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Personal Leadership Book: Behavioral Styles


This is the first of numerous posts about topics that will likely be in our next book on “personal leadership,” although that is not likely the title.

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3 Rs of Dispute Resolution

Tony Mayo

Top Executive coach Tony Mayo shares his recipe for resolving disputes

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The Currency of Leadership

Survive Your Promotion

As an individual contributor, your primary method of adding value to your organization is the quality and quantity of your work.

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Road Rage, Interpretations, and Workplace Conflict

The Recovering Engineer

When we passed each other, he looked at me sheepishly and waved

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Max - My Role Model for PATIENCE

Building Personal Strength

My favorite definition for patience: the willingness to wait until the best time to take action. We want to say something NOW. We want results NOW.

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Eight Usual Behaviors Of High-Achievers

Self Help Zen

Who the heck are high-achievers? How are they distinct from not-so-high-achievers? Here is the list of common characteristics they usually have in common: They set stretch and difficult goals for themselves. While setting goals, they internally commit to it. They see opportunity in all walks of life. Self-Help

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Steve Jobs: “Don’t Be Trapped by Dogma - Which is Living With the Results of Other People’s Thinking”

Managing Communities

“Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life. Don’t be trapped by dogma - which is living with the results of other people’s thinking. Don’t let the noise of other’s opinions drown out your own inner voice. And most important, have the courage to follow your heart and intuition.

Communicate Like A Genius

Utpal Writes

Your ability to communicate well is your impression in the outer world.

Book Review: Halftime

Lead on Purpose

“The biggest mistake most of us make in the first half [of our lives] is not taking enough time for the things that are really important.”

Never say, “It's Just Semantics.” | Top Executive Coaching with.

Tony Mayo

Languages shape the way we think about space, time, colors, and objects.

Top 10 Project Management Mistakes You Should Avoid


I was recently studying the anatomy of failed/troubled projects and following came out as a learning. Here are top 10 project management mistakes that should be avoided: Estimating project tasks based on poor inputs on scope and too

Set A Good Example

Eric Jacobson

Another month has gone by so it's time to remind ourselves to be good leaders by setting a good example. Praise when compliments are earned. Be humble.

More about Building Personal Strength

Building Personal Strength

One of my memories from youth was the feeling that compared to adults, I was naïve and ignorant about almost everything. Military Academy.

Responsibility - Will You Accept the Role to Do What Needs to Be Done?

Your Voice of Encouragement

It's tempting to say "no" when faced with one more thing that needs to be done. These insights can help you figure out when to accept new roles

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The Free Enterprise Soul of Network Marketing

Orrin Woodward

Free enterprise ensures that companies and distributors are free to serve

Casual Conversation in the Workplace…Something to Talk About | You.

You're Not the Boss of Me

Casual Conversation in the Workplace…Something to Talk About. What's your take on casual conversation in the workplace? Do you encourage it?

Nine Steps To Deal With Bad Management

Self Help Zen

At work, the unchallenged cause why people are unhappy is bad management practices. Nothing has more power to turn a good performer worst than a bad management. Woefully there are plenty of such managements around us. Management has power over you. It can change your work situation, give the tasks of your like or dislike and finally fire you.

Dealing with Suicide On Your Online Community or Forums: How You Can Help and Protect Everyone

Managing Communities

As a community manager or administrator, the situations we have to deal with are as varied as life itself. For all talk about the online and offline worlds being different, at the end of the day, they have more in common than they do dissimilar. Unfortunately, this is not just the fun, easy parts of [.].

Developing Leadership Skills While Kickstarting the New Year


Here's a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills while giving a tremendous boost to your new year!

Three P's of business success

Lead on Purpose

What is required to create a successful business? The answer to this question varies greatly depending on experience, industry and many other factors.

Strategic Intuition

Tony Mayo

Experts develop deep domain knowledge that often allows them to exhibit a “sixth sense,” said ChicagoBooth professor James Schrager.

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Seth Godin's “What Matters Now” and a Few More Gems


What-Matters-Now. Seth Godin recently released a free eBook titled “What Matters Now” – it is a collaborative effort of 70 great thinkers who have presented brilliant ideas that will truly shake you up to think deep and wide as we

The Best Advice I’ve Ever Gotten #1

Steve Farber

During my days at the Tom Peters Company , I once gave an overview to prospective clients of Terry Pearce ‘s program, Leading Out Loud, which was all about authentic leadership communication. And, to this day, probably the best program of its kind–offered nowadays by BlessingWhite ). Was that guy right? Was it true?

Perseverance - Don't Give Up

Building Personal Strength

What's the one thing you want most? Chances are you're going to fail. The question is: When you fail, will you quit? Mistakes will be made.

Free Yourself from Outdated Expectations

Your Voice of Encouragement

"I've got to make the bed every morning before I can leave for work," my friend complained as we were having lunch one day. She had been describing the stress she was under, all the things she had to do each day, and why she had no time

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Leadership Guru Voting

Orrin Woodward

I received an email over the weekend from the LeadershipGuru website. On this list, I was informed ahead of

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10 political games you play at work

Chartered Management Institute

A list of 10 political games people play at work. Related Content: Calling a halt to mindless change - 13 years on, have we learnt the lesson yet? Are you giving away your information? Managers say political rows are slowing recovery. You are not watching this post, click to start watching. office politics political games politics

Landmark Education Courses that Will Make a Difference in Your Life

Self Help Zen

Landmark Education courses are very specific NLP kind of experiences that let you feel that you are powerful! And guess what… it works most of the times for many people. I’ve learned a lot from Landmark courses. It is about distinguishing the distinctions about life. The basic one is Landmark Forum. It brings transformation at the level of self.

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Learn Team Member Names

Eric Jacobson

If you are a leader high up in an organization, or in charge of a large team, learn the names of as many of your team members/employees as you can -- even if that means learning hundreds of names. Everyone likes to be addressed by their name. Unfortunately, many leaders don't practice this behavior often enough.

Confession from Ed Oakley About New Leadership Book


He also offers a special opportunity

Real-world examples of customer service

Lead on Purpose

At the end of the day, happy customers spread the

Elevate Your Shmoozing

Tony Mayo

This short and entertaining book has been making the rounds of both my executive coaching groups.

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Full of Life 35


When I see my 3 years old daughter playing in the park, jumping, dancing, smiling and completely immersed in her play, I always tell myself, “She is full of life”. When do you say that someone is full of life

Lack of Communication You Say? | You're Not the Boss of Me

You're Not the Boss of Me

upon a time, I worked with banking executives. They were all very good, smart people with a wide range of talents, skills and personalities.