from: Biz Growth News. Remember to join our Facebook Page to access 5 marketing tutorials

Leadership At All Levels - The Proven Formula For Growth And.

Six Disciplines

How to pick a second-in-command | The Globe and Mail []

Weekly Leader

Good advice from Stanford Prof and author Bob Sutton. leadership succession planning team

What Do You Want From Them Blog - What Do You Want From Them, Inc.

What Do You Want From Them

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Why Leadership Matters

Lead Change Blog

I’ve often heard it said that the one constant in business is change. While change is certainly always present I think that there is at least one additional constant. This one doesn’t only apply to business, it also applies to … Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders

How To Survive In A High Performance Workplace.

Rich Gee Group

Been there, done that. Because of the economy and marketplace, many seemingly normal environments are slowly turning into ‘high-performance’ workplaces (HPW). In addition, if you are working at a startup or within a certain industry (PR, Advertising, Tech, etc.), you might encounter this situation all the time. Here are some tips to help you understand, cope, and succeed in your career

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The Essence of Leadership

Weekly Leader

a corporation is a collection of human beings; employees, stockholders, customers, and stakehold

Secrets of Business Success

CEO Blog

I am having a productive morning. For some reason I find early mornings in themselves tend to yield productivity. I reflect on the charmed life I lead. Many people ask me my secrets of success and I am not sure there is any one thing

3 Steps to Listening Better and Hearing More

Lead Change Blog

When it comes to teaching people to communicate we have historically focused a lot more on effective speaking, writing and presenting than on effective listening. Yet what has you trust someone more: the ability to speak eloquently or the ability … Continue reading → Lead Change Group - Leaders Growing Leaders


How To Be More Productive When You Work From Home.

Rich Gee Group

I live in Connecticut. Over the past 24 hours, we received another two feet of snow (I was out shoveling the walk this morning). The highways are closed and most (if not all) people can’t get to work. So many of us will be working at home today

The provocative boardroom | Laramie Board Learning Project []

Weekly Leader

Must read for all nonprofit leaders (paid and volunteer)! leadership nonprofit board governance

Have You Ever Been Placed in Leadership Time-Out?

Ron Edmondson

Recently in Costa Rica I saw a tradition that's common in my country too. A child was placed in time-out… For a certain amount of time, a child is not allowed to play with the other children, has to sit in a corner and is basically

Give Yourself Credit for the Small Victories

Your Voice of Encouragement

I'm not a technical person by nature. Fortunately, I'm married to someone who is. In fact, my husband Lee can do anything that involves assembling, taking apart, and repairing items. To me, he is an absolute genius in this area

Establish A Contract With Your Team.

Rich Gee Group

You work hard and so does your team. Sometimes, a mis-alignment of communication, interpretation, or expectations occurs. It happens. It’s not a bad thing even if it happens once in awhile. But when it becomes a frequent occurrence, you begin to question your team’s ability to execute or your ability to communicate