The Energy Efficiency of Trust & Vulnerability

Mills Scofield

Trust is a tool to assess and manage (reduce and/or increase) risk, depending on the situation. When we don’t trust, we exert a lot of energy to keep up our guard, to continually assess and verify. This uses a lot of energy and time. Note: Carl & I met at BIF9.

28 Ways Leaders Re-charge Their Batteries: How to Increase Energy, Improve Mood, and Manage Stress

Engaging Leader

The effect on Google was significant: illness, lost innovation (even though people still worked long hours), and turnover. In 2007, the company experimented with training 15 director-level Googlers on healthy energy management. Blog Human energy Self-leadership

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Innovative Leaders

Coaching Tip

OUT THINK: How to innovate Leaders Drive Exceptional Outcomes" by G. Shawn Hunter provides a step-by-step outline for how executives can achieve this stage of creativity by shedding outmoded management and organizational biases. The Innovative Leader "Out Thinks".

ESB International Energy Innovation – a B2B corporate blogging case study

Krishna De

Earlier this year, a new corporate blog was launched by ESB International called Energy Innovation. We provide services to international clients in the energy sector and also carry out work for other parts of ESB.

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Corporate Innovation Through Daring Personal Disruption

Lead Change Blog

Notice energy, speed of speech and movements, tone of voice, and other nonverbal cues such as eye contact, body posture, facial expression. The energy in the room is palpable; it even feels hot. Johnson shares this insightful S-curve derived from research on innovation.

Andrew Hargadon on How Breakthrough Ideas Happen: An interview by Bob Morris

First Friday Book Synopsis

Andrew Hargadon is a Professor of Technology Management and Charles J. The primary focus of his research is on the effective management of innovation and entrepreneurship, particularly in the development and commercialization of sustainable technologies. Soderquist Chair in Entrepreneurship at the University of California at Davis.

12 Reasons Crisis Leadership Trumps Crisis Management

N2Growth Blog

One thing is for sure – we’ll all be better off when leaders stop trying to manage a crisis and become more proficient at crisis leadership. The key to not being caught flat-footed in a crisis is often found in a leader’s ability to understand the difference between Crisis Management and Crisis Leadership with respect to their effects on purpose and the future. Crisis Management is all about leading through crises after they’ve already begun. By Damian D.

Innovation Execution

Coaching Tip

All companies, no matter the size, need to continually innovate in order to remain competitive. Innovation is a two-part challenge. Organizations are not Structured to Execute Innovation. So why is innovation execution so hard? The Innovative Leader "Out Thinks".

Energy Managment

Linked 2 Leadership

In their book The Power of Full Engagement , authors Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz suggest that energy – not time – is our most precious resource. However, unlike batteries, human energy doesn’t store in reserve very well. So how are you doing in managing your energy?

Packaging up Innovation & Radical Management

Mills Scofield

In May, I was honored to be part of Steve Denning's workshop on his Radical Management principles for redefining 21st Century management. Recognition that we need to find a new way to ‘manage' work is gaining ground. We tend to think of 21st Century ‘new management' companies as those in ‘cool' industries: Internet, tech, alternative energy, social media, etc.

Leaders Share about New Beginnings, Fresh Starts, and Project Launches: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

Think of bright shiny objects as a source of energy or refreshment, such as the new car smell or getting a new bicycle! According to John Hunter of Curious Cat Management Improvement , innovation is one of the areas of management improvement that is not given sufficient attention.

Why Job Descriptions are a Dying Art

Let's Grow Leaders

Imagine the possibilities if every job description had the 75% skeleton as it exists today, and then 25% encouraging innovation and additional contribution? Collaborates across departments for innovative solutions to improve quality and reduce costs.

Experts Chime in on “Energizing Leadership:” A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

We often plough so much energy into the big picture, we forget the pixels. Every time Bruce Harpham of Project Management Hacks reads Getting Things Done , he grows. Welcome back to the Let’s Grow Leaders Frontline Festival. Our May Festival is all about energizing leadership.

