NYC Transit Strike: Could Women Do Better?

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The NYC Transit Strike is on and Women's Leadership Exchange is based in New York City - the Capital of the World. I say Capital of the World not because I'm an egomanic about WLE's home base, but because it's been said by many others in books, magazine articles, etc. How is it that the Capital of the World goes on strike? Most of us, who are based here, are still in shock.

Network News Executives: Choose Your Weapon; Male for Female?

Women's Leadership Exchange

It's Sunday night and like many of you, I just got around to reading Saturday's paper. Maureen Dowd, Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist, wrote an interesting commentary on the OP Ed pages of The New York Times, "Can Mommy Know Best?"

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Another Big Day For Women: NYC Gets First Female First Deputy Mayor

Women's Leadership Exchange

When Women's Leadership Exchange conferences are held around the country - Dallas, Chicago, Long Beach, Atlanta and New York City - we always invite the top city officials, to welcome our large crowd of from 600 - 800 successful women business owners. WLE Keyholders are female movers & shakers and their businesses are drivers of the economy in each region. We especially like to feature women public officials, but we also welcome men who support the advancement of women.

The Woman Who Changed The World

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Rosa Parks is a testament that it is small things that can change the world. As the NY Times said: "By remaining seated, she took a stand." " But even more than "a stand, " her action, or refusal to get up from her seat to make room for whites, was a pivotal event in civil rights history. It thrust Rev. Martin Luther King, then 26 years old, into mounting a boycott that lasted more than year, and ended in the U.S.


It Hurts To Lose

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Losing is painful. The NY Yankees lost the American League division tonight and I am hurting. I am a woman first; a wife and mother second. A business owner third. And a NY Yankee fan fourth. I am a BIG Yankee Fan. I love watching them. They're cool, confident, warm, charismatic, sometimes intense. Recent years they haven't looked so good during the summer, but by the end of the season, they always pull it together and play like silk.until tonight when they lost to the LA Angels. But I love them.

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Help the Hurricane Relief Effort

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The devastation of Hurricane Katrina is shocking. ve seen it in other parts of the world ? and it has affected us profoundly. Disasters like the Tsunami have moved us into action to help the people. This disaster is still unfolding. Because of its nature, I?m m afraid the worst is yet to come.

Taking on the Sports Establishment

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Today I am absorbed in sports news. Though I am a big NY Yankee fan, I don?t t usually read the sports pages regularly. But lately I?ve ve been drawn to the sports? media. Headlines report on the screams of French fans claiming that Lance Armstrong only won the Tour de France because he?s s been taking drugs. A statement certainly unproven. But the biggest news was right here in the USA, in fact, in Ohio.

Fighting Females

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Everywhere I look lately, I keep hearing about ?fighting fighting females.? This alliteration hit me, after returning from the August 2nd, Women?s s Leadership Exchange Long Beach Conference, which was focused on women supporting each other. What is all this stuff about fighting females? I suppose fighting females can be positive or negative depending upon the situation.

The Business of Art: Where are the Women?

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In the business of art, where are the women? s the question that struck me after visiting the The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA), rebuilt and greatly expanded. in all its dramatic grandeur. My daughter Sara, was my noble companion on this expedition to a museum that has always inspired me. Sara recently graduated with a BFA from SVA, and holds her first ?real? job working at The Mattress Factory, a highly respected gallery/museum featuring installation art in Pittsburgh, PA.


Shake, Rattle the World

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I am very excited about doing the first Women?s s Leadership Exchange Blog. You may ask, ?Why Why do a blog for Women?s s Leadership Exchange?? Well, it is my opinion that no one out there is translating the events and the news of the day in a way that helps women business owners understand the impact they have on their businesses and on their lives. Another reason for the blog is that I have an opinion on everything and I?m m usually too busy to share it with anyone.