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Better Relationship Tips For Task Oriented People: Redefine Your.

The Recovering Engineer

How you view or define a task can cause you to struggle in your relationships. Try redefining the task to stay focused on the other person

Freedom Only to the Degree of Self Mastery

Chris Brady

Are you ready for something insightful and remarkably profound? Steve pressfield. Ever wonder why some folks seem to search out mundane jobs and then

Your Voice of Encouragement: Are You a People Pleaser?

Your Voice of Encouragement

Young children love to get attention and approval from their parents. If you're on a playground, observe how many kids yell, “Watch me go down the slide, Mommy!” And then they wait for the positive look or exclamation from her once they

Dreams Do Come True - IAB Top 10 Leader & Paul Pilzer

Orrin Woodward

I read it the first time back in 1993 on a Saturday afternoon

JACK CANFIELD - The Success Principles

Building Personal Strength

In this five-minute video, Jack talks about the aspects of his life that contributed to his amazing success. Also: Jack Canfield on optimism.

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Evan Lysacek - A Good Affirmation and a Gold Medal

Building Personal Strength

In the February 19th San Antonio Express-News sports section, the headline read, "Evan Almighty." Woo-hoo! And apparently, it helped. Uh, probably not.

But God.

Chris Brady

Birds-on-wire-evening-manzanar-relocation-center-1943. Days begin, bright and clean, Little is known, most just shown. But God

QAspire Blog: Practical Insights on Quality, Management.


Quick Thought on Leadership and Subordination to a Cause. If you are a manager or leader, you are very likely to have followers whom we commonly refer to as 'subordinates.' In an organizational context, subordination refers to a lower

Encouraging Peer Acknowledgment


The Personal Strength of Compassion - "Pay It Forward" Will Break My Heart Again

Building Personal Strength

I love movies, and I have a DVD collection of favorites. For the fourth time. I'll watch this one alone. Imperfect people act imperfectly.


Caption Contest 2010.3

Chris Brady

You've waited long enough! It's time for a caption contest.

We All Have a Community

Managing Communities

photo credit: Unhindered by Talent If you offer a product or a service, you have a community. It may be small or large, local or international and you may not even acknowledge it, but understand this: you have one. Your community is comprised of those who use, enjoy and support whatever it is that you do. [.].

Randy Pausch on Time Management

Survive Your Promotion

If you haven't seen the long version of this talk by Randy Pausch, it's here.


The Personal Strength of Patience - Peace of Mind in an Unpredictable World

Building Personal Strength

I don't just talk about it and write about it. I also do it. Over the years, I've worked on improving specific personal strengths. I couldn't tell.

The 3 key people ingredients Virgin Air looks for in creating.

Talent Technologies

What do you need to look for when hiring people you need for customer-facing positions?

Thank You to Networking Times

Chris Brady

This past weekend in St. We sincerely appreciate this gesture

The Cardinal Sin of Relationship Building

Survive Your Promotion

Business relationships come in really handy when you need a favor or when something goes wrong and you hope for the benefit of the doubt.


The Personal Strength of Thoroughness - The Devil Is in the Details

Building Personal Strength

Every now and then, while reading a book, I’ll come across a typo. Also, typos are relatively trivial compared to the content of the book. Far from it.

Situational Leadership Theory


If you haven’t noticed it yet, most leadership theories build on the previous one. In the same manner, situational leadership theory builds upon contingency theory. Useful Lies. In the time since its inception, situational leadership II has become a standard model for use in training managers and leaders. Intro to Leadership Theory.

My two cents worth…

Crossderry Blog

My Feedburner subscribers may have noticed my monetization experiment – I recently turned on Google AdSense for my feed. Or perhaps they haven't noticed. I've earned all of $0.02 in two weeks. My gratitude for my day job just went up

Crisis Leadership

Survive Your Promotion

I grew up on the water – many of my friends and family members are sailors.

Bigger Questions and Bigger Games Lead to Changes…

Anese Cavanaugh

For someone, with a high value in connection and quality, I only work with a small number of people privately at a time. I do this in order to give my clients the amount of TLC, time and energy I feel good about, to take care of my own psychic and physical energy, and to leave room for the other things I love to do in my life. Great places to look.

Book Review: Strategy Safari


Leadership requires strategy. But there is far more to strategy than just announcing where an organization is headed. The authors of Strategy Safari use the analogy of a syringe to explain this misconception. Where leaders believe it is solely their responsibility to fill a syringe with deliberate strategy and then inject it into the followers.

MIT formula for uncertainty: pad your estimates

Crossderry Blog

I don't have the time to delve into the entire article, so I may be misrepresenting the thrust of Spyros Makridakis, Robin M. Hogarth and Anil Gaba's Winter 2010 article in the MIT Sloan Management Review (full article here

How to Build a Team « Survive Your Promotion!

Survive Your Promotion

A group of happy, high-performing individuals is not a team.

Long Live the “Soft Stuff”: Skipping “Business as Usual” to Ignite Purpose and Optimize Mindset in Today’s Economy

Anese Cavanaugh

We are in the midst of an exciting, nerve racking and pivotal time right now. I see this in the economy, in business, in leadership, in politics, in families, and in peoples’ senses of purpose and personal values. There’s a lot happening. On one hand I notice a lot of complaining, blaming, making excuses, and fear. And I feel the buzz.

#QUALITYtweet – Interviews, Guest Post and Reviews


QUALITYtweet_cover[1] I am delighted to share a couple of things that happened this week around my book #QUALITYtweet. Phil Gerbyshak is a cool friend who also wrote advance praise in the book. Phil is a “Make it Great” guy whose

The only time Crossderry will beat Herding Cats

Crossderry Blog

I found out that Crossderry was named to another one of those best PM blog lists (here). Thanks Nicole… One must, however, wonder about a list that has me listed above Glen, Bas, Rich, Elizabeth, and Craig. I appreciate the mention

6 Building Blocks To A Fortress of Credibility In The Workplace

Terry Starbucker

j0436488 The last thing a CEO (or any other high level executive) needs in pushing goals, objectives and action plans all the way through the ranks of a company is to literally “feel” the skepticism as the messages are delivered – that


Seeds of success

Lead on Purpose

Everyone wants to succeed, but where does success start? The venerable “Dean of Personal Development,” Earl Nightingale

Victim or Victor – You Decide | Guy Harris: The Recovering Engineer

The Recovering Engineer

The battle to be a better communicator is with yourself. You can either be a victor or a victim - decide


Owning your change program

Crossderry Blog

It has been a while since I've checked out my leadership counterparts on Alltop… I found some tasty posts from bloggers I hadn't seen before. Melissa Dutmers at Riverfork challenges us to not fall back on conventional wisdom

Persuade To Lead

Eric Jacobson

My favorite book about leadership is " The Leadership Test " by Timothy R. Clark. Only persuasion is leadership. Manipulation exploits.

Going green: start your own grassroots leadership revolution

Roundtable Talk

Quite honestly, climate change is one of those issues