A Few Words About Participation Awards

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The best example she uses is the distribution of participation trophies which insure that what one receives, all receives. Even Castle, my favorite guilty pleasure television series, addressed this issue when Alexis, the adolescent daughter of the eponymous hero, became obsessed about getting into a good college, and roundly criticized her previously prized box full of participation trophies, which she realized do not a strong resume make in a competitive market.

Education and Corporations – A New Partnership

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Unfortunately, it appears educational institutions are lagging behind. Moreover, when 3,000 corporate leaders from 25 countries were surveyed as part of General Electric’s Global Innovation Barometer , their top concern was “a need to better align the education system with business needs.” Students are given the opportunity to collaborate, experience work culture, participate in real-world problems and solutions, and present findings alongside professionals.


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Innovating Higher-Education

Mills Scofield

MOOCs (Massively Open Online Courses) are a very hot topic in higher education and corporate training. We are in a new age of education, and just leave it our students to make sure they are front and center! Nabeel is pursuing a Master’s in Learning and Technology at the University of Oxford’s Department of Education and is also co-founder of Coursolve.org. BIF Brown University Education Higher-Ed Innovation Leadership Student-Led Education

Educational Entrepreneurship – A Conversation with Pamela Price

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Accelerating at a pace that many CEOs dream of for their corporations, homeschooling is the fastest-growing form of education in America. From 1999 to 2007, the number of homeschooled students increased by 74% according to the National Center for Education Statistics (2007 is the most recent data they have) and now includes about 4% of school-aged kids in the United States.

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Finding Executive Education Courses that Provide Networking Opportunities

Great Leadership By Dan

By Richard Moy Reprinted with permission If you are searching for an executive-education course that will foster networking opportunities in addition to the actionable knowledge you are seeking to build, ask yourself these three questions as you sort through all your options. Typical executive education courses operate on some combination of lectures, exercises, and an interactive group-based learning environment. Is there professional diversity among participants?

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Your Invitation to Re-Energize Education

Steve Farber

Imagine what could happen if every educator, business person, parent, and citizen who is passionate about transforming education (and that should be everyone ) stepped up to help each other do just that…that’s the process we’re going to begin on the evening of February 2, on the USS Midway in San Diego. Consider it your invitation, too: We are excited to share information about the powerful upcoming event, “Transforming EducationEducation Re-Energized!”

Enclaria Gains Qualified Education Provider™ Status from ACMP

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I’m pleased to announce Enclaria recently gained the Qualified Education Provider™ status from the Association of Change Management Professionals® (ACMP®) for its upcoming Fundamentals of Change Management course. The QEP status signals that this course aligns with ACMP’s Standard for Change Management© and adult education best practices.

7 Principles of Leadership Development: Education for Leadership

Mike Cardus

Education for Leadership. Education for Leadership. Next we gathered feedback from the participants peers, subordinates, managers and key customers if any. Specific Education for Leadership Elements. In addition to the personal conversations, program participants were invited into a private website. Once field assignments were completed, participants practiced behaviors and reported their results.

Photos of the First Deming in Education Conference

Deming Institute

Photos of the First Deming in Education Conference held this month in Seattle. Participants engaged in experiments at their table. education photosDavid Langford. Alfie Kohn and Jenn Daly. Jake Hitchner and Caitlin Jade. See more photos on our Facebook photo album. Related: Photos of 2015 International Deming Research Seminar – Photos of 2013 International Deming Research Seminar – Photos from the 2014 Annual Deming Institute Conference.

How to Select an Executive Education Program

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Here are some guidelines for selecting an executive education program: 1. Search your favorite executive education providers. Look at the recommended participant level, participant mix, industry mix, and company participation. Again, you’re looking for a good fit for the participant and his/her development needs. Talk to past participants if possible, or someone in charge of leadership/executive development development.