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14 Leadership Experts Reflect on Humor and Fun: A Frontline Festival

Let's Grow Leaders

John Hunter of the Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog shares that joy in work encompasses fun—that it is fun to take pride in what you do and help others. Sepetember’s Frontline Festival is about Bold and Innovative Leadership.

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Innovation at Bell Labs

Leading Blog

In The Idea Factory , author Jon Gertner brings back to life not only the story of Bell Telephone Laboratories through the people that worked there, but the story of innovation—how it happens, why it happens, and who makes it happen.

5 Things to Do When Your Team is Downsized

Let's Grow Leaders

I’ve never met a manager who felt they had more headcount than they needed. In fact, the number one answer I get when I ask managers what they need most is “More people!” It requires a positive outlook, innovative thinking, and most importantly trust and support.

Leading Sprinkles People

Let's Grow Leaders

The consultant inside me demanded I learn a bit more about the restaurant manager whose leadership no doubt contributed to her ingenuity and warmth. I also know leaders can contribute to the capacity and commitment of frontline employees to deliver innovative service, not just good service.

Unleashing Your Leadership Presence …

The Empowered Buisness

People with large presence actually exert a magnified energy field or aura. According to quantum physics, every living creature has an energy field or space. That’s right … their energy is in your space. Presence Factor 3: Cultivate Your (Life Force) Energy.

Why Apple Is Getting into the Energy Business

Harvard Business Review

Consider Apple, hardly a byword in the energy business. This summer, the company applied for federal licenses to sell directly to customers the excess renewable energy it generates on its new campus and in facilities across Oregon, Nevada, and California. Your company may not be going as fully or directly into the business as Apple, but you may soon want to join the ranks of the energy “prosumers”—companies that both produce and consume energy.

Why Your Innovation Team Needs a Lawyer

Harvard Business Review

Time was wasted, energy was depleted, and the mood shifted from possibility to pessimism. This is where the opportunity lies — in collaboration that includes the final approvers, embedding legal teams in the design and innovation process. It’s probably happened to you.

Nuclear Power is Clean, Safe, and Reliable… But Can It Be Competitive?

Strategy Driven

An evolving energy market, led by cheap natural gas and subsidized renewable generation, threatens the long-term financial viability of America’s remaining nuclear power plants. Announcements clean energy delivering the nuclear promise nei nuclear power strategydriven editorial

Solving the Twin Crises of Energy and Water Scarcity

Harvard Business Review

Few people realize the important role water plays in our daily energy use, or the energy required to heat, treat, and supply water. Meanwhile, the electricity used for water treatment can be as much as one-third of a city’s energy bill.

6 Core Competencies of Margin Managers

The Kini Group

All margin managers would like to consider themselves in the top 1% of their profession. Margin managers are becoming a more integral part of their companies. And as finding good margin manager talent gets competitive, they have many opportunities to move up.

How to Break Up with an Innovation Project

Harvard Business Review

Breaking up isn’t easy — especially if you are a leader “breaking up with” an innovation project that one of your teams still believes in passionately. Any time you commission an innovative project, failing to achieve your commercial objectives is a real possibility.

The flaw with managing ideas

Bernd Geropp

Innovative companies depend on new ideas and the creativity of their employees. Many companies have therefore instituted a systematic idea management process. A department specifically developed for idea management collects and evaluates the ideas. Tweet.

The Innovative Mindset Your Company Can’t Afford to Lose

Harvard Business Review

Type 1 diabetes renders the pancreas incapable of producing the insulin necessary to shift glucose out of the bloodstream and into cells where it can be converted into energy. When his son, Hayden, was diagnosed with the disease, in 2009, Lane was a product manager at GE Energy.

The Innovation Strategy Big Companies Should Pursue

Harvard Business Review

The inability of established firms to come up with breakthrough innovations is a truism today. Edith Penrose, one of the most prominent management thinkers of the 20 th century, agreed. Take, for example, the challenge of bringing about any major innovation in healthcare.