Why People Do — and Don’t — Participate in Wellness Programs

Harvard Business

But getting employees to take action — to actually participate in these programs — well, that’s another story. We recently surveyed 465 full-time employees from companies that currently offer a health, wellness, and fitness program, as part of our ongoing efforts to understand the rapidly changing needs of both wellness program participants and those who don’t take part.

Progress for Women in Economic Equality Lower Than Health and Education in Recent Study

Women on Business

Of the countries surveyed only 20% of countries mandated female corporate board members, 30% have political participation mandates. In Latin America, women have more schooling than men but marriage and motherhood are still not compatible with a fuller economic participation of women.”

Call for research participation – how functional is your workplace?

Ask Atma

Part of my work aims at training and educating employers about the way that social science can inform best business practice. Fill out this form if you want to discuss eligibility and participation. You can’t fix what you can’t see. Think about how cool it would be to have insight into the psychological dynamics present in your workplace.

Deming in Education: 2-Day Seminar in Seattle, 11 – 12 March 2016

Deming Institute

A Deming in Education 2-Day Seminar will be facilitated by David Langford in Seattle, 11 – 12 March 2016. Be a part of our first Deming In Education Initiative Seminar. What is systems thinking in education? How can Deming’s 14 points be applied in education? The Two-Day Seminar is a time for educators to deepen their own understanding and to expose colleagues to the Deming theory. education events seminar

Crisis Leadership

Survive Your Promotion

In college I had a great opportunity to participate in a sail training program with Sea Education Association which I would strongly recommend to anyone looking to grow their leadership skills and see the world. Survive Your Promotion!

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Why Your Business Doesn’t Have a SEAL Team Six

First Friday Book Synopsis

Bob's blog entries "arm employees" with the responsibility to grow their careers while growing the top line Babson Executive Education Business Uncertainty Elaine Eisenman H. Here is an excerpt from an article written by H. James Wilson and Elaine Eisenman for the Harvard Business Review blog. To read the complete article, check out the wealth of free resources, and sign up for a subscription to HBR email alerts, please click here. * * * Think of a team of military commandos [.].

Team 83

Six Ways To Help Your Employees To Develop

Strategy Driven

You could push that money to training, education and classes, but you can also push it into pottery classes and gym memberships, too! Offering the right opportunities to educate your employees will make a big difference to their future.

Five MORE Unique Virtual Team Building Ideas That Are Fun, Fast, and Free!

Great Results Team Building

Choose the next participant / actor. Business Teambuilding Educators Teambuilding Great Results

3 Secrets of Great Leadership in 3 Seconds

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Posted in Leadership Coaching Leadership Development I recently had the honor of participating on a graduate school alumni panel. Leadership Coaching Leadership Development Advice Character-based Leadership Education Inspiration Leadership Management Purpose This was my chance to give back, by sharing some advice with the incoming students of the various graduate programs offered by the business school.


Harvard Business

HBS Executive Education brings you these articles about business management courtesy of Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. George developed and taught for many years the popular second-year MBA course Authentic Leadership Development (ALD), which he has compressed into a five-day Executive Education program at Harvard Business School. ” Read more from Harvard Business School Executive Education: How to Spot a Liar.

KidPower 2015 Earth Day Project – Coaching Kids to Lead

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COI kids will be participating in this joint project with fourth graders at Hollywood Central Elementary School and the children at the Light of Future School #1 in Phnom Penh, Cambodia. The majority of COI participants reside in low-income communities where they face a plethora of risk factors and social stigmas, overlooked by both the criminal justice and social services systems. The children there will also participate in the same learning activities.

Driving Performance and Profitability in the Service Sector - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HBS EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

Harvard Business

Buell is faculty chair of the HBS Executive Education program, Achieving Breakthrough Service , which explores how service leaders can create distinctive and sustainable service organizations that “turn customers into raving fans and employees into dedicated stewards of the mission.” Participants in the program learn the fundamentals of delivering breakthrough service through cases and interactive lectures, from HBS faculty members.

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The Renaissance We Need in Business Education

Harvard Business Review

Having taught at five business schools over several decades and served as Dean of two, I have come to a conclusion: The educational institutions where our future business leaders are being trained must be recalibrated and transformed dramatically. Business education today is anachronistic in both how it is conducted and what its content focuses on. As originally conceived, they were institutions of practical education. We must educate a new generation of renaissance leaders.

How to Keep Your Presentations Zombie Free @steveroesler

Management Craft

You probably silently cursed their lack of attention and participation. Business Tools Management OD Training action attention educate expectation implementation participation presentationHave you ever given a presentation and thought you were speaking to a group of zombies? But was the fault 100% theirs? Steve Roesler states in his blog that if you don't tell your audience what's expected of them, they'll just slip into passive mode.

Transforming Customer Experiences: Driving Performance and Profitability in the Service Sector - SPONSOR CONTENT FROM HBS EXECUTIVE EDUCATION

Harvard Business

As a participant in this program, you will work alongside some of HBS’s most renowned service management thought leaders. Buell is faculty chair of the HBS Executive Education course Transforming Customer Experiences , which explores how service leaders can create distinctive and sustainable service organizations that “turn customers into raving fans and employees into dedicated stewards of the mission.”

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The Dynamics of Successfully Filling a Role on Your Team

Great Results Team Building

Team participants must buy into being willing to do the little things, even if the recognition and praise are not there. Athletic Teambuilding Business Teambuilding Educators TeambuildingRoles are an essential part of any team.


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Executive education students at Harvard Business School. HBS Executive Education brings you these articles about business management courtesy of Harvard Business School Working Knowledge. In one experiment, 78 participants considered a hypothetical scenario in which a well-known firm is preparing to launch a new version of its color printer. The participants, who were split into two groups, received a list of seven successive model names.

Chip Shots – When The Leader You Got Is Not The Leader You Wanted

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Participate With Integrity. This will be the new leader’s challenge and responsibility, to be ready to participate with integrity. Chip Shots Higher Education Leadership politics Transitions Here at Lead Change Group, we know that problems are most effectively solved when individuals come together to meld ideas, energies, and approaches. To use a golf analogy, not every shot is a long drive.


Harvard Business

Executive education students at Harvard Business School. To garner a sample of truth tellers, liars, and deceivers by omission, the researchers recruited 104 participants to play the ultimatum game, a popular tool among experimental economists. Read more from Harvard Business School Executive Education: A Smarter Way to Reduce Customer Defections. By HBS Working Knowledge. Want to know if someone’s lying to you?

The BEST $20 You Can Spend to Improve Teamwork

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Whether it is at conferences or company off-sites, in 2017 Meetings and Conventions reported that the organizations they surveyed spent “between $1500-$2000 per participant” to plan and produce a memorable meeting (including travel, hotel, meals, and ancillary costs). They asked over 400 participants to report on how often they performed “altruistic behaviors” and how meaningful their life felt. .

2 Teambuilding Activities to Use at Your Conference to Boost Interaction and Impact

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So, in addition to the meals and breaks and snacks and goodie bags that your attendees will enjoy, what are you doing to be sure that they are ENGAGED as active and connected participants? Business Teambuilding Educators Teambuilding Great ResultsWe remember what we experience! And when you are planning a conference, as important as the content of your chosen speakers will be, Conferences are about CONNNECTIONS!

How to Increase attendance and engagement and impact at your next conference!

Great Results Team Building

If you want to increase the attendance, engagement, and impact of your next conference, invest in pre-event and post-event options that will turn passive attendees into active participants in their own professional development. Business Teambuilding Educators Teambuilding Great ResultsOne of the things that I am most proud of as a teamwork and teambuilding speaker is the audience engagement during my programs and the impact that is seen following them.

How Can I Get Rid of Silos on My Team?