Employee Engagement

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Wilson's newest book, " Beyond Engagement: A Brain-Based Approach that Blends the Engagement Managers Want with the Energy Employees Need ," is constructed with busy leaders in mind. You want energized employees and you want that energy to be sustainable. But your employees and managers face obstacles, setbacks, moving targets, and roadblocks on a daily basis. I am an energy architect," adds Wilson. "For

The Five Obsessions of Winning Teams

N2Growth Blog

These in-game communications focus on monitoring and modulating three important team competencies—knowledge, energy and emotion. Every coach, player and student manager is considered a leader and they understand that they compete as a leadership team against another team of leaders. By Brian Layer. Chief Executive Officer, N2Growth. March Madness resumes tonight and in a pressure packed weekend of excitement, the Sweet Sixteen will shrink to the Final Four.

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7 No-Fail Ways to Build a Successful Cost Management Strategy

The Kini Group

You need a successful cost management strategy. However, many overlook the small hidden costs related to packaging, distributor relationship management, and ongoing logistics maintenance (including short payment terms to logistics providers). Can we innovate how we do things?

7 Indicators That You’re Not Leading Anymore

Ron Edmondson

If the past review or the future planning is basically void of any intentional leadership – if all I’m doing is managing current programs and systems during that time frame – if we are in maintenance mode for too long – I know it’s time to intentionally lead something.

You Innovate with Your Heart, Not Your Head

Harvard Business Review

The CEO knew I was a fan of passion-fueled innovation and thought he had a story I’d find inspiring, hence the call. Not surprisingly, front line employees and their managers started to become less tolerant of colleagues with crappy attitudes. Innovation

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Your Innovation Team Shouldn’t Run Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Harvard Business Review

Most innovation teams inside large companies are set up to operate like well-oiled machines. The problem is that while this approach enables large-scale production, it doesn’t seem to work for innovation. It’s a time- and energy-saving way to communicate.

Stop Saying Big Companies Can’t Innovate

Harvard Business Review

Some business pundits today believe innovation ignites better in startups than in large, established corporations. In fact, a lot of big companies have proven they are better positioned than emergent firms to create and execute innovation, however on-fire a startup may be.

The Asian Innovation Century, Again

Harvard Business Review

Over the last three years I have consistently stated my belief that Asia was emerging as a global innovation powerhouse. In late 2011, I even wrote , "The overarching trend I continue to see is a shift in the world's innovation energy to the east.". Innovation

Stock Buybacks Aren’t Hurting Innovation

Harvard Business Review

These stock buybacks have come under criticism as a bad investment – the argument being that companies sitting on record amounts of cash ought to invest in innovation, salaries, or at least dividends, rather than pumping up their own stock price through buybacks.

Touchpoint Leadership & Creating Collaborative Energy

Eric Jacobson

Attend to what happens at the moment of connection with others, connecting to ignite energy and co-creation. Finally, the book stresses the importance of connecting with the group of managers and leaders who sit below the most senior levels of management.

Peter Skarzynski and David Crosswhite: An interview by Bob Morris, Part One

First Friday Book Synopsis

Peter Skarzynski is a founder and Managing Partner of ITC Business Group, LLC. He advises large, global organizations on strategy, innovation and organizational change and is recognized as a leading expert in enabling organizational renewal and growth through innovation. His experience cuts across industries and includes technology, consumer products & retail, healthcare, energy, financial services and transportation companies.

4 Ways Leaders Can Get More from Their Company’s Innovation Efforts

Harvard Business Review

A recent McKinsey report found that while 84% of corporate executives think innovation is key to achieving growth objectives, only 6% are satisfied with the innovation performance of their firm. One reason for the paltry performance is that while other business areas, like sales or finance, are considered to be core functions, innovation is often considered to be something that’s “nice to have” rather than essential. Innovation is not operational excellence.


The Benefits of Taking a Slower Approach to Innovation

Harvard Business Review

In our experience, managers tend to focus their innovation efforts on processes that are either large in scale (new products and business models ) or swift in development (hackathons, rapid prototyping, or emerging platforms). But there’s also another type of innovation that is more gradual and smaller in scale. We call it slow innovation. Slow innovation projects can be just as impactful in the long-term. Paul Garbett for HBR.