Great Results Team Building

Start with defining a compelling common goal so everyone has a desire to participate in its overall success. Business Teambuilding Educators Teambuilding Great ResultsIf you are wondering how to get rid of silos, I have a newsflash for you… Workplace silos are NOT barriers to be torn down. True story!). Silos are VALUABLE connections!

Have You Clarified Your Team Norms?

Great Results Team Building

Everyone participates, nobody dominates. Athletic Teambuilding Business Teambuilding Educators TeambuildingTeam norms are the foundation of your team CULTURE. Your team CULTURE determines your team performance. And while ALL leaders invest time and resources in strategy, that is never enough to build a GREAT team! Strategy is what you want done, but CULTURE determines how it is done. And CULTURE has become a buzz-word over the last few years….

Team 106

How to Handle a Complainer… and Turn Them Into a Contributor

Great Results Team Building

say to participants. Athletic Teambuilding Business Teambuilding Educators Teambuilding Great ResultsWe’ve all heard them over the years. Heck- some of us have BEEN one of them. The complainer. The person who sees something that needs to be done… who notices a problem and says out loud (or internally) that “somebody should…”. And the truth is that on your team, there are lots of those internal voices happening… EVEN IF you don’t hear them complaining out loud.

Management Week in Review for February 18, 2011

Management Excellence

This week's selections feature content on gaining control of your body language, ensuring that your participative leadership approach is genuine, and dealing with employee and management communication challenges during periods of change. Leadership Leading Change Management Education Management Week in Review Marketing Yourself Middle Management Organizational Transformation Your Professional Development "To Do" List Body Language Bret L.

45 Executive Development Program Tools and Techniques

Great Leadership By Dan

Participants need to be engaged through a variety of creative approaches. Dr. Elizabeth Weldon , a leading expert in executive development, recently conducted research for UNICON on what it takes to be effective in designing and conducting executive education programs. Participant led sessions. Participant experts. Build all possible connections among participants. A great executive development program should be more than lots of lectures and a few case studies.

Tools 191

How to Educate More Creative Problem-Solvers

Harvard Business Review

The problem, of course, is education. K-12 science education has traditionally focused on memorizing discrete facts rather than understanding larger concepts and how they are connected to one another to create the exciting "big ideas." A deep concern about the quality of science instruction in public schools led us to make major investments in pre-college science education. Education Hiring MISETechnological innovation accounted for almost half of U.S.

Is a Corporate Board Seat in Your Future? :: Women on Business

Women on Business

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Use a PreMortem Activity to Ensure Team Success

Great Results Team Building

This is a chance for your team to participate in thinking ahead to ensure their success. Athletic Teambuilding Business Teambuilding Educators TeambuildingEverybody likes to set goals… But at the end of the season, do you always accomplish them? As a team building event facilitator, I have learned that most teams do not… because they start the journey without preparing for the difficulties and issues that will likely be experienced along the way.

Debriefing Questions are the Magic of Team Building Events

Great Results Team Building

An experienced facilitator will lead your participants through more than just the experience of an activity by itself. For virtually any and all team building activities, you can begin with these questions to focus on the activity and participant experiences: 1. Perhaps he / she will ask some of the participants to be observers, and provide them a task or question such as sharing what they noticed that perhaps the participants did not…. Educators Teambuilding

A Team Collaboration Ladder for Leaders

Great Results Team Building

He defined cooperation as being "accomplished by the division of labor among participants, as an activity where each person is responsible for a portion of the problem solving.". Dillenbourg, from the University of Geneva, in Switzerland, defined collaboration as a "mutual engagement of participants in a coordinated effort to solve the problem together.". Educators Teambuilding

Team 150

Leadership Lessons from Nine-Year-Olds

In the CEO Afterlife

I had been asked to participate as one of three judges at a speech competition at a local school. All true, but the element I’d overlooked happened to be the core principle of every educational institution – the opportunity to learn. Leadership Life academics children Diversity Education Mentoring teaching VisionFive years ago, I became a blogger.

